Syed Hamid sends RPK to Kamunting


So Home Affairs Minister Syed Hamid has signed a two-year detention order against Raja Petra (photo credit: Susan Loone) – which means RPK goes to Kamunting today. The detention order was signed yesterday, ahead of RPK’s habeas corpus application in court today.

His lead counsel for the habeas corpus application is Malik Imtiaz Sarwar. The Court has since set 28 October to hear further submissions.

He was also due to appear in court under a sedition charge over an article of his which implicated Najib in the Altantuya murder case. Hearing had been fixed for 6-10 October.

I wonder if RPK will be allowed to attend court to respond to the sedition charge and the other lawsuits against him. Remember how he had threatened to expose everything in court?

Says blog reader Han2:

They just don’t get it, do they. They just continue to use outdated draconian laws to serve their agenda, yah? They just do not listen to the cries of all Malaysians for change. Perhaps, we should do more to send this message across loud and clear. Let’s do more….

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Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

This is what the our beloved first PM Tunku Abdul Rahman said re: the Internal Security Act “The ISA introduced in 1960 was designed and meant to be used solely against the communists…My Cabinet colleagues and I gave a solemn promise to Parliament and the nation that the immense powers given to the government under the ISA would never be used to stifle legitimate opposition and silence lawful dissent”, Tun Hussein Onn, the 3rd Prime Minister said in Parliament that: “The ISA is a measure aimed at preventing the resurgence of the earlier communist threat to the nation… During my… Read more »


Face the Malaysian ISA facts.
It’s a No No if detainee is kind of light colored.
It’s makes a lot of noise if detainee is kind of darker.
It’s not seen, not heard (not even bothered),if detainee is islam-more so a brown-colored islam,assumed and confirmed as “terrorist”-seen the list?read their stories?

All this high and mighty human right c***-talk…my foot


I understand its RPK’s birthday this Saturday. I`m already sending him a raya card everyday. Today I sent him a birthday card. I appeal to others as well to send him a birthday card and express our support, our solidarity and our strength for and with him. Until he is free I will not be…none of us will be…

Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin
Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
34009 Kamunting,


i think the silent muslims really need to be more vokal and speak up. Read this from the online version of The Star… Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin was detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) because his articles ridiculed Islam, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar. “The police recommended his detention and after going through the papers, the Government was satisfied there were strong grounds for him to be further detained for two years. “His articles could arouse anger among Muslims,” Syed Hamid said, adding that he signed the detention order on Monday after he was… Read more »



patience is a virtue. after 51 years of being subject to misrule, blatant abuse of power and massive corruption, whats another 4 years. dont lose faith and keep united in the sole cause of removing the cancerous BN so that the country will have a brighter future.
keep the faith and walk with PR. There will always be those who fall by the wayside, but we must keep faith. The road to freedom and justice is long and arduous but the rewards are worth all the tribulations and suferings that come along the way.

Desmond Lee

Syed Hamid is a …LIAR….!!! When they use ISA to lock up the Sin Chiew lady reporter Syed Hamid said it is to protect her.SO that means when the Government and police wants to protect someone they put them into prison under ISA.BUT when all this while they are protecting Saiful….why didn’t they put him in prison under ISA just as what they did to the Sin Chiew lady reporter under same terms and conditions..??? LIAR..!!! Today again Syed Hamid said he had to put Raja Petra under ISA because or insiting racial sentiments and insulting Islam but when Ahmad… Read more »


this si botak is really getting on our nerves. mine especially. im waiting and looking forward to the day when PR took over and send that blady hell to kamunting…. put him in a room with the 63 other ISA detainee for a week…then i guess botak will definately s*** in his pants….let him taste wats its like to be detained. my last advice for si botak….there’s no turning back for u…u have exceeded way beyond u have imagined……think back wat u have said and done…. RPK, hang on…. we r behind you!!!!! all the way…


RPK is a smart man and he must have anticipated this move much earlier and I believe he has a contingency plan. ISA is no longer relevant in Bolehland and they still used it on a blogger who only reveals the truth, nothing but the truth. Or may be this time, they are so kind that ISA is also used to protect RPK, like what they have used to protect the Hinderaf and others as well. They must understand that they are lucky this time to become the members of the cabinet. But then even the Rakyat who support them… Read more »

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

Brother Anil,

Please note that people have already started to lose confidence in Datuk Seri and I mean BIG time !He is in Kelantan with Saifuddin today meeting up with PAS leaders… We need them to re-act fast or face the people’s wrath quite soon




bn haramjadah? is this your real name???

Steve Ong

…BIADAP! betul lah!



when you compartmentalize “less sympathy”, “more sympathy” on this ISA thing, you already seem like Syed Hamid.

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

My apologies for the late comment as I was too devastated with the actions of Hamid Albar signing the papers to amend the charge under ISA which led to Pete being detained under the freaking Minister’s discretion. I just got back from the grotto and my heart really bleeds for Marina & the kids. Eventhough she will be seeing Pete tomorrow at Kamunting, one can only imagine the pain & suffering that Pete, Marina & the kids are going through this ordeal. What did he do to go through all this, by exposing the TRUTH for all to read ?… Read more »


only 20k people sign the petition to free RPK as well as