If you can’t stand The Heat …


The new English-language weekly, The Heat, has received a show-cause letter and then been suspended indefinitely, according to media reports.

The Heat

This does not augur well for the state of democracy in the country and Najib’s purported democratic transformation programme, announced on the eve of Malaysia Day, 2011, in the run-up to GE13. Among other things, he had announced the easing of media restrictions. “The abolition of the ISA, and the other historic changes, underline my commitment to making Malaysia a modern, progressive democracy,” he was reported as saying in the global media.

It is time to repeal the Printing Presses and Publications Act.

This development comes a day after various media reported the findings of the latest Merdeka Centre survey:

– Najib’s approval rating has dropped to 52 per cent in December 2013 from 62 per cent in August.
– 54 per cent of those surveyed said they did not believe in government leaders’ statements about the country’s economic situation.
– The percentage of those expressing “happiness” with the government has fallen from 50 per cent in August to 38 per cent in December 2013.

More details here.

This also comes at a time when many are expressing unhappiness over the rising cost of living.

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Its common for (certain) UMNO (supporters) to say leave the country if anyone don’t like their policy.GK just feed the same words into my mouth.
rajraman. UMNO sudah lama meracuni fikiran dan mefitnah orang Malaysia sejak dulu lagi. Semua kalau bolih UMNO nak sapu ,tapi MIC,Gerakan,MCA dan parti kompenan Barisan Nasional ada share sikit(?) .Dulu semua kaum main guli bersama.Sekarang nama Tuhan berbahasa Arab pun dah copy right.

Biasalah nanti bila Pakatan berkuasa nanti dia orang pun sama sama cari kuasa lebih dan $$$.

Rich Daddy


you got it wrong bro. A big misunderstanding. I meant they already sent out the message to those disagree with them to ‘keluar’. Just a step short of asking you not to vote them. And that also imply you don’t have to vote others too. In summary, they are asking you to support them or disappear 🙂 Very funny, they think they are owning things in bolehland. Anyway, you can always retaliate smartly.


You are totally change person.
rajraman. I never believe Political Trader especially Najib. When his supporters ask us to leave the country he is silent.So he indirectly endorsed it.Don’t like leave.

Rich Daddy


Correct, but as usual the dirty jobs will be outsourced to small kaki bodek

Rich Daddy

@rajraman Racism lah bro. No need to pretend you are a small children. Anyway that is the racist view and not mine. You know I just escaped from political promise that I had made long long time ago, so I need a fresh start. I try to be as neutral as possible when dealing with BN vs PR games. I could be voting PR in next GE if I see PR fit to be the gomen. But it is still too early and I heard that PAS trying to do something uncomfortable for many. But facing the daily Barang Naik… Read more »


My brain hyper active like a child.When you post a question, i would like to know from horse mouth.Good to know the barang naik syndrome make you come to sense.I wish i can give you a vote but my policy i never vote for me or others.

rajraman. GK when you are on the top political Hierarchy maybe you will get some information but if you are divisional level in BN your information might be like share market.

Now i got 3 icons.Who am i Anil?


If you can`t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. That is what an irresponsible leader like LGE DAP is saying.

Really If you can`t stand the heat, don`t run away from the kitchen. Close or blow away that heat lest it endanger the people who are in the house and area.

Rich Daddy

rajraman666: “kalau tak suka kerajaaan kenapa tak cakap pilih kerajaaan lain?”

common response: “Kalau tak suka, keluar”

Which part do you not understand ???


Why on earth i should leave my country? Can you explain to me please.This part i don’t understand.The name you have chosen as Rich Daddy make me wonder .Lucky not Sugar Daddy.


Rajraman666, Have you become confused. Since when is GK talking to you. I did not see Rich Daddy asking you to leave the country. He just said if you don`t like, get out. Please don`t jump to conclusion, Jangan kena racun fitnah.

Rich Daddy


you never know the truth unless you have a change of gomen (applicable to both side). Even if the gomen did change, you have uphill battle to uncover the truth. Whatever or whoever told you XYZ figures are just plain speculative and gear towards apple polishing their respective masters.

So remember that “jangan kena racun fitnah”

Rich Daddy


don’t worry financially, Anil is probably richer than average Malaysians 🙂

Ex-money counting guy (aka accountant) should be financially comfortable before venturing online publication.

Rich Daddy

Ha ha, very funny but true!


The Heat likely to go online.
Like anilnetto.com which provides issues more concerned to future Malaysia, I hope readers will contribute to anil’s fund to sustain the blog. For example, on weekend if you buy The Star then just buy Sun or Sat edition; and the RM1.50 saved can go to anil’s funding to keep this blog alive as long as possible. For one month, you can contribute RM6 not buying either Sun or Sat version.

