Something is brewing…


Just 48 hours to go for the Tuesday deadline to expire.

That’s the deadline given by Anwar for the PM to convene Parliament for an emergency sitting.

I am getting a little “chatter” which suggests that something could be brewing… I can imagine there is probably a lot of behind-the-scenes activity going on in KL.

Earlier, I had been informed that Anwar was expected to be in Permatang Pauh this weekend.

Instead, it was Wan Azizah who showed up for a little constituency work as Anwar was tied up in KL with strategising.

One blogger at the scene told me that reporters asked her whether Anwar had sent a letter to the Agong and whether Anwar would be meeting the Agong.

Wan Azizah wasn’t saying much.

“She appeared coy, like she knew something and wanted to say it, but wasn’t at liberty to tell just yet,” said a blogger at the scene. “She didn’t look worried at all.”

Meanwhile, there appears to be a battle going on within Umno among the Mahathir-inspired reactionary forces and the remnants of the Abdullah camp.

The other battle shaping up is between Najib, the eventual leader of a post-Abdullah Umno (assuming he prevails) and the Anwar-led Pakatan.

Abdullah faces a stark choice. Will he be forced to hand over power by 9 Oct, as some have suggested, with his legacy in tatters? Or is there a way out to ensure that the reforms he once promised but failed to deliver can still be fulfilled even without him being in power? It would not have failed to have escaped his notice how Zaid was feted as a hero after he quit the Cabinet on a matter of principle.

“Political alignments are changing fast,” a veteran KL-based political commentator told me.

With Abdullah facing some tough choices, will Anwar succeed in persuading him to convene Parliament before the scheduled 13 October sitting?

The other big question now: Will the Agong look favourably on Anwar’s request?

In recent months, we have seen the royalty flexing their muscles and exerting their influence in the selection of state chief ministers. I would hazard a guess that they could be playing a significant role this time around as well.

The next few days will see whether the impossible can become possible. From what I hear, things are “progressing well”…

The next 48 hours could be crucial.

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Just want change

To Zappa, Yes, if the government would have known the huge change in voters, they would not let the 5 states fell onto PR. They would have used even DIRTIER approach to divide up the regions. I have a friend with family of 5 (same address in KL), and all of them went to different voting regions; and one of them even sent to Terengganu, you think this is “NORMAL” and “FAIR”??? The situation is bad enough that I can’t consider or think much on how good it would be to be ruled by PR. I am willing to give… Read more »

New Malaysian

The Diabolical Brilliance of Badawi Many people will remember that Pak Lah was given a record mandate in his first elections as PM. He was Mr Clean and vowed to transform the dire straits of the Malaysia he inherited. The first order of business was freeing a man who was meted gross injustice under Mahathir. With Anwar out and free, Pak Lah set about loosening the shackles of the media. So far so good. But when he laid hands on the corrupt wihtin the ranks of UMNO, he met with criminal resistance! And so began his taste of the ‘brick… Read more »

Anak Pulau Pinang

Julius Ceasar Badawi knows that he is in a very tight corner but his real worry i which of his “trusted” ministers will be the first Brutus who will lead the back stabbing frenzy? Want ot take bets ???
Either way, he better cash out sooner before the krises are drawn.


something is happening…. it’s coming… come on!!




I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to wait another day. I’m tired of struggling in my own country!.


looes74 Your mum probably fed you that tainted milk from China cos it looks like you have turd for brains. 5 states is a major victory you fool. If the election was rigged as you say it is, they would never have let selangor fall into PR’s hands. If you are playing dirty, wouldn’t it make sense to go all the way? Deny PR victory in Selangor and especially Perak where the margin of victory is slim. PR taking over government now would be extreme stupidity. I guess that doesn’t matter when Anwar’s followers are stupid like you. How long… Read more »


Zappa, My goodness! You are so guillible to even believe the March 8th election is fair. If it’s fair, the opposition would have won the ultimate prize, the Federal Government. Plus, you have also forgotten how many “rockblocks” set up by the present federal government to retake those 5 states. Remember Terenganu! BN cancelled oil royalty to the state once it was ruled by PAS. Zappa, Have you any idea how much budget those 5 Pakatan states have? The richest state is Selangor. It has only 1.3 Billion MYD per year. When year after year kenna screwed by the former… Read more »


Last – if I’m not mistaken the police issue statement that we can’t discuss this issue. I don’t know if this will attract their attention??? ISA???


