What happened at the Sultan Sulaiman Club


Here’s some footage of what happened at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kampung Baru on 7 March.

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Dear all
Pakatan Rakyat is not the Federal Govt.
Police can’t take action against BN since any event there is a Minister / MB / CM / Executive Exco officiate. Furthermore, in their speech they don’t talk about politic.
Police do so to PR because they talk about politics. Its quite bad in the way the speech is worded.
But I hope PR can take over the Federal and I will watch what’s the result.

Phua Kai Lit

“The whole world is watching!”


Hisha looks every inch a Mugabe.

Surely, not 1Malaysia way, aint it?

Maybe, its safer to stomp on some cow heads, no?


Who say democracy is clean and nice. Democracy is a filthy dirty form of govt.


What’s the big deal PDRM? Is it criminally wrong for Pakatan-Rakyat party members and supporters to gather together for a celebration-do? Only UMNO/BN is allowed to gather and make speeches? So Police said they are disturbing the peace at Sultan Sulaiman Clu, in an open field? Disturbing who’s peace, UMNO’s peace??? Any worse than the bunch of mentally-challenged racist at Perkasa, spewing racist filths unafraid in public, poisoning the minds of ordinary Malaysians to create hatred, ill-will and animosity amongst the people? Comeon mata-mata, stop dragging your feet and practise double-standards or are you under instructions from your political masters… Read more »

Carlos Slim Helu

Next time….just sit home & watch cartoon.

You’ll be very safe then.


Why is BN so scared of the Rakyat?


Who is safe, when we have RED HELMET(S) roaming around ceramahs!
Just watching cartoons make your mind numb & stupid, get it?
BTW, the world is watching this video, not cartoons.


What is wrong with having gathering and ‘ceramahs’ in a private field of the club. This is pushing the rakyat to a corner.

Carlos Slim Helu

KM, look at the video footage again.

Where got push to a corner? They’re just being pushed indoor. Afterall, indoor is safer than outdoor, correct?

The Police just wanted to make sure everyone is safe & that’s the role of the Police mah (to ensure the safety of the public).

Another thing….you shouldn’t use the word ‘rakyat’. Instead, you should use the word ‘Pakatan Rakyat supporters’ or short-cut ‘Idiots’.


To fake “Carlos Slim Helu”,

Instead of naming yourself as richest guy in the world, you should name yourself idiot.


The next time he would be naming himself Obama or Najib but he is more like Mugabe


God bless the USA for giving us the Internet, eh?


Vote UMNO and this is what you get!!

Democracy and Common Sense thrown out of the window, Samasengs and … carriers rule the country….

Amir Arshad


Saw the footage but what’s the BIG DEAL???

It’s just an ordinary video clip showing how the POLICE broke-up an ILLEGAL PUBLIC GATHERING of which doesn’t have any PERMIT for it.

Are we suppose to take it for entertainment purposes?


To Amir (& ‘Gerakan K’ who hasn’t commented on this page but from the same IP),

You guys please stop repeating & repeating to write that it is illegal gathering. Every malaysian already knows that Pakatan Rakyat events are always ‘illegal’. Why don’t you guys promote BN events? I wouldn’t oppose that if you do. (But who will listen to you and attend it, I no idea lah)

Gerakan K

you mean IP = internet protocol ???

If so then you are outright a liar. Amir Arshad is not me.


Of course its a big deal. Can you tell me how many illegal public gathering by UMNO and their cronies has the police broke up. Instead they allowed it to continue.


Our police is good at getting PR’s or anyone that goes against the current Federal government but not catching criminals. Go listen and read the article about 7 years old kid calling 911. The criminal flees after the kid mentioned he called 911. In Malaysia the criminal will probably open a bottle of champange and laugh their behind off and stay for another few hours torturing the family.

Way to go PDRM.