Is Jui Meng’s entry into PKR a reason to celebrate?


While many Pakatan supporters were rejoicing over Chua Jui Meng’s entry into PKR, I had this nagging feeling.

The Pakatan probably needs a psychological boost after Pas’ reduced majority in Manek Urai.

But isn’t there a danger that if more BN types, sidelined by their respective parties, are welcomed to the Pakatan fold, the Pakatan could one day end up becoming “BN Lite”? In the case of Chua, he looks set to be invited to sit on the PKR Supreme Council.

Already there is concern in some circles about some of the ex-Umno types in PKR. Will the party now have to wrestle with ex-MCA types? Remember, race-based politics is not something that is easily shed.

My concerns over such political “catches” were confirmed when I got a late night text message from a political analyst who said he was not euphoric over MCA members joining PKR after suddenly seeing the light. Why does Anwar keep courting such people, he asked. Why not citizens with no political baggage – but with a proven track record in struggling for justice and freedom along multi-ethnic lines?

Don’t ordinary citizens count? Are the Pakatan leaders so desperate for BN leaders to jump like ‘kataks’ into their ranks?

Aside from that, how are we to change the course of Malaysian politics, economics and other spheres when a future Pakatan government could very well see a number of ex-BN leaders from race-based parties in positions of influence? Where are genuine meaningful reforms going to come from then?

Of course, people can change and evolve over time. It is good that Jui Meng says he wants to work to preserve a two-party system and work for change.

But Pakatan leaders must exercise greater “quality control”. What is Jui Meng’s stand on the ISA and other oppressive laws, for instance? What progressive policies did he introduce when he was Health Minister to improve the affordabilty and accessibiltiy of quality health care for all – and to make sure that no Malaysian is denied quality health care due to lack of means?

It is not enough to just focus on attracting “talent” or big names. Future leaders must be those who have shown over time that they are 110 per cent committed to human rights, democracy, social justice, workers’ rights and people-centred, ecologically friendly development before they can be welcomed with open arms as fellow travellers in the reform process.

That raises the question which the Pakatan should mull over: is it seeking power as an end in itself or as a means to realise social justice, democracy and human rights?

What do you think? Is Jui Meng’s entry into PKR good for the reform struggle?

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It makes no difference,whether in MCA or in PKR,too old already,only if he can kick all the pkr top people and be the top gun ,otherwise makes no difference.


I think the weakest link in the PR coalition is PKR !

I think they should think seriously about accepting the UMNO, MIC, MCA discards !

More energy will be spent and wasted deflecting the s*** that comes with such baggage.


Hi Anil,
I remembered the lines in the animation movie Ice Age 2… Making friends where ever you go ….just making friends..after all this is politics!!


It is a grave mistake to accept this fellow into PKR.
He has a reputation of being rude and crude…


CJM is a has-been and an old man who can offer PKR and PR nothing. It is clear that he has left MCA after he has been rejected by MCA. And it is also clear that by offering the SC place, the objective of CJM has become apparent. He is still ambitious and that he has demanded a high enough position to join PKR. This alone invalidates the logic of the most of the posts here. I think CJM’s loss is no great loss to BN/MCA and they are happy enough to let him go.I think they will be probably… Read more »


for as long its not ‘change shirt”…


I think it is good news that we have ex-leaders from BN that now realize that their past actions have not done anything to improve the rakyat and that they have found a new vehicle to do so.


i totally agree with jebat musibat. i think chua is a honest man. some more pakatan rakyat don’t have enough ability man in case they win the next election. to form a new government is easy task. take a look at the existing government, although 50 years in power and yet still can not abolosh ISA


Johor belong to BN because UMNO is very strong there. But the rest such as MCA, Gerakan, PPP are crumbling away. So why worry about CJM become member of PRK? Away, what kind of ideology does he have? Rosak & gado2? How do a upcoming Johor PKR feels when someone who have been fighting against PRK parachute into the party and become an instant noodle to the top post as compare to the normal member working like a dog – involved in marches under the hot sun, chase, gased, bitten and even lock up with free curries from the police?

Orang Sabah

Yes, it is indeed a reason to celebrate. Because MCA will sink further. How many creditable Chinese leaders left in MCA now?

Jebat musibat

We have to be ‘less skeptical’ in things. We should be analyzed it deeper. I’m looking this thing from the bright side. 1 – Chua Ju Meng’s is a JOHOREAN 2 – Johor is a BIG UBN FOTRESS 3 – If there’s nobody FAMOUS in PKR Johor, it’s also mean not much attention. 4 – YES! I think it’s a good political decession! 5 – I repeat, It’s JOHOR!. (look the vision and mission) In history of view.. Meng’s is one of the Anwar’s Men when Anwar was a Finance Minister (before TPM). The questions remain is.. how honest he… Read more »

Chauncey Gardener

CJM crossed over in a highly ethical way. He resigned from his responsibilities within MCA officially and a few days later joined PKR. As far as I have read, he did not bad mouth the MCA, merely expressed his choice for joining PKR as his conscience. For a political party like PKR, you can either grow organically or thru acquisitions. They have another 3 yrs before the next scheduled GE. The acquisition of CJM would perhaps be a strategic move to hasten the growth of a stronger challenge to the incumbent BN. Some commentators have expressed that they are wary… Read more »


He is a good politician. As he said he believes in a 2-party system. This augurs well for the nation. Malaysians are now matured and they want a 2-party system in the country. With Chua, there will be more leaders and politicians joining PR parties. Good for the people.


mca claims to have 900,000 members. If Chua JM could bring with him 300,000 members into pkr, najib and Ong TK are going to take a …

ah seng

i think those u critise jui meng are from dap.jealous is it..


PKR is desperate. Don’t be fooled by 2to 3 K turnouts at your events, as the silent voting majority sit at home by the millions.We are not impressed by PKR at all. DAP/PAS we can relate, long time opposition parties, but PK is only to get power for one person, now maybe two ( Zaid- PM in waiting )C’mon Malaysians, we have a structure in place, lets use the opposition, a responsible one, to change the direction of the way we Malaysians look to the future. Najib can start the ball rolling, but remember, PK has a lot of corrupted… Read more »


potential trojan horse … PR better be very careful … BN knows wat’s at stake come GE13 … never 2 early for najib to plant…

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil

At the moment, we need a “Big Tent” political movement to bring about true change.

I think the Big Tent is wide enough to accomodate all except for the unrepentently corrupt, and the incorrigible racists and outright fascists.


In politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies.

His reason for joining PKR was to perserve the two party system in the country. For that, i would welcome him into the PR side!

Change we must and change we will !


Hi Anil,
You bet I am disgusted with the way, PKR and the components of PR keep accepting the rejects from BK components, and elevate them to high offices. AS a PKR member I have witnessed former UMNO stooges take control of branches and divisions and bring in the UMNO culture into PKR. I have to only look at my assembly man who is surrounded by former UMNO men and seemingly dancing to their tunes. This has to stop.

Andrew I

p.s. anyone notice a passing resemblance between the two? Before my interest in politics was piqued, I thought they were one and the same…I mean, politician.


Make friend with every body.Make friend even to your enemy. Come the day your today’s enemy may turn out to be your friend.

James Loh

All along, most Malaysians voted for Pakatan Rakyat because we disgust BN politic and corruption. I think PKR is filled with (many) corrupted leaders only. Maybe we can really Anwar too much on reform?

nick chan

jui meng has plenty supporters in MCA, who supported him not because of expecting projects and contracts.

jui meng’s speech skills is undeniably very articulate and impressive


Chua will cause the beginning of a DOMINO effect.
The FALL of the BeEnd empire ?