Teresa Kok’s seven days under the ISA


Reminder: Candlelight vigil at 9.30pm this Friday in front of Dewan Sri Pinang organised by Abolish ISA Movement (GMI). Bring your own candles/torchlights. The organisers are also getting those present to send Raya cards to ISA detainees and to sign a petition for the abolition of the ISA.

Sin Chew has published an interview with Teresa Kok about her experience under ISA detention.

This bit is cute:

(Teresa later said she even told the investigating officer that she was sleeping and eating well, and would take care of herself properly. She said if Pakatan Rakyat successfully seizes power, she would then become their boss! She said the officers were dumbfounded after hearing this.)

Here, she adds a bit of spiritual reflection in trying to find some meaning in her detention:

I was also thinking of the judgement Jesus had to go through. Even though He was crucified on the cross, He has been remembered by people through the ages. I felt that my detention had been arranged in such a way that Jesus was trying to use my innocence to educate the public on politics.

I believe she has a point. Many ordinary people – not just the activist types or those already politically aware – woke up when she was arrested. Even  people who were not interested in politics or social issues were talking about the ISA. If even an innocent person like Teresa could be arrested, surely the ISA had to be a bad and unjust law, they must have felt.

Today, more and more Malaysians want this law abolished. (The poll of about 1,000 respondents on this blog indicates that 85 per cent of you want the ISA abolished.)

Read the full interview here.

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She also did once before, without waiting for a thorough investigation alleged that a Chinese woman of China’s nationality was stripped naked in prison, which later turn out to be a Malay Malaysian and not a China-Chinese national. That did much demage between Sino-Malaysian ties and infact muddied Malaysia’s international image.If Teresa does not thread cautiously enough, she might just wish should have when the storms arrive.


She did admit to raising the issue of 10% of the budget for construction of mosques, should be channeled elsewhere. I don’t think that is her business. I am sure there is a definitive budget allocation for everything and every business for every purpose by the cabinet. …

Fender Stratocaster

Oh! God! I am truly amazed by the level of commonsense of these people from UMNO. I couldn’t help but just shake my head in disbelief this morning when I read the Sinar this morning Sept 25th. Mohd Ali Rustam wants Theresa to be kicked out from PKR just because she said the food served in the ISA detention centre is “of slightly higher quality than dog food” and that this comment has jeopardised the ‘good name’ of the country. Then you also have the UMNO Youth division of Seputeh also making a police report over the same issue. Not… Read more »


Face the Malaysian ISA facts.
It’s a No No if detainee is kind of light colored.
It’s makes a lot of noise uf you’re kind of darker.
It’s not seen, not heard (not even bothered),if you’re islam-more so a brown islam,assumed and confirmed as “terrorist”-seen the list?read their stories?

All the high and mughty human right c***-talk…my foot


I AM the only one to oppose total bannng of ISA

I prefer it to be totally amended to arrest only those who are A THREAT TO HUMAN RIGHTS….

meaning those who arrested people without crime should be sent for a re-education camp to teach them the values of International Human Rights charter. Let them memorise every line of the charter before they can be freed.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

One can lock up the physical body
But never succeed with the spirit
For even without Malaysia’s toddy
There’s still left the fighting spirit

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 240908
Wed. 24th Sept. 2008.


The ISA is fast becoming a double edged sword. As a politician, it gives you instant fame, as a blogger, it increases your readership.

It’s evolving into a political fashion statement, and gives the victim instant street cred. Needless to say, the price doesn’t have universal appeal.

Cat food and mozzies to bitch with you all night are not the sort of experience to look forward to in life.


Specially for those GMI guys parading smartly on high moral horses: Whatever amount of suggestion,proposal, argument, debate, media expose going on on the ISA now, is definitely NOT at same level as during when Tan and Kok was inside.(..Kok even got to talk about the food) The fact is showing up that; level of commitment to help brother or sister Malaysian differs according to the color of your Malaysian skin and if you speak Mandarin or not. (Dont mean to be Racial) see earlier comment: Mankok Says: September 22, 2008 at 10:14 pm While on this ISA subject,I mean to… Read more »


anil, you may look to it as cute but there are people who (for better of nothing to do) take it seriously and hurl accusation at teresa saying she was arrogant or she shouldn’t have said that blah blah blah… just to pick trouble i guess.

well in a way, teresa should be careful with what she said these days as it seems that her ‘enemies’ are waiting for any opportunity to pounce on her with what she uttered. even the dog food issue, we had people accusing her of this and that.


Anonymous said…

We call upon all the Rakyats of Malaysia to sign a Petition to be sent to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to release RPK from his detention under ISA …


Malaysia Inc

If Malaysia is Malaysia Inc, I am a very hapy man ‘cos there will be an AGM every year. Imagine goodies every year from either BN or Pakatan. Malaysia will truly be heaven on earth or perhaps hell on earth.

Eagle has landed

Yes don’t let them off, Teresa. If Pakatan Rakyat takes over the government by hook or by crook I will remind you, make sure those idiot will only be forgiven after they have tasted their own medicine. BUT IF ONLY THOSE ENTRUSTED TO ENFORCE THE LAW ARE PROFESSIONAL, LESS BODEKING AND A TRUE BELIEVER, I AM SURE ALL THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So to avoid all this, ISA must be abolished-too many people enjoy abusing their power and there’s nothing people can do. Hopefully the home minister will not justify his sending of RPK to Kemunting is a “task that… Read more »


damn. in penang again. any event in KL?

cinta Malaysia

when there is a change of Government ,RPK should sue Syed Hamid for wrongful detention and perhaps get him to replace his place in Kamunting before eventually abolish the law.


umno might as well change the name of malaysia to malaysia incoporated. with badawi as the ceo and the ministars as board of directors the citizens becomes the servants