“I want to leave, but…”


Thirty years in power is a long time – an eternity in politics – whichever way you look at it. Parting is indeed is such sweet sorrow for those who do not know when their sell-by date has expired.

From Aljazeera:

Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, has said in an interview to America’s ABC News that he is “fed up” and wants “to go” after 62 years in public service.

However, he fears the consequences if he were to quit immediately, saying his resignation would bring chaos to Egypt.

Meanwhile, closer to home, in the Borneo Post:

BETONG: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud … reiterated that both his deputy Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu and himself were both willing to call it a day if only they had found qualified people to take over from them.

“We are both getting old and if there are people who are truly qualified to lead the state, we are more than prepared to go but we cannot let go of our responsibility just like that,” he said….

There is nothing more important than to develop Sarawak into a fully developed state because that was the wish and hope of our leaders when they agreed to form Malaysia.

“I was one of the politicians then and I cannot forget the wish of the people who at that time had hoped to improve their living standard through independence and because of that, up to now, I am still looking for ways of how we can develop the state and the country,” he said.

Say no more.

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najib manaukau

He must just be joking ?
He can’t even find someone in the last 30 years to fill his shoes in the entire Sarawak. How stupid can the (people be)… or may be he is right that he cannot find someone (who has done what he has)….

Whatever is happening in the Middle East are only warning … of what is going to happen to dictators … to stay longer than… needed….


I guess the Sarawak B…’s logic is sound. If (his administration) can manage to hoodwink … us … for 30 years, how on earth can he possibly find anyone among us, Sarawakians, me included, intelligent enough to repeat his “achievement”? We must surely be nothing but a bunch of “dummkopfs” all this time!


Malaysians throughout MALAYSIA should gather in their Respective Place of WORSHIP (TEMPLES,CHURCHES,MOSQUES) in great numbers and PRAY LOUD AND CLEAR for the CORRUPTED LEADERS to be REMOVED and REPLACED with HONEST,GOD FEARING to LEAD US.


Sarawakians fully deserve Taib….no courage whatsoever….its a (pseudo) democracy that’s on show at Sarawak…by the time they get the right one working for them….Sarawak (could well) be a desert and bankrupt…

Thangathirai Joe

The same reason that Apanama took so many years to ‘retire’?

Actually he retired (and now he is spewing) racial (talk) outside his capacity as a PM.


We … must be a stupid lot because for 30 years Pek Moh has been unable to find a single qualified person out of 2.7 mil. inhabitants, to replace him.

Gerakan K

Again, our great Anil hero is campaigning for PR against CM of Sarawak.

Still dreaming of Egyptian fantasy in Malaysia ??? Better ask Anwar reviving his Sept 16 project for your maximum pleasure. YES, WE HAVE THE NUMBER !!!


One wonders, how these “loved Dictators” pick their successors on what criteria… These egoistic … think without them, Sarawak will disintegrate into thin air…little rajah Pek Moh, there be spring every year without!
Anil, greetings from Shanghai, always feel great when back to my motherland!