Trip to Kamunting to convey Raya greetings

I have just been informed by the Bukit Bendera MP’s office that they, along with several Penang-based civil society activists, are planning a drive to the Kamunting Detention Centre in Taiping on the second day of Raya to convey their greetings to the ISA detainees:

Flowers, cards and gifts, if any, will be passed on to Raja Petra and the other ISA detainees to let them know that they are not forgotten on this special day.  RPK’s wife Marina has been informed of the event and hope that she will also be able to join us. The Press will also be invited for this event.

Details of travel:

Date: Thursday, 2 October 2008

Meeting Place: DAP Bukit Bendera Service Centre, Wayton Court, Penang
Meet at 9.00am

Tesco, Penang
Meet at 9.15am

We shall begin our journey latest by 9.30am and arrive at the Kamunting Detention Centre by 11.00am latest. Here, we shall link up with those from other places like Taiping and and other parts of Perak.

Those interested, please register or inform our committee member Mr Ronnie Tan at 012-4277883

For the rest of you Selamat Hari Raya and have a safe journey home if you are hitting the roads.

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andrew sia

Folks, Hope the caravan turns out to be a blast! However, the response to the RPK petition was not quite as encouraging. Can I suggest an additional/alternative protest method against the ISA detention of RPK? Remember those small but very irritating “Raise the Flag” and “Dare to Fail” stickers we used to see everywhere? What if we came up with our own stickers, nice catchy, multi-lingual ones, not only about RPK/ISA but also about the rot in the system? While being especially careful not to alienate the Malays as this is the core consituency (being woo-ed by the racial antics… Read more »


How do we identify each other on the road? Yellow ribbons on the antena?


I’m driving from Ipoh to Taiping, need to know where do we meet in Taiping?

Alan Siew

Sunil…I agree with you on meeting before 10.00 am. Better early than later…in case…:) I am now going to call you around 8.30 am…and if the KL people are near Ipoh…we will join your convoy. We will be at the Ipoh North Toll…if we miss each other, perhaps we can identify ourselves with headlights ( for those in front) and tail lights (for those behind). And if we want to confirm, say three horn bleeps to be answered similarly?
A Siew


I am from KL.

Anyone have 3 seats available in their cars? Please, please! Two are confirmed my end and one will let me know by 3 p.m. today.

If none is available, can someone take the gifts and cards we have for RPK and other detainees?

Many thanks,


Ronnie tan

For those waiting @ Tesco Penang, please gather at the road between Tesco n E Gate.

We will get someone to be there early to coordiate the journey.



Dear Peng, Alan Siew and others, As we have to be in Kamunting by 11 a.m. and the Penang convoy is scheduled to reach the Taiping toll by 10.45, we propose to leave KL @ 7 a.m. and should be passing Ipoh around 9 a.m. (driving @ 110, being the law abiding citizens that we are 🙂 )- this will leave us with some time to spare (traffic/unforeseen circumstances). If we get to Taiping ahead of time, we can go for breakfast! So if you would like to join us, then you may want to move at about 9 a.m.… Read more »


Alan Siew, Sunil,
I have managed to get 3 others in my family to join me. Still trying to get more to go. Will wait at the North Toll before 10am. We will be wearing black or red.
See you guys!



would be great if sum1 can bring over a portable battery powered fan

the heat can kill

Ronnie Tan

Dear All,

The Penang convoy will be crossing the bridge latest 9.30am and hopefully we will be at Taiping (Utara) toll exit by 10.45am latest.

Watch out for DAP / Malaysia flags after the toll exit.

Had seek assistance from DAP Taiping office to show us the way from toll to Kamunting.

P/S … remember to wear BLACK



A Siew’s suggestion makes the most sense. Everyone (whether from North or South) should target on reaching the Ipoh North toll by 10 am. If early, wait for the rest. If late, go straight to Kamunting Detention Centre. Read somewhere that we are to wear black. I have ordered the RPK t-shirts but these will not be available till 3rd Oct. SIGH! I think we should all also fly our beloved Malaysian flag – remember PK distributed loads of them at the rally on 15th September?? Use them and be identified. Looking forward to a massive support from everyone. Let’s… Read more »

Alan Siew

Peng…Anyone coordinating cars from Ipoh? If not suggest cars wait just after the north toll before 10.00 a m…it takes under an hour…maybe a little more taking ito account traffic…to reach Taiping, plus a litttle more time to meander to the detention center.
THose coming from the south, like KL…could time it to reach around 10.00 am at the Ipoh north toll…so as to form a convoy.
A Siew


Great to know that true Malaysian are walking the talk about RPK and the other ISA detainees.This is indeed our Malaysian spirit and there is hope for chnage in this country. I am in from Penang.


I won’t be able to join you guys physically but my heart and soul will be with you all the way. Drive carefully and have a safe journey to and fro.

Phua Kai Lit

Won’t be able to attend but my very best wishes go with
all of you. Abolish the ISA!

Here’s a limerick I wrote (posted elsewhere too):

There’s a party called UMNO
Prominent in local political folklore
Originally led by the noble Tunku,
It’s current leaders seem mostly to be rent-seeking “dungu”
Unless it truly reforms, it’ll soon be shown the door!


Wong HL, Peng and Saddhalim,

Yes, yes and yes. Call/sms me (Ronnie has posted my contact no. above) and we’ll co-ordinate.

If anyone else needs assistance/wants to come along, from anywhere south of Kamunting right up to JB, please feel free to contact me.


selvaraja somiah


I’m from Penang. Can I tumpang from anyone leaving from the island? My no is 0164637541.

Thanks guys.


..can have a sign/ribbon etc on each cars or not ? so wherever we meet, we know we will be heading to kamunting…

Jane Lee

Hats off to those organising this and those making the journey to lend support to those incarcerated under that oft-abused and overused act. Our message, “Free ISA detainees, Abolish ISA,” is loud and clear! Let’s persevere.


i’m putting together another group… most prob Fri day trip or overnite….

check in on ttp:// for details updates or give your suggestions.

Mag M

Great news indeed. My friend called me up a while ago to tell me about this and they are going too. Was told to wear black. Hope to see a good big crowd there. See ya all there.


My heart breaks for the ISA detainees…for RPK and HINDRAF..
I am now offshore Abu Dhabi…a sailor.
…but once I was a soldier and fought the communist terrorists in the jungles of Malaysia….
…but now I realise the ideals of Malaysia I fought for were in vain… for people are incarcerated at Kamuting without a trail!


Great idea.I am from Seremban;it would be good if all of us could gather at the Sg.Buloh toll rest area or the Tapah rest area.
Hope someone will coordinate the whole thing.

SH Tan

I will be there.