The stadium it is…


Bersih 2.0 has agreed to hold its rally in a stadium after an audience with the Agong.

This seeming compromise gives the government a headache.

People are waiting to hear which stadium… Merdeka Stadium? Bukit Jalil? … and they will watching to see if the cops will assist people to get to the atadium or hinder them.

And now that Bersih has been “recognised” as an NGO coalition campaigning for clean and fair elections – what about the Home Minister’s declaration that Bersih is an “illegal” organisation?

And how are the authorities going to react to yellow ‘Bersih’ T-shirts in the light of the latest development?

Now that the PM has conceded to the use of a stadium … it logically must mean that the event is now deemed to be legitimate.

Logically too, that means all those detained in recent days for Bersih-related activities must be immediately and unconditionally released and all charges dropped.

And how will the government and the Election Commission respond to those eight Bersih demands?

Towards clean and fair elections!

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PM Promises broken. King’s (apparent) approval to use stadium is ignored without giving the King due respect. Now who is ‘bigger’ in this country?
We are yet treated like fools by the grandmaster of all Kotor tricks!


I will tell you what is going to happen in the next couple of days.
Bersih will never be able to hire a stadium, never ever it has just now confirmed that the authority management the Merdeka stadium will not accept their booking so will all the other stadiums around Kuala Lumpur.
So the rally will never happen !


…No stadium so just walk the street. Bersih 2 respect the King decision but UMNO and the bluff 1M PM won`t (doesn’r seem) to even respect the King decision to compromise.

najib manaukau

As usual Najib did not specific which stadium he was offering just the same trick he used when he said all top students regardless of their race will be given scholarships without specifying which university the non Malay scholars will get to send to. He did not lie did he ? By now we should no longer be taking his words for granted … … like when he swore in the mosque that he did not know who the mongolian woman was.. … One more thing why were the two police officers indicted in court for killing her had the… Read more »


BERSIH do it concurrently NATION wide at selected stadium via video conferencing.


Stadiums or on the streets, what does it matter…as long as the message, the 8 points reform demanded, got through to the tainted EC and to the satisfaction of the electorate. Let us achieve our objective with calm and dignity…unlike the Kotor camp, comprised of samsengs … who are uncultured and true enemies of the land…yet, they have the cheek to called themselves Patriot!

Anil, you have not given me an answer whether “Patrriot” is a BM word or borrowed.


Daulat Tuanku ! Our wise King has shown how idiotic Home Minister is to simply declare BERSIH illegal …..thats purely blatant abuse of power to just declare an honourable organisation such as BERSIH an illegal entity -just because BERSIH & Ambiga is a Threat to Umno/Bn. We must all come in huge numbers -fill and overflow the stadium to show your support for a very URGENT & IMPORTANT CAUSE….FREE & FAIR ELECTIONS ! We must put a STOP to cheating of postal votes & Phatom Hantu Voters ! We have seen how highhanded and bias Polis has been esp with… Read more »

Charlie Oscar

You Are WRONG to say that “Now that the PM has conceded to the use of a stadium”!!!
Least you forget, Stadium RALLY had been Done by PR Before after 308 With MINOR Problems!!!

Thank You Very Much to the Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) for Accepting To RALLY in the Stadium!!!
As long as the Rally is Off the Streets, The RAKYAT would be Very Grateful to PR!!!
Once again TERIMA KASIH!!!

Andrew I

And thanks to Barang Naik (BN) for finally seeing the light.


Bersih 2.0..don’t be too trustful…it could be a trap! I got a strong feeling, the alternative arrangement stinks!!!
…PR leaders stay away……


The King says go and have it at the stadium, but the Police chief says, wait apply for permit first. Now who is bigger, King or Police chief?


Polis is cleary disobeying the King.

Ong Eu Soon

Najib just like the rest afraid of the Jasmine revolution. Remember to bring a flower, Jasmine or Bunga Raya or anything you like.


One of the very few occaion where Ah Soon make some sense.
He should channel his intellect (if any), energy and resources to fight the bigger evil in BN.

