PSM 6: Vigils in KL, Penang tonight


Vigils demanding the release of the PSM 6 are being held in Brickfields, KL and Speakers’ Square, Penang tonight.

The vigil at Brickfields tonight - Photograph: Nashita M N
2130: The crowd has dispersed from Brickfields – but some of them have moved to Bukit Aman to continue their vigil. See picture below:
Vigil moves to Bukit Aman - Photograph: Nashita M N

They have now dispersed.

2040: Police have just ordered the crowd of 200 at the Brickfields vigil to disperse and are poised to move in.

At Speakers’ Square, close to 100 people have gathered for a vigil held at short notice. Low-key police presence and they are not interfering – so far.

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All 4 Justice
All 4 Justice
29 Jul 2011 8.59am

Many lone Individuals have stood up against Injustice and the HUGE Machinery of Tyranny – Ghandi, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Ang Syu Ki ,Martin Luther King and our own Kartigesu during Jap occuption of Malaya. Sometimes it feel so hopeless & lonely but yet they perservere and millions followed and in the end the walls of Injustice crumbled because Good Men & Women cared and came together to seek Justice. These vigils are important to let the Nation & World know the detainees are not forgotten. Malaysia reputation is badly damaged by the detention of the PSM 6 and the… Read more »

29 Jul 2011 11.50am
Reply to  All 4 Justice

All 4 justice, what (someone) cares is at all cost, he wants Selangor back as that is the vein of Malaysia – that is why Beng Hock died a needless and untimely death just because of the greed and power crazy of (a certain) person

… and not only Beng Hock, a mongolian lady died too, for no reason so to speak, how evil (the) regime has become !!!

28 Jul 2011 10.39pm

Vigil, vigil, vigil just make it happen at the next GE. Get that Najib & UMNO out

29 Jul 2011 10.41am
Reply to  Yang

Yes, Yang, you are always right – get that BN out once and for all !!! Once they are out, we dont have to hold candle anymore, and no more water canon and tear gas on Bersih and wearing Yellow is no more a crime, etc etc.

The Police is at work, bullying the people again… Lillian is in trouble now while Ibrahim Ali and Utusan are always above the law no matter how much of venom they spew. .