Tan experienced “unknown strength” in detention


Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng describes how she was filled with an unknown strength during her 18 hours of detention:

During that 18 hours which was filled with a lot of uncertainties, I felt that there was some unknown strength that has supported me throughout; I knew it must be from you all, those whom I knew or have not met!

I realise that our journey is still full with challenges and obstacles, so we have to continue the same righteous spirit and courage that we have all shown this time! Our society needs this spirit, to build a better tomorrow.

Full account from Sin Chew here.

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It’s probably Jesus! 🙂

Kok Keong

Tan’s account clearly shows that it was a lie that her ISA detention was to protect her.


Jesus said “Happy are Those who are tortured & condemmed in my name” God has given you the strength our dear Tan, not many knows you before all this episod but today you are like a celebrity, I did see that Last night in Front of Dewan Sri Pinang. I know that doesn’t mean much to you, well thats how we feel about you. We are proud of you, I wonder i will be able to be as strong as you are, if I were to go thru this sort interigation. You are special & the chosen one, the prayers… Read more »

Eagle has landed

I started to cry while reading the write up from Tan. Deep in my heart, I just can’t imagine if this had happened to my family and my mind even went wild as to think what is happening to those in the “trap” right now. It is really sad, why and how, that someone can resort using this very unfair law to victimize others. Those people who had been resorting to this law, please ask yourself-are you sincere and truly honest? Is it the right thing to do? You may regret now especially the police who are trusted to uphold… Read more »