Images from the Perak State Assembly


Chaos and confusion was the (dis)order of the day at the Perak State Assembly this morning. Check out Aliran President P Ramakrishnan’s view here.

Drama at the Perak State Assembly – Photos by Kinta Kid and Jong

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The tax payers money is being used to pay the State Assemblymen. Instead of working, they are having fun! Where is their KPI and how are they being measured for their contribution to serve the peoples’ interest?

pala richie

To dear Gerakan K;

Pls see this, think and appreciate its content. Anyhow it needs some little brain power to get it appreciated, hope you have that little gift.


The majority of voters of all races support Datuk Seri Nizar who is the rightful MB Perak.
The current MB fr Umno is illegal.
If Umno/Bn is sincere they should call an election to see who the people of Perak want as their State Government.

Gerakan K

How do you know it? We do not conduct direct polling for the MB post. Instead we just pick one of ADUN to be MB….


Why you people out there so worry about this gk. let him comment what he likes. He can spin & talk anything he likes. This is a democratic country. Don’t get so hard up.

Gerakan K

Hi Chinaman, welcome to Malaysia.

Have you visited KLCC? Hope you enjoy your trip in Malaysia.

By the way please do not interfere into our country internal affair. Be a good tourist.

Gerakan K

These three independent ADUNs have got mandate from people. They in turn support BN, so they transfer mandate from people to BN. What is wrong here?


Gerakan K, Get your facts right before you attempt to post a comment. Firstly, Perak should have a snap election because BN does not have a clear mandate from the Perakians. All they have is 28 seats and so does PR. The only difference is that they have 3 BN friendly independents. What a load of rubbish!! To assume power without the mandate from the people. I AGREE WITH NIZAR TO HAVE A SNAP ELECTION IN PERAK SO THAT WE DON’T END UP LIKE MYAMMAR OR ZIMBABWE. Although I am not 100% happy with the way PR has performed since… Read more »

Gerakan K

For your information, former DAP ADUN miss Hee also expressed her disapointment regarding to LGE … style of leadership and … comment for her. It is apparently that she did not bowed to the hardline leadership imposed by DAP… and thus chosen to be an independent ADUN. To save face, DAP (supporters have) to make many allegation eg miss Hee is greedy (eg asking for Camry, received something for turning into independet, and so on). But no one really look at the way DAP treats miss Hee, the long serving and loyal comrade. DAP has betrays miss Hee. It is… Read more »

Steven Yang

Yes she never bow to LGE but she bowed to UMNO… So she is not greedy but after having bowed …, she drive out a new mercedes….


Macam ini PERAK mukin KOYAK. Apa pun tidak boleh buat. Rakyat dalam tanda?????? Siapa kerajaan yang sah. Koyak koyak koyak
PR said they are kerajaan
BN said they are kerajaan
Rakyat said sipa kerajaan???????
Mana satu??????
Habis Habis Habis jahanam
Apa sudah jadi The World See You. No systematic punya kerajaan.


Gerakan K,
U still fall short of saying, PR govt collapse in Perak becos DAP deserve it as LGE mishandling Kg Buah Pala case. Surprisingly, u din condemn LGE in this case and link Kg Buah Pala, not a real u, man!


Call for s state election in Perak. BN will win and Zambry can become the lawful MB. This is what BN should do. Why create a mess when the solution is so simple.

Gerakan K

Zaid Ibrahim already put into cold storage because he acted against Anwar directive. Zaid already finished in PKR.


Don`t be too sure. Go to his forum on 2-11-09 and you will know.


Hey, Gerakan,
Shouldn`t you be at the forum tonight to help out Sugu achieve his dream of a 6ooo sq ft bungalow.Well he got so many friends from MIC and Gerakan but my advice to him, don`t place his hope too high. I think most probably Sugu is trying to publicise himself until the next GE where he will stand as candidate in Gelugor. But it will be a pipe dream for him.


Hahaha! that was Khalid Ibrahim’s early christmas gift to Khir Toyo – good riddance to bad rubbish! Politics is not about doing nothing and hope to strike rich; they are put there by electorates for a purpose – work for good of nation and rakyat!


Yes the cleaning process should make PR strong and formidable. With Zaid Ibrahim in charge of outlining Pakatan blueprint for change and reform and putting together a common policy platform , PR would soon be a force to be reckon in the next election

Gerakan K

Another PR ADUN joins BN. This is the sign that PR is sinking. Only BN is a viable party that capable to ensure continuous peace and prosperity. Now many people believe PR is a one time wonder!


Cleaning and booting out … under performer and low quality people is part and parcel of politics. After all he is a former UMNO man … UMNO was also once deregistered and so is MIC, Gerakan, PPP and MCA that is now having leadership trouble.

Many from MCA, MIC and also UMNO also left for PR. But PR now want quality people like Zaid Ibrahim and unlike UMNO … who chose corruptible and tainted people into their rank.

Anak Kampung

Gerakan K , u proud of BN having the majority eventhough thru these frogs with corruption charges put on them…and the lady who can’t even lived in the place where she won her seat with PR..

Shame on you…


BN will not call for a by election in Perak because they know that they totally lose all the seats they contest to Pakatan Rakyat.As, they have grabbed power through various dirty tactics ,e.g (enticing) 2 PR assemblymen,manupulating the (institutions of power and governance),they will cling on to power by all means.The media is used to the maximum for their political propaganda.BN should bear in mind that the Rakyat are not fools.


It’s so unbelieveable (that someone up there) does not seem to care, bothered or affected by the lowest of low that is allowed to happen in the state since the Feb 2009 PowerGrab? He must take a big chunk of the responsibility to have allowed the Perak Powergrab to reach this shameful low much to the woes that affected the rakyat’s money and lives of Perakians the past 8 months. This was made worse with the help of the mainstream media/tv that have been used to paint a very poor picture of Pakatan Rakyat elected lawmakers while making those despicable… Read more »


Wonder why UMNO / BN screw up the whole entire system in Perak. They dont follow the law but instead manipulate the system. It is UMNO/BN no brainer move in thier haste to GRAB the position in Perak without following all laws & confine to system. They should at least move in with Vote of no confidence & discharge speaker from his position…but no, UMNO is in hurry for power… They are in Perak to RULE & not to serve the Perak Rakyat. See who is misbehave here…& worst act Stupid. Why is this Gerakan K an outsider care of… Read more »


for goodness sake, call for snap election in perak state assembly. let the perakians decide.


No (courage) for a no confidence vote. Typical BN … using the police …


For there is so much of hues and cries,…
Give the citizens the mandate.
The govt is just wasting the
fund on this ‘chewing gum’rulings.



BN is confident of screwing (us) for another few years before the election. slogans after slogans and mendela-king-gandhi name was used in vain to try to legitimise a illegal regime.


tks Gerakan K.

aint typical of BN isnt it? if BN has to rely on frogs to command majority and total disregard for rule of law, what sort of govt is that? getting police to squeeze the … assembly is 1Malaysia?