Actually alot is happening. Again I got a call from a reliable source (a very senior public servant lah, I’m not telling anymore)), that Anwar has the numbers to replace Mr. Badawi.

Director level Senior Public servants have received a memo advising there might be :”changes in the Government”. Meanwhile Mr. Badawi might be making his own announcement very soon. Mr. Najib is on standby. Hang in there because the roller-coaster ride is just beginning!


My bet is…AAB will work with Anwar secretly to path the way for Anwar to be the next PM. The problem is AAB has these other options that has something sticking up his **** (pls i mean figuratively) or dagger on his back. hard choices but the odds are up his ****.

If I am AAB I can’t trust a guy with C4s.

am woo

Too quiet. Something is definetly brewing……….

When is RPK coming out ???? Any one with answers please respond.


Read the lead story at this hour in The Malaysia Insider. Forced changes are taking place in at least three countries, Japan, South Africa and Israel. The incumbents seem to realise that it is time to go. When will our sleepy head open his eyes to reality?


PM’s last chance to do something right (and a win-win one too) is to convene Parliament.
Either expose DSAI’s bluff or become a GENIUS-IN-DISGUISE to do the impossible (because his party would not let him) by letting DSAI fulfill his 2004 promises!

So, heads you win, tails you win!
What are you waiting for?


macha, your article has been nothing but pure speculations. it is really funny to think that you guys have a lot of theories on what anwar wants to do or did. all have been nothing but some baseless allegations. so, what’s with wan azizah not wanting to tell the public of the ‘secret information’? i mean, come on. you never consider a worst-case scenario too. probably wan azizah too doesn’t what his husband is up too. see, anything is possible. there is too much politicking going on here in malaysia and it is not helping us all apart from just… Read more »


Muhammad Firdaus Christopher I’m afraid it is you who is not able to see the big picture. The elections happened in March 2008. It’s over. If the elections weren’t fair, PR would not have won 5 states. There is now an opportunity to showcase PR’s governance in these 5 major states and prove that PR can move this country forward. Instead, what we have is more politicking to destablise the country. All to further the political ambitions of one man, Anwar Ibrahim. So far, we’ve heard only words from the purported messiah. Where is the proof that he will do… Read more »


I don’t think Pak Lah will resign. In fact, what he has done now is clinging to his power, by changing the ministry of military, he has already rule out military coup against him. The only choice left is for our beloved YDPA to KICK BN out.


The whole trouble with Malaysia’s political leadership is that it is either too focused on the charisma (Tun Mahathir) of the leader on the one hand or on the soundness of policies (the reform agenda of AAB) on the other hand. This split between the policy maker and the policy is further aggravated by the government’s constant excuse of distinguishing a policy objective and its implementation. How often do we hear that AAB had the right vision and the right policies but did not have the political will or the right bureacrats to carry them out. Imagine what happens when… Read more »


Well written, Simon Li. You don’t get to be the number one that easily, even if you do happen to resemble Leonardo di Caprio.


Quote: Wan Azizah wasn’t saying much.“She appeared coy, like she knew something and wanted to say it, but wasn’t at liberty to tell just yet,” said a blogger at the scene. “She didn’t look worried at all.” Unquote.

Lim Kit Siang had been looking oddly happy too when I saw him about a week ago. Hope they are cooking up a nice feast for the country! 🙂


Will the Malaysian government collapse or can it overcome an attempt by the opposition to take power? Could Anwar Ibrahim, the main leader of the opposition, become the next Prime Minister with the Pakatan Rakyat in government? Find out the answer at


Badawi will try to cling on power as long as he could.


If Badawi is a nationalist he would hand power over to Anwar rather than Najib. Its the responsible think to do to ensure the program of reform would take place. In the end Badawi (may be perceived to be) a racist who believe that without the NEP and Islamisation, that his race would be ill-treated. …

Phua Kai Lit

Dear All

Here’s some interesting analysis of the recent ISA arrests

Phua Kai Lit

Thabo Mbeki gave up power gracefully.

What are the chances that we will see the same thing in Malaysia?


Fee: Why do people like you have such short memories? Just ask yourself, was the last General Election conducted in a fair manner? Would the PR win if not for the dirty tactics of BN, PDRM and the EC? If you honestly believe it was a fair election, then you can demand PR to behave gentlemanly.