Zaid’s quit letter “rejected”


Zaid Ibrahim’s resignation letter has apparently been rejected by the PM, the NST reports.

The PM has instead urged Zaid to take two weeks’ leave and then continue with judicial reforms.

Meanwhile, stung by a barrage a criticism, the police have defended the ISA arrests in a media statement here. An excerpt:

In recent weeks, there has been an escalation of racially insensitive, seditious and disparaging acts and remarks by individuals and organisations bringing about a state of unrest and religious tension in the country.

When the police decided to invoke the ISA, the decision was based on intelligence and observation that certain acts by the individuals concerned were detrimental to the calm, peace and harmony of the country.

These acts if not curtailed would cause public disorder and be a threat to national security. An arrest under the ISA is only made when the police strongly believes that certain acts by individual can pose a serious threat to public order and national security.

These are the grounds in which the police based their decision on.

When there are reasonable ground the police will act accordingly under the provisions of Section 73(1) of the ISA. An arrest under the Section provides the police with means to investigate and verify whether the intelligence received can be substantiated.

In the case of the Sin Chew Daily news reporter, she was released as soon as the police had verified the intelligence and found no grounds to detain her further.

In the case of Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Teresa Kok, the police need time to investigate further on their alleged involvement in acts that can be considered as prejudicial to the security of the country.

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Well it seems he is standing by his word to resign, and deliver a stinging slap in the face to Big Bodoh. He was appointed a Senator in order to assume his cabinet post – for what? I thought if they only wanted to leverage on his more open mindset to negate the effects of the thrashing they received at the polls (they must be thanking their lucky stars that the had co-opted SPR long time ago!) that was a good political move. But now, the very reason he finds himself in cabinet is being challenged – bringing reforms and… Read more »


We met Zaid Ibrahim at the Malaysian bloggers Merdeka gathering a year ago. He was the only UMNO politician who dared engage us, and he came across as a principled man (to my surprise) who happened to be on the wrong side. I am glad that too see he has not disappointed us. I appreciate Zaid Ibrahim’s integrity in resigning from the government, and I hope he stands by his decision as well.

As for the PDRM, there is nothing I can write that is printable…


What is Ismail Omar the DIGP talking about? YM RPK, YB Teresa and Ms Tan what have they done that was so detrimental to National Security. Were they terrorists like OBLaden or Al’Maunah that the ISA should have been invoked? I think that (names deleted) should have been detained and taken to task first for sedition because what they uttered and published started the whole incident.It did not happen that way because they belonged to the majority ruling party. They are above the LAW. En. Zaid Ibrahim I take off my hat for your steadfast stand on this issue. May… Read more »


I think we reacted too quickly to an NST report.
Elsewhere it is reported that Zaid might join PKR and DSAI did tell us to expect good news from Zaid in the next few days.


The only way this man Zaid Ibrahim to have integrity left is to stand by his decision to resign. Otherwise, henceforth he is just like the rest.

artic turban

To the police I have this to say, you have lost … credibility… THE WHOLE COUNTRY KNOWS WHO HAS BEEN CREATING THE RACIAL TENSIONS, for you to claim your ‘intelligence network has given you information” hold no water, pure and simple, stop behaving like …. and do your bloody job. If anybody needs to be arrested for inciting racial hatred and making seditious remarks than it is very simple, the “suspects” are from umno…. all the penang branch umno clowns, oh yah utusan melayu and all their reporters, they are the ones who created fabricated and printed thE azan lies.… Read more »

Man from Dubai

He is not just a man of principle, he is also honest about it. Very rare for politicians these days, especially those in the comfort of the government or coming from BN. This is not wayang or sandiwara, my reader friends. You dont become a minister everyday, and you cant resign everyday either. Zaid has made his stand very clear. We should salute a politician like him who is brave enough to go against the majority. Its a challenge to other ministers like shahrir, rais, nazri, ong tee kiat, etc. who are all members of NATO, No Action, Talk Only!… Read more »


Zaid you are the man. I felt so sad, none of any Chinese MP dare to do so. No wonder people said Chinese is selfish. …MCA and Gerakan, so quiet! …


I am sure zaid is really man of principles. Keep it up I am sure every citizen is with you.


