Images from outside the Perak State Assembly


Scenes from before the opening ceremony of the new sitting of the Perak State Assembly yesterday and the Pakatan assembly members’ press conference immediately after.

Photos by Jong

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…….bravo, nizar, ngeh koo ham and the rest of the opp. members…

…….do every thing ‘legal’ to disrupt them, otherwise if they ‘forcefully’ rule perak with their dubious ‘take over’ and try to ‘gain mileage/hoodwink’ us perakians with their pseudo(false/spurious)serving of the community, especially the chinese fraternity…

……comes general Election 13th, we may not win so easily……


Why must a “Popular Govt” of the day requires the protection of the police. Have they done something that have angered the rakyat…
Perhaps, UMNO-BN are deceiving the voters once too often…coming in to rule by the backdoor reflects on their political immorality and shame…only cheats are proud of.
Zambry, have a look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? (I refrain from commenting).