Why is Umno/BN not contesting in Penanti?


Well, apart from the obvious answer, allow me to suggest a few possible reasons:

  • After what happened in Perak, Umno and the BN are not in the mood for elections anywhere. If they were to contest, they could be in for a drubbing after what they have done in Perak.
  • Even if Najib’s Perak adventure had not occurred, it is unlikely that Umno could win in Penanti given the erosion in support for the BN since the last general election (even though Malay support for the party may have increased).
  • The number four is bad luck for the Chinese! If Umno contests and loses Penanti, that would be its fourth straight by-election defeat since the last general election – a thoroughly demoralising prospect for its leaders and supporters.

  • Umno wouldn’t want another local “referendum” on Najib’s leadership. If BN contests and loses, it would be Najib’s third by-election loss in two months since becoming PM and the BN’s fifth defeat since 8 March 2008.
  • Penanti falls in Anwar’s stronghold of Permatang Pauh and PKR has some spirited, highly motivated campaigners in the area.
  • Pakatan has taught voters to take what’s offered but vote for Pakatan, so the BN’s big money projects and promises won’t be of much help to Umno’s cause.
  • Umno is not confident that the MCA and MIC can draw in the Chinese and Indian voters, who together make up a quarter of the electorate in Penanti. The tide has turned against both these minority parties. These days, it is largely Umno vs Pakatan.
  • Umno doesn’t want to be seen to be succumbing to Mahathir’s wish for it to contest in Penanti.
  • More workers are feeling the pain of the recession and that could spell trouble for the BN.

That leaves the coast clear for Pakatan’s Mansor Othman to romp home.

But wait, Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) has indicated it could field a candidate. It is also possible that the BN could back an independent candidate to test the waters without the coalition ‘losing face’ if he or she loses. Other independents could jump into the fray.

Either way, the BN’s decision has created history: I can’t remember a time when the BN has declined to contest a by-election. And that says a lot for the ruling coalition’s confidence – or rather lack of it – in facing the rakyat today.

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Rosli Hanip

They lost again today so now the score is 7-1 (only Batang Ai)…so it is wipe-out I guess or a…..u give a name?

After this we wait for PRU13. Maybe they do not want to contest in PRU13 too!!!!


Najib makes a mess of Perak and he conveniently pushes the blame on others. Now he blames the PR for playing a political game by forcing by-elections for which he was responsible for initiating the process. In the first place … who was using the MACC to pressure Fairus Khairuddin to throw in the towel. This was before the 2 bukit by-elections. Perak was scalped by him and this was a trophy that he took home with him that endorsed his ascendancy to the PM during the UMNO general assembly. So proud and overconfident was he that it was predicted… Read more »

Morning Dew

Majlis Tertinggi meeting to discuss whether to contest in penanti: N: What is the real reason we are not contesting in penanti ? MT ahli1 : Sure lose lah ? M said so. MT ahli2 : We will lose face…no point fighting. N: Won’t the scolding of the chinese wake them up that they should show gratitude ? MT ahli1 : Aiyah..that one made the chinese very angry-lah. Deputy: Heh! careful with what you say. How do you know hah ? You are not chinese. N: now, now…let’s play nice. What other real reason we are not contesting penanti /… Read more »


The reason why ANNO (answer no), formerly ammo don’t contest is best known. They realized they being stupid and it is stupidity at its lowest level, they realized are goons, they realized too well they don’t have to spend any more of rakyak’s money. They have been spending millions in the previous bye-erection. Now they thought why spend money? might as well keep it …. whatever….hahahahahahahahaahaah….. coward… no b… hahahahahahahahah….


No chicken little to rescue, so they just chicken off!


Hahahahahaaha!!!!! Nice excuses Anil!!! Anyway, please be fast in updating the people about the by-election if not I may have to update them because I’ll be going right into there.

Dear Gantangian, I would welcome your updates, and I’m sure readers here will as well. – Anil


Najib is only being realistic.
He knows there is no way UMNO/BN will win in Penanti despite all those brave words and twists/blame game that he continue to play. Mau muka lah!

Another defeat will be a big blow and they can’t afford it esp since his role to mastermind the coup d’etat in Perak which has further eroded any support left for BN, after GE-12 in March 2008.

