More thuggish behaviour from Red Shirts


It is amazing that these Red Shirts seem to think they have free rein to intimidate and try and stop others from exercising their basic rights. What are the authorities doing about such brazen behaviour?

Have these Red Shirts given 10 days’ notice for their outdoor gatherings (aimed at intimidation) as required under the Peaceful Assembly Act?

Is this the kind of Malaysia we want? Malaysians must condemn such behaviour, urges Bersih 2.0.


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gk ong

Wearing a Bersih 5 T-shirt, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has appeared in what looks to be a promotional campaign video for electoral reform coalition Bersih.

In the 1-minute-37-second video message, Mahathir makes a last-minute call for all Malaysians to join this Saturday’s Bersih 5 rally.

“Malaysia is now in distress. (Prime minister) Najib (Abdul Razak)’s administration has caused the country to incur billions of ringgit in debt, which cannot be paid by the government and state,” he says.


Mahathir dare not offend the red shirt thus finding excuse not to attend Bersih 5 rally?
Perhaps he knew Jamal has good kampung followings and thus dare not confronting the red thugs head on?
Anyway it is quite brave of him to wear Bersih T-shirt and the free Anwar badge, at age 91.


is Mahathir still trying to appeal to the Umno malays?
else why he dare not confront Jamal?
no need for him to chicken out unless he is scared of IGP tear gas.


Perhaps he suspect that Najib/IGP could launch Operasi Lallang 2016 to nab him(?)
Muhyiddin and Shafie will likely admit to Kemunting Resort soon over OSA issue(?)

gk ong

Free rein for red thugs as polis closed both eyes but somehow can treat yellow balloon a big security threat to MO1?


What is MORE WORRYING is the liberal left who seems to think highlighting the Red Shirt behaviour will make significant difference. Truth is the Red Shirt knows, no matter what they do, lie, violent, break the law, it will not drive away UMNO core supporters and Hadi’s PAS’s will do whatever they are told. What the liberal left do not get is when it comes to the heartland of UMNO-PAS, they have to be given something much more concrete and exciting to walk away from UMNO-PAS and they will go back or do nothing at any excuse given. What the… Read more »


Jamal’s bloody nose: Breaking it down frame-by-frame


Clearly Jamal instigated the policemen to beat him.


Nope. An act of God (or Karma?) who sees a nuisance in our civil society.


Why is Jamal Yunos still in business?

Between a bloodied nose & nice compliments from satisfied Ikan Baker customers, I would rather choose the later.


for a start you can boycott his ikan bakar.


Be careful of the Red Shirts, a ‘trap’ to cause violence.
Just imagine a small ruckus that may lead to more punch-up, bloodied noses & may be loss of life.
Then, the authorities may bring in the Emergency Rule of Law.
Then, no more rallies, no more Speaker’s Square, no Opposition voices, no alternative media.

But that doesn’t mean we are beholden to DAP (for eternity till Kingdom comes?) or whoever on the opposition fence as if there is no more alternatives. The day to day political affairs need some checking if not worshipping.


A photo of Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos posing with three men clad in Bersih shirts is a likely indication that these provocateurs will disrupt the peace during Bersih 5 on Saturday.


The Jamal gangsters (may) dress in Bersih Tshirts and cause troubles like barging into Dataran Merdeka or fighting with the policemen to discredit Bersih 5. They will show yellow fight red to give BN and IGP to nail down Bersih supporters.


Rather than trying to (disrupt) the nation, this fella should do better to bakar ikan for a living.
Unless his Ikan Bakar is not to customers’ expectation.


Keep in complaining about DAP and THEY will be running Penang.. Its bad enough the liberal left do not focus on the real problem of Hadi PAS, staying away because it would mean their skin on the hardest part of the game, they literally tie an anchor around their neck. When these Red and Black shirts take over Penang, you see what you have..


Let’s hope that the purple brigade of BPS (Badan Peronda Sukarela) or Voluntary Patrol Body could counter samseng elements of Jamal Gang.

As the exco member for Welfare, Caring Society & Environment Phee Boon Poh said, “When people sees the purple shirt, they feel safe.”

The BPS was launched over two days for both island and mainland on Nov 12 and Nov 13. A total of 607 members are currently part of the BPS and more are signing up soon.


How about ronda with fierce dogs?
Some elements of public gangsterism on bikes would not dare to get any nearer for fear of dog’s kisses or bites!
But do first apply thro’ the proper channel to make BPS uncontroversial or legal from registration challenge.