Unable to access Malaysia Today; Keng Yaik warns bloggers


What’s going on? I am unable to access Malaysia Today, the website that has shaken up Malaysia, from up here in Penang at 7.30 pm today. It’s been like that for a few hours now. (It was back online when I checked at 10.45 pm – but downloading pages inside is still kinda slow.)

Meanwhile, I caught Minister Lim Keng Yaik, wearing his Multimedia portfolio hat, on the 8 pm news issuing a stern, blustering warning to bloggers. I didn’t quite catch what he was warning them about, but he looked suitably serious. It all looks ominous enough.

Anyway, Mustafa and I have released a statement on the implications of the interrogation of Malaysia Today webmaster Raja Petra:

Charter 2000-Aliran is deeply disturbed by recent developments that could restrict the space for freedom of expression over the Internet and curb the democratic right of bloggers to air their opinions. It is especially worrying because the Internet is one of the few avenues left for concerned Malaysians to freely express views and gain access to information that is normally not carried in the mainstream media. Full statement: Raja Petra’s interrogation: Striking fear among bloggers?

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Blocked again!


What do you think he can outsmart us bloggers by shutting down Malaysia Today? Well ask him to sit down and shut up! Better still ask him to stop being a UMNO …!


He does not have to block..
all ha has to do is speak
it rains from his and we need an umbrella

and the connections are …disrupted

when he gets more angry more rain pours out

and then the blogs get blocked…

and when he shouts and raves..

everyone gets a block…ear block


BN Partyman

Told you we are coming after all you irresponsible bloggers!Stoke anti-government emotions at your own peril!Can’t say you’ve not been warned…….

syed amar


Thanx mate. You are real darling.
I was famished for the real news until I read your post.
I’ll bookmark that.


alternate link to malaysia today http://mt.harapanmalaysia.com/2008/.
btw anilnetto… brilliant reporting from ground zero.. thanks very much and your effort is truly appreciated.

casey chin

Tell the a** h*** loud mouth to shut up, shame on him for not knowing when his(keng yaik) time is over !


carry on the enlightment work which you fellas are doing. finally malaysians of all walk will see the light.


True… perhaps I was just a bit paranoia… pardon me for that 🙂


Well, it seems to be back on-line now at 10.45 pm.


It seems like MT is blocked by Malaysian ISP… follow my link for details.