2 arrested near Ipoh DAP office ahead of sing-a-long


2150: Two more have been arrested: Nga’s driver, Haridas, and Taiping councillor Simon Uthaya Kumar.

They were in the vicinity of the DAP headquarters, where a vigil and sing-a-long is in progress. The event is now being held indoors.

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policec state next graduate to military junta , power hungry want perpetuate power at all costs even at expense of their own image , reputation , clnt care less as long as they ve power n $$$$, soon may print $


How I cant help but feel a sense of dejavu when looking at what happens here in Malaysia.


our new moto : tangkap, tangkap, tangkap !!

PR Supporter 007

IMHO, these are provocations towards branding opposition movement as revival of communist movement see today’s Utusan “Meloya” headline “Usaha hidupkan komunisme”.


The police behaviour is utter nonsense. People getting arrested just for being peacefully at the “wrong” place.


The situation is getting preposterous! People are being arrested for being near DAP’s office? What have they done?

Is this a case of overzealousness by the police in trying to please its master?


Our police are paranoid and no strategy, just arrest arrest arrest. If I were them I would just let this vigils to go ahead to See what they develope into. If it turns nasty then say “Hah see? I told you so” Demos are a part and parcel of democracy. The govt cannot never stop it no matter what intimidation tactics are use. In fact they will just spiral into more demos. Seriously the govt should allocate designated areas for the people to voice out their greviances. Only demos in the designated are are legal. By doing so demos will… Read more »


What a joke..since cops dont have warrant, they desperately go for outsider or bypasser in.


dang police very efficient nowadays to capture innocent ppl whilst the crooks are still happily free on the move.
definitely need changes.
what’s the news regarding the demand of resignation of those 2 flers ?? our pm surely just mouth zipped … 1 malaysia konon !! cant even protect the ppl except ownself.

Phua Kai Lit

Let our political police arrest and arrest and arrest.

Those arrested can refuse to leave the police stations
and carry out “sit-in” protests at all these abuses of police power.

We have been so inspired by Mahatma Gandhi (remember this person named Zambry?). So why not follow Gandhi’s call for Indians to overwhelm the jails of the British colonialists?

“The people united cannot be defeated (by politicians and others who are fast losing their legitimacy and moral authority to rule)



anna brella

Because all you good people made me smile today, I attach a link to an especially beautiful song for all of you good, brave people and also for all those who may find the good fight a little lonely at times.

It is titled You’re Only Lonely written by John David Souther.

Perhaps you can sing it at your next candlelight vigil before those by now customary arrests for your sterling display of healthy democratic, peaceful defiance against abuse of delegated governing power by the State and its unprofessional police force, PRDM.

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


This is what I call provocation. They are pushing you to a corner until you can no longer move anywhere. Then they will push you harder until you can’t stand it any longer. This is when they aspect you to make a mistake…..Please stay calm!


An indoor gathering is not an illegal assembly and does not require a police permit. What nonsense is this?


Better yet..they cant do their job, they get Interpol to find RPK!!

What a laugh!

What a waste of our tax money to pay these jokers!!


Well this goes to show that even being in the vicinity u get arrested! Aiyooo they so gung-ho to arrest these people but when it comes to Mat Rempits and criminals….’tak tahu’!!

Sometimes I wonder why we have to put up with these bully tactic. Mahathir started it and now its followed suit by the man who claims he is his own boss!! Joker!


It’s a mad mad PeeEm and Cousin.

Leong Yook Kong

When are the police going to arrest Kugan’s killers?

Steve Ang

The rakyat is really paranoid with these bullies
Why should we continue to pay them salary? They do
not deserve our pay.


Now the police arrest not out of actual action but on their assumption alone. This is a very dangerous trend and I strongly request the BN leaders to stop all these nonsence just for the sake of instilling fears….