Rich Daddy

Popular rating may change and don’t under estimate the power of BR1M. Some say BR1M had saved BN in last GE. And please check the popular rating again after BR1M payout post February 2013. I believe full RM1200* BR1M payment expected to save BN again. *According to insiders, final BR1M payment before election expected to exceed RM1200. @KC, do you blame voters now ??? Do you understand what is voter right and the right of voting ??? You are so desperately needed a crash course on democracy. Discard your DEMOCRAZY thought and return to true path of democracy. p.s.: Ex-GK,… Read more »


The Pension payment schedule for 2014 is still not out, and the various payment, bonus, BR1M and what-not are payable in January, 2014. who wants to bet that the GOM piggy has run dry, going Greece way?
PMO has the most allocation now why do you think that is so? Any spectacular scientist brains needed for that must-be brought down drastically to 2003 allocation?

Rufus Mallu

Not a good news, but the paper must be neutral also. It cant work as a “smear the govt” campaign by the opposition. Both good news & bad news must be portrayed – from both govt & opposition. Otherwise, it’ll just be like Utusan (but from the opposition’s view)


The Heat may receive more readership going on line. People now in the heat of barang naik high cost living unlikely to buy paid paper copy at newstand. Now that The Heat has gained free publicity with the news like in The Star paper, people will get the attenton and resort to online version later ? Talking about the heat …. the heaty news on anilnetto.com seems to be on cosmopolitan penang fast paced development causing anger towards LGE administration among many who yearn for yester-years of slower pace of development during Gerakan era. It’s like chicken and egg issue… Read more »


The true colour of Najib should now be apparent to the 49%, hopefuly.


The Heat failed to report on Rosmah receiving awards by in middle east for her permata program hence being revoked publishing rights ?

The Heat may go digital like Aliran now.


If this is the start of something larger, then its a very very bad idea. ITS TOO EARLY, WAY TOO EARLY – it will only galvanize independent media and their supporters. Now, if they back off, the independent media will only push the boundary furthers, if they crack down more, then the media will rally their supporters and it can only get out of control – to the disadvantage of Najib & Co.. They are utterly confused by Zahid Hamidi zealotry modus operandi including treatment of the media in this case. The independent media may take a while but it… Read more »

najib manaukau

This is Malaysia and it is just not time but it is long overdue for the Printing and Publishing Acts to be reviewed in fact it shouldn’t even have been there in the first place ! But, again this is Malaysia when it is under the watch of Umno and for this reason and plus all the empty promises they made b=before the GE, the present watchdog, should have been kicked out of Putrajaya long ago. Therefore make sure you do that in the next GE ! All the so called ‘partners’ in BN are now beginning to complain about… Read more »


I do not see any redemption for mca, as we can see the power struggle and the refusal to change among those same old faces who are eyeing the party assets only. Weep Ka Siong slammed umno in mandarin in attempt to win votes but dare not utter a word in front of their umno master.


Najib told the old timers in MCA today that they (flaccid) really need Viagra.
But MCA folks should have learnt it already from Chua’s CD years ago.
Ha Ha!

eng hock

shortage of viagra pills in government hospitals ? Blame it on distribution to MCA members per order from Najib to Subra ?
Soi Lek’s CD can Revitalise the members’ organs (or organisation) as part of Najib’s 4R love potion prescription ?


Red Lips your words after election really like a twisted tongue.Front your whisper like the messiah but your action with your kaki bodek Minister behave like the devils.

rajraman. Kalau tak suka bayar toll pilih jalan lain,Kalau tak suka duit electric naik pakai pelita,kalau tak suka kerajaaan kenapa tak cakap pilih kerajaaan lain?


The best things in life is free, courtesy of the taxpayers. To the 47% who voted for this couple serve you right.


ITs Never too late to see them to the doors of Seri Perdana Putrajaya and into the doors of Sg. Buloh Penthouse!… Boy, will they be having the surprise of their lives! DIDN’T think that the Malays have it in them!

I did predicts before 050513, this will be between Malays – coz 2.3million of them are making the rest of 14 million suffer their folly!


As long as we have Rosippo in the the midst of everything to do with Najib, this country and its citizens will NEVER find peace and harmony let alone happiness! Who would with him unable to do jot as she continues making big holes in the nation’s coffers! Public monies which should go the Peoples’ well-being especially lately to the tens of thousands affected by the floods, with only RM 500 to solve their woes! And she gallivanting like someone voted her as a Rep! Najib has to go and like yesterday. Am sure you will be next and all… Read more »