Chin Huat’s arrest: Tell me why…


There are many things in life we cannot understand. So many difficult questions, the answers for which me may never discover in our life-time. Why, for instance, is there so much injustice and suffering in this world?

Tonight, I am trying to fathom why activist Wong Chin Huat was arrested for sedition.

So much for “OneMalaysia”. If you ask me, it’s all public relations. Now, all that PR has been stripped and we can see the reality.

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Free Me

OneMalaysia = Only One Bunch of Crony Left

All the good dye young & the corrupt well protect by the Godfather & live happily ever after….


solute to najibBBBBBBB, 1malaysian so what!!!!
if you cannot solve perak problem then resign!!!!!!!
we want fresh mandate, PKR please initiate referendum for all perakian and show to BN and the sultan.


why umno so afraid about having new state election in perakkkk?
you control (all the government agencies)…
Then show to perak peoples that u shouldd be able to win handsomely as you say you have the majority of peoples supporting youooo!

Let go for election if you win then OKKKKKK to us, w’ll be the oposition again no big deal!!!!!!.
Najib pls heed to the rakayat request nowwwww.


Itu lah terlau senang lupa!!!! Senang sahaja di tipu orang kita.Dah 50 puluh tahun di tipu olih umno/bn masih lagi mahu percaya itu Najib!!!!

Masih tidur lagi ke?????


2Ms, Islam hadhari, 1Malaysia, whats next, anil?

siew eng

Josh Hong and 15 others, including Suaram’s John Liew and Helmy (?) and 2 lawyers arrested in front of Brickfields police station


I am one of Mr. Wong’s students. I do not know whether the organisation is useless or not as TOKZ said, but the most important thing is the aims of organisation. And in this case, it is really shown how the government tries to control the freedom of speech which I see as a pathetic situation. The country is for public *rakyat* not for people in the government. That’s the most important thing. By arresting him, it will be the evidence how government tries to control rakyat…

And yeah, tomorrow I will also wear black…


Do you think that with Wong arrested rakyat will stop wearing black tomorrow….


Good good…..i just love the way of UMNO doing these things. they gave more and more reasons why we should continue to reject them.

Barbara J

Yes, tell me why too … Fab video selection Anil.


i had met wong chin huat before. friendly young man who is very dedicated to his activism works.

why was he arrested? to the police he was instigating ‘public disorder’ or ‘insecurity’ by calling on people to wear black tomorrow!

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

Detaining Chin Huat will not solve anything but only to further accelerate the demise of BN/ UMNO.

Yes, I believe he shouldn’t have mentioned civil disobedience in the first play but putting him behind bars for asking the RAKYAT to wear black ? Come on, for crying out loud….

Based on what I hear, there’s gonna be more to be hauled up before the 7th..

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher


Colorphobia, that is why. The authourities are so afraid of any symbol that relates to dissent. They are trying to nip anything in the bud before things get worse.

Anyway maybe the home minister will do a syed hamid and declare that chin huat being detained for his own safety. It has been done before, why not now.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


As world’s free people of honour
Let us all show our “true colour”
Whether at the brightest or darkest hour
Who we can turn to as our real Saviour?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060509
Wed. 6th May 2009.


Hi Anil, I’ve no choice but to agree that WONG CHIN HUAT deserved to be detained. BERSIH is one USELESS ORGANIZATION of which serves no whatsoever purpose. Moreover, it only causes unnecessary CHAOS & PROBLEMS for the ‘rakyat’. Take a look at what happened during the recent BERSIH MARCH. The rakyat was forced to endure extreme traffic chaos, while, entrepreneurs lost MILLIONS of business due to the inconsiderate actions of BERSIH. The most effective way to eliminate such NONSENSE ORGANIZATIONS like BERSIH is to first get RID of WONG CHIN HUAT. I strongly suggest the Government to have CHIN HUAT… Read more »


… The Perak problem is also Malaysia Problem. … It is still not too late to restore order and investors confidence in Malaysia. The four by-election (especially the one in Bukit Gantang) won by PR should be sufficient proof of the peoples wish for a snap election for Perak.


Why is Wong Chin Huat’s arrest so hard to understand? It’s clearly designed to cow fear and silence into political activists. No mystery about it at all.


Go on Malaysia, continue to be doomed – with ISA, Printing Press Act, NEP, 1Malaysia, FDI don’t need all these!



Chauncey Gardener

Road to Zimbabwe – is that a movie by Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and others ???


The question was all along posted glaringly at the democracy wall but, the majority chose to be indifferent and not take note… allowing just a handful of upright citizens to protect our freedom. Obviously, we allowed these evil goons to have the better of us…for we did nothing!
Malaysians are basically very tolerant or very selfish. We always expect others to fight our battle, we have been taken advantage of, if we do not stand up now and be counted, we will be heading the road to Zimbawe!


First of all ask…………… 1. Under “whose” orders…? 2. Why the goverment feels so threaten by this “call”…? 3. Does the law states that the police have the right to just arrest without a warrant & refuse him his rights to a lawyer…? 4. So what if the colour is “black”…? Now that they have arrested Chin Huat for “Black 7/5″… Other colours can ah…….?????????????? OK………! Now the call of “Black 7/5” has been done & come that day & we’ll see many people wearing Black……. Will we all be arrested too…..?????????????? Democracy…..??? Think for yourself lah….! He’s only a… Read more »

Johnny Cheah


Phua Kai Lit

Democracy, Malaysian style


To appreciate Declan’s song better, here are the full lyrics: TELL ME WHY In my dream children sing a song of love for every boy and girl The sky is blue and fields are green and laughter is the language of the world Then I wake and all I see is a world full of people in need Tell me why (why) does it have to be like this? Tell me why (why) is there something I have missed? Tell me why (why) cos I don’t understand. When so many need somebody we don’t give a helping hand. Tell me… Read more »