Zaid Ibrahim resigns


He has tendered his letter of resignation over the use of the ISA.

It looks as if he has heeded the calls of many Malaysians urging him to quit.

“He is a very principled man, one of the better Umno men,” said Aliran member Toh Kin Woon in an immediate reaction.

“I have tremendous respect for him for his decision to quit on a matter of principle,” said Kin Woon, who himself recently quit Gerakan. “It’s very rare to have a person like him who can resist the lure of high office to stand firm on his own beliefs and prinicples.”

“Zaid Ibrahim’s action is exemplary and is a model for others to emulate.”

Meanwhile, a three-person Pakatan delegation is reportedly going to the Prime Minister’s office this afternoon to submit a letter requesting an appointment with the Prime Minister. Anwar had said on Saturday that he would be seeking an urgent appointment with the Prime Minister to discuss current developments.

In another development, Najib’s proposal to let Umno members decide who their leaders are has won support from certain Johor Umno leaders and the Former People’s Representatives Council Malaysia (Mubarak). The alignments are becoming clearer. In his blog entry of 8 September, Khir Toyo expresses admiration for Mahathir and Najib while comparing Abdullah’s weak position to the Tunku’s in 1969. Khir Toyo, whose allegations against Teresa Kok eventually led to her detention, wants the transfer of power expedited.

Abdullah’s transition plan appears to be unravelling by the day. But on his side, the Federal Territories Minister has come out to say that members should stick to the transition plan. Rafidah Aziz is upset with Muhyiddin’s comments. And so is Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan.

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Rakyat Jelata

NO NO NO…. not Pak Lah, not Najib, not Kuli and no more Mahathirs, please…


A successful professional, a men that held his principles, a men who insist on doing the right thing etc….

I wonder how much longer Malaysian need to wait in order to have people like Zaid Ibrahim to run the country.

I sincerely hope that Zaid would one day be our PM, but not through the corrupted UMNO.
He should join Pakatan Rakyat and succeed DSAI as our future PM.

simon li

All our outcries are drowning out each other. What a sorry state. We use a billion adjectives and invoke a billion “principles” that we can think of for expressing outrage. But we fail to challenge specific persons to answer specific questions. We are shooting blanks wildly at shadows. An effective challenge requires pinning down specific persons, hammering each one of them on specific questions, and cornering them relentlessly for answer. Who must answer? The IGP, the Home Monister and the PM. What are the questions? Why is Ms Tan arrested for reporting publicly uttered statements. Why is Teresa Kok arrested… Read more »

Mad and Furious!

His resignation is rejected by Badawi.

Badawi asks Zaid to take 2 weeks leave and come back and work for him

Bloody Zaid agreed!!!



Zaid Ibrahim should stay on to fight for the reformation of the judicial, police, ACA. If he resign now, he is admitting defeat without getting the work done that he had promised todo when hejoined cabinet. Yes, he had spoken against the ISA but unless the PM ask him to resigned, he should not resigned on his own accord.Resign is easy. Stay on to fight for what you believe is much more difficult.

simon li

I understand that Zaid Ibrahim resignation is an “offer” to resign and not an outright resignation. This should be clarified by the man himself.


Oh God your spirit is moving & touched these people, we know The Almighty is slow to act but sure to act.

Datuk Zaid should have a good holiday with his family, come back & join PR, we need people of this nature.

Well who is next?


Eagle has landed

It is no surprise when Zaid quits. He will not be able to hold his ground if he chose the way he thinks and stick to his principles.
And to the rest of UMNO … all of you can continue to fight and make it real big, to ensure a mutual assured destruction and destroy UMNO totally. so people like FT Minister… until now you are useless, no vision and let me ask you what is your contribution? NOTHING MAN——so RELEASE TRESA, RPK AND ALL DETAINEES NOW.

fool me twice

Untenable alright, Zaid could not afford not to leave. Insomnia, amnesia, schizophrenia and all sorts of disorders will develop if a conscientious law minister ministers unjust laws. Lebih baik sihat daripada sakit.


SAY NO TO ISA The disease of excessive greed of power has created our Malaysian leaders being inefficiency , negligence, corrupted , malpractice and abuse of power. What is highly objectionable, however is the use of ISA to restrict the publication of matters of public interest – when our public interests required openness and continuing need freedom of information in our modern society. We have to create a more open government, which respect and upholds the fundamental right to allow all rightful Malaysian citizens in all matters affecting the country and people everyday life. The use of ISA on political… Read more »


About time someone showed what being a Rakyat Malaysia means! If the ISA were to be used the way it has been used, there really isn’t much trust we can put in the Malaysian system.


Zaid Ibrahim take a bow for all of us salute you. You are a man of your word and for that we salute you. Well done Zaid!

Zaid, thank you for sticking to your principles.

Fender Stratocaster

Finally, we actually have someone in Umno … who had integrity and is principled. Well done Zaid! You have proven that you are not like the rest of them. I believe Umno created history today and this should be entered into the Malaysian Book of Records. While the branches and divisions are using all kinds of tactics to be the head, this Man actually gave up a ministerial post. Syabas! Now let all the unclean in Umno tear themselves apart fighting for power and I couldn’t care a s*** if all of them goes horizontal. In fact I hope they… Read more »

Rico Suave

I doubt Zaid will join Pakatan Rakyat.

He (may) wait for Najib-Badawi to fall, then he will get a nice position again in the new UMNO government.

Ini semua strategi la kawan…


Zaid’s resignation means the rightist will have the full stage for themselves. His reformation efforts will be thrown out of the window. Civil society, brace yourself for the full brute force of suppression which is to be led by the Grand OLdMan.

youth attack

it’s about time that Zaid quit his job.i will not be so suprise if he’ll join Pakatan Rakyat after.

heck.perhaps really this is his plan to quit in such way and to move on with his political career in PR just cant deny that possibility,can you?.after all this is politics.


Time to put your cards on the table. The question now is who has the Royal Flush?

Michael D'Cruz

Anil Sir,

Please dont quote that Toyol guy lah. He should be behind bars… He is full of s***.