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So far, Malaysians have been entertained by the almost farcical proceedings of the commission of inquiry into the Lingam tape. Come on, we all know the real state of the judiciary.

But the joke of the week must be in the Malaysiakini headline just now. I burst out laughing when I read it.

Dr M fears corruption in general election

Apparently, he fears money politics and vote-buying tactics will be deployed to stem the ruling coalition’s losses.

He cannot be serious.

I remember some serious splashing out of “development” grants and announcements of development projects during election campaigns of the Mahathir era. Absolutely no understanding of how a caretaker government should behave in the run-up to the polls.

So pardon me while I try to stop laughing.

But of course, the Abdullah administration is unlikely to be any better. Just look at how much money was splashed around during the Ijok by-election campaign. It even prompted Samy Vellu to marvel, “Ten years’ development was delivered in 10 days.”

Talk about vote buying!

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9 Jan 2012 12.18pm

Tell the old man to keep his … mouth tight la. No more talk …The old man is right in a sense. Buying votes by the BN gomen is a very part of latching on to power.

27 May 2010 1.43am

After more 22 years of his rule and the last 10 its aftermath, haven’t we learn that whatever Mahathir says must be taken with a very large dose of salt and pepper? The word “Sincerity” and “truth” does not exist in his kamus.

4 Feb 2008 12.02am

vote buying? nah, thumbs up by EC crony. this is to ensure his desire of BN ruling the country forever is fervently fulfilled.

29 Jan 2008 7.34pm

Is this joker serious. What does he take us all for? Fools?