Ahmad Abdullah

If the police hinder Bersih supporters from going to the stadium, it means that they have gone against the wishes of the Agong and that is a serious offence. By allowing Bersih to rally in a stadium shows that the government now recognized Bersih as a legitimate entity and that all prior rulings by the HM is null and void.


Too many questions for those pea-brained people in authorities to answer! I guess they were caught off guard – by the King himself! I hope there won’t be any flip-flop decision here? If this decision stays, thank God, it was a prayer answered. I did prayed for the King to intervene.


Najib’s compromise is commendable but he could be buying time. I hope I am wrong, but the authorities could stall the rally by announcing the venue at the last minute by coming up with all sorts of excuses. Even if the venue is announced they could still make it difficult for participants to get there. Who is going to address the crowd? A leader from the opposition? Does that not prove that bersih is a stooge of the opposition? Then media might not be allowed there. Who is going to address the crowd? A leader from the opposition? Does that… Read more »

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

Just fill the stadium until there’s not a single standing space left!

Walk or no walk, BERSIH is now ‘declared’ by the PM as a LEGITIMATE coalition of NGOs, or otherwise, how can he allow the rally to go on in a stadium?!! So, Hishammuddin how are you going to ‘undeclare’ that BERSIH 2.0 is not illegal as they are now allowed to hold the rally in a stadium?


Bersih: 2 GOM: 0
Well done. Gherkin, if you can’t see where your team lost the point then don’t. We like you that way. Haahahaha.

Andrew I

Heads I win, tail you lose = Gherk the jerk.

Berani Kerana Benar

and invite Wong Chun Wai to demonstrate how to do the polishing work !

Gerakan K

Finally the opposition big thing just reduced to 1Malaysia carnival in a stadium. Ambiga should invite local singers, lion dance team, chinese snake oil showmen, and teh tarik sifu to provide entertainment for the visitors !!!

Lucky draws and karaoke contest should be included. I’m so happy for this, La la la ~ your dream never comes true ~ La la la ~ Mari main main dalam stadium La la la ~


I say. Let us ta pau this … pau.


For comedy, Gerakan K can provide the fun..Hu hu la la

Phua Kai Lit

For examples of low grade propaganda (as well as comic relief)!

Andrew I

Low grade is too good a description.


BN mentality to have lucky draw, and give away free gifts to attract crowd. Gelakan K showing his true colours even without realizing it

Gerakan K

You may not like it but it just works for the most people !!!

Andrew I

Like yourself.


Works exceedingly, disgustingly well for Kotor!
Kotor-minded minions like Gerkhin of the Mongolian grassland haunted by avenging ghost of Altan.

M Chen

Thank God for good sense prevailing! Praying for discipline for all who will fill the stadium to the rafters and that there will be no sabotage!


Bersih 2 can still hv their walk. Park your cars and walk from ‘there’ to the stadium. U can hv your long morning exercise – exercise for your health and exercise your rights.

Charlie Oscar

By All Means, Park your Cars in KL and WALK to Shah Alam Stadium!!!
The Police WILL Not Stop You as long as You Do Not Walk In the MIDDLE of the Road!!!
Happy Walking!!!


Najib will compromise. He played chicken and he blinked.

Gerakan K

Chicken or duck does not matter. The loser now is Clean v2. The impact has lessen. It is just another carnival. Even FA cup final is more exciting !!!

La la la ~ what can you do, la la la ~

Ong Eu Soon

Checkmate. We can still walk to the stadium. Try stop us!

Gerakan K

IMalaysia carnival is OK, no need to block


Only your bluff 1m PM will do that


FYI. Gerkhin, He played chicken and he blinked (not once but many times).
IN FACT, he played the greatest chicken trickster, the grandmaster of all KOTOR tricks in the land of Boleh Land.
God is closely watching you, him and all his cohorts of KOTOR….


Its another half truth and true lies to Bersih and to the people. Just like the 4 billions investment