Jimah Power Station

BeeEnd would face another failure if they were to contest anyway by supporting Independent ones

telur dua

BN/UMNO took such a severe beating in the last few by-elections and are physically and mentally scarred as a result.

Would they want to come back for more?


Cowards. They think they could fight another day, when they have strenghtened forces. But in reality, most Malaysian people are fed up with them ….just too corrupted. In no way they are going to turn over to a new leaf. That is absolutely certain.

Free Malaysia

PM no b…


being a business man , we are shrewd to know which is a winning horse..we cannot abstained from politics,,,the ruling governement will approached us for support ..we give more and for the opposition we still give…not that much.that keep everybody happy not offended. for the penanti by election is more then winning..but a platform to engaged the rakyat to in the know what happened in perak can happened anywhere. this is outright rape n erosion of rakyat right,thanking the rakyat for granted and worse, in state of deniel .we aint fools ..been quiet doesnt mean we are agreed the barisan… Read more »


It is time that some drastic action is taken to uplift the marginalised and grossly under represented indians since indians are only represented by MIC@BN as what the MIC claims and now BN is standing in Penanti meaning no representation for indians there. It is time to starts from Penanti. Either makkal sakthi rep or udayakumar himself stand in penanti as udaya himself said penang govt and its indian deputy chief minister hasn’t done anything. If not, all the rally and street demonstration becomes meaningless. It is time udayakumar should show his full peoples power.


if bn takes part, ‘money & duit’ must be given to the ‘ chinese & tamil ‘ schools for ‘ repairs , desks&chairs & expansion ‘ = so umNO
, NOT bn components , tak mau lah….RIGHT !!??


Najib’s new philosophy: It is better to be a coward than a loser!


To all UMNO baru readers. As a vote of protest against Najib for humiliating Pak Lah (a Penang UMNO leader)…come out and vote for PKR. NTR will surely s… in his pants when the result is announce.


Latest raid by MACC on Bukit Botak land scam….lots of documents taken…..Are you thinking what I am thinking….shredding process on the way????


You missed one more point:

To prevent the opportunity for the ALTANTUYA story to resurface again.


Come on people, BeeEnd is not competing directly, but still will sponsor some ‘S… Stirrer” (Chinese quote) to not allow Pakatan to have a walkover win.


BN, If you want to win the Rakyats support then be bold enough to admmit mistakes and REFORMATION is a must within BN. Start cleaning or else, sorry mah.


With rare exceptions, independents usually lose their deposits. The exception was Shahrir Samad in Johor and Arumugan in Bukit Selambau. Shahrir’s case can be seen as an ex-Umno man correcting a personal injustice so he cannot be seen to be a true independent. In the case of Arumugan, the PKR candidate was disqualified and the mood against BN was so high that people voted for the unknown independent instead of BN. In the recent Bukit Selambau by-elections, all the independents lost their deposits. They were given false hopes by Arumugan’s win. For Penanti, PKR should romp home. Why do independents… Read more »

Andrew I

Desperate times call for desperate excuses.


Bee Anne decline to contest On Penanti by election And so goes the stimulus packages The small businessmen gearing up for Penanti Albino fear For giving reasons mind can’t accept For economy and services A spinning wheel rears up again Intra economy It can be done in Penanti Small projects and revitalize the economy Spending our money Albino declines So there will be crying Penanti folks you are sacrificed Albino wishes aren’t for you Now you know the concerted lies What you lose It may be gain in Perak We wish for a snap election And don’t give us the… Read more »


One word on ‘why no byelection in Penanti’….PANIC
Too many fire spots in a sinking ship. They can’t handle all the fire around. Gravy train moving so very slow, lap … not barking loud enough, internal fighting, Team A, B, C., meddlesome m, lost of respect from foreign and local allies, economy lagging,etc.,
They are in a panic stage. PR, make hay while the sunshine, threaten more by-elections, especially in Perak.

Rights for all

Perak is like gangrene to BN. If BN does not cut it away, it may spread rapidly in 3-4 years time. By that time, it will probably be replaced by a totally new body(read Pakatan Raykat).