Just another day in Ipoh


Photos by Kinta Kid

Scenes from around the Perak state government complex, outside the nearby Wisma DAP, and under the Democracy Tree. Heavy police presence all around. Today is the last day of the hunger strike.

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anna brella

If the PRDM tried to stop this voluntary hunger strike by ordinary Malaysians, what will they do during the next voluntary fasting that will be undertaken by millions of Malaysians in the month of Ramadan?

er……talk about digging a bummer of a hole!

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


anil, PSM’s proposed state wide strike is worth considering.

Steve Ang

Grossly misused of police man power. Trying to paint pictures as if PR is going to create national insecurity….


Dissolve the Perak asembly and let the people decide who they want to represent them. As long as this does not happen, the people will not favour the BN. 98 percent of the people here want an election. BN should heed to this call to save its image.


Karji buta! Taxpayers do not want their money to be spent on ‘security guards’ to protect poltical parties but rather, expect these blue uniform… to patrol the streets for the rakyats’ safety!


Hunger strike did not work very much. As far as I know hunger strike does’nt do any harm to the people. Why should the police try to stop it. It is just a show of protest. I hope something concrete will be done so as fresh election wil be done in Perak. Let proceed soonest with the Federal Court as well as other action will be seen appropriate. What I see is the three ADUN which its DUN should be held re-election so as to know which the rakyat will choose its representative. Without all this I doubt Perak will… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

This is how the ruling regime spends our
tax dollars.


I have to disagree with you.
Police are trained law keeping uniform officer.
They are to prevent crimes and to make sure the rakyat know and feel safe.
But their present at the place create fears to the rakyat.
But their present at the place shows that they doing nothing while crimes are going on.
But their present at the coffe shop are like the …. occupied a place preventing rakyat to have a drink.and don’t tell us their police duty is to sit and drink!…


mr leong, the police are there to create fear.


Anil, a little digression… it has been raining cats and dogs here in Batu Ferringhi over the last 2 days. You should get your camera here and shoot the very brown road covered by silt from the hill slope development plus a very brown sea / beach….


We are now in technical recession, says the PM. I thought both he and the previous Finance Minister II Noh Yakcop said no such thing will happen? Bohong!

Leong Yook Kong

I suppose there is no arrest made. It is alright to have the police around to safeguard the people’s safety as long as the police do not create and cause a tense situation. This is what the taxpayers pay for….


Malaysia becoming a Police state. If we do not stand up now, Malaysia will soon join North Korea and Myanmar.

1 BLACK Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.


anil, ready to be in ipoh . there will be another strike . this time is the lighting strike — on those who played foul in perak political crisis…