Wikileaks: What the US thinks of ISA


Contrary to what some rights activists might think, US officials thought the use of the ISA on suspected terrorists is counterproductive in the long-run.

This cable also reveals what the officials think of local police. Cable here.

But I would treat any US offer to train local police with extreme caution.

Look what happened in Iraq and previously Latin America (South American officers trained in Georgia) and the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo – although granted those were military officers responsible for the torture and ill-treatment of detainees.

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Gerakan K

Anl, do you believe info from wikileak ??? I just wonder, why so many people treat wikileak info as Gospel truth ???


When an info becomes a fear factor, it is easily brushed off an untruth. Just let the smart audience decide.
I would rather tune in to Wikileaks than to BarangNaiki spinning.