Tian Chua detained by 20 cops; Rafizi, Hisham remanded for three days


Why 20 cops to detain Tian Chua (according to his tweet)? Why was Mat Sabu detained by armed men in ski masks? Why was Hisham Rais bundled away by unidentified men? What message is being conveyed here? That these activists and opposition politicians are dangerous?

The arrests come ahead of a planned protest rally outside Sogo at 4.00pm today, which also happens to be the day of the Big Wedding.

He was taken to the Jinjang Police Station.

From Jinjang, Tian Chua was put on a police vehicle along with Rafizi and Hisham, and they were then taken to Dang Wangi.

Rafizi and Hisham had been remanded for three days. This is a photo of them in handcuffs earlier:

Sabu is expected to be released this evening.

We are waiting to see what action will be taken against those involved in piling up debt at 1MDB.

Meanwhile, the unhappiness and resentment over the GST is simmering, with many mocking a ridiculous GST music video featuring Customs personnel.

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Ed G

Those arrested were walking with their heads held high as opposed to those making the arrests who tried to hide their identities one way or the other.

Awang Selamat Ori

Are there penjenayah kolar putih in Pakatan Rakyat controlled Penang?

How come funny funny projects that do not benefit rakyat springing up at such regularity?

Oh.. I was told, tak buat projek tak boleh buat duit?

Fikir fikirkanlah! Jom lawan.

gk ong

Kalau ada white collar crime, kenapa PDRM tak ambil tindakan? Lu pikirlah sendiri.