I’m afraid I looked at things from a different perspective. Initially, I admired Zaid for what he stood for. A man of principle, I thought. But as things unfolded, I began to question his actions. ‘He LOOKED like a man of principle, he SOUNDED like a man of principle, but is he a man of principle?’ Why do I say that? You see, his press statements on his view on ISA SOUNDED good. As someone involved in law from the govt, his tendering of resignation LOOKED very admirable. But it ends here. The PM rejected his resignation and suggested he… Read more »


is just another lame and illogical excuse. If the police want to investigate, they don’t need ISA. It will be turn into another laughing stock.

arif hani

The police statement is a bunch of rubbish…. Teresa Kok, Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Tan Choon Heng are patriotic Malaysians. Not terrorists or extremists bent on creating havoc. If the Police what they say, then they should detain and investigate those agitators in utusan Malaysia and determine who is the UMNO linkman man responsible for stirring racial feelings. Talk about professionalism and even-handedness. I say to all you UMNO high-flyers – Go get an honest job! Political positions are not forever. Win or loose is part of the game. Otherwise we will petition the Agung to remove you from power.… Read more »


POlice justified ISA action, better Zaid dont come back after leave , such a shame. cos ISA will be use again,only came back when ISA is thrown out and immediate release of all detainee.
if ZAID comes back he must hold his water. if not its just a sandiwara.
left right centre Badawi is ******, he reject the letter , his enemies were get bolder, he accept ,he get barrage of critism. he change his mind. he will be tag flip flop PM forever,


The explaination by the police on the reasons of taking the trio under ISA is pure *******. What intelligence they are talking about?

daud yong

two week leave and come back for what?
after ISA, come back to continue with judicial reforms?
what a load of rubbish! what a dumb PM.

the police dare not even come out and explain.
they only issued statement and afraid to face Q&A.

after 18-20 hours of detaining a reporter, their reasonable ground became unreasonable? really no intelligence there.

hamid botak. if you do not know what you are signing,
you are going to sign away this country to destruction. one day.
you still wouldn’t know it after that.

simon li

A man for all seasons. A Thomas Moore.
A letter offering resignation.

Mahathir resigned in a huff. Zaid Ibrahim offered to resign, with no huff to huff about. Mahathir should have offered to resign. Abdullah Badawi would have told him to take two weeks’ rest. Abdullah would need Mahathir for his judiciary reform programme. How many words in this paragraph (including names) do you believe?

Sandiwara. Who is cleverer? Zaid or Mahathir?

simon li

The police has now issued a statement, citing “intelligence”, to justify the ISA arrests AND non-arrests. To paraphase the Malaysian Police statement for your benefit: “We heard something suspicious about RPK, Teresa Kok and Ms Tan, but we heard nothing suspicious about Ahmad Ismail, Tan Tsu Khoon, Khir Toyo and the Utusan Melayu Editor. Based on the imaginary rumours, we had to arrest RPK, Teresa Kok and Ms Tan. Based on the imaginary non-romours or non-imaginary rumours, we have no grounds to arrest Ahmad, Koh, Khir Toyo or the Utusan Editor. “We urge the public not to create or listen… Read more »


Don’t know what is the PM doing, stopping him from the resignation. If you ask me, he’s trying to hold those people to him, afraid that if Zaid goes, more will follow and losing a whole lot of support from the rakyat. Well, just my 2 cents.


Eagle has landed

Misinformation, full of distortions, wrong sampling and the end result you will get totally wrong input that lead to wrong decision. When? Why? Where? what? Who? How-all these simple ‘Q’ were not satisfactorily answered and they all jump to make people suffer. So this is what they call intelligent and detail observation by the authority. Just admit it, release them or charge in open court or else quit, no more excuses and stop making grandfather story. So ‘apa lagi’ Mr. Home Affairs tell your loyal servant get back to work and don’t play politics, RELEASE ALL ISA DETAINEES NOW.


Let us hope that Zaid stick to his decision. He should resign if those ISA detainees are still in there.


Non-related Update – 15 Sept 2008 As I was looking for parking space in the vicinity of Holy Spirit Cathedral – Penang, to attend Holy Mass to pray for justice and peace et al, I saw some 6 policemen or so on motorcycles arriving at the cathedral. This is not to alarm everyone unnecessarily, but, in hope that people are made aware of the presence of our, sadly, not-so-impeccable or professional enforcement authorities of late, whether rightly or wrongly, at this venue on such time, in case any untoward incident were to happen. By the way, our Malaysian Internet connection… Read more »


If one resigns from a company, one will only agree to stay on if the original reason(s) for resignation is(are) remedied.

Otherwise, it is just another sandiwara which UMNO leaders are so famous for.

So YB Zaid,
Will you still walk out of this job if the 2 are not released by the time you come back from your holidays ?

hamba allah

Dear Anil, Pls post this letter in your blog , so it can reach YANG MAHAMULIA TERHORMAT RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN. 15TH SEPTEMBER 2008, Hi pete ,i heard you are not eatinglah tak mau minumlah.WHAT IS THIS MAN ? U SUDAH TUA KAH ?or SUDAH TAKUT KAH? waitlah releks brother,,You have done your part … so now it’s time to just sit & watch … Give a chance to our brother ANWAR for another five year’s and I believe HE WILL HONOUR HIS PROMISES TO ALLAH. now i tell you just ask for some beer’s get a TV with ASTRO connection… Read more »


Anil high stakes poker game going on here,i think nobody has a pair,straight or flush in their hands.

telur dua

So, would Zaid a U-turn to stay or would he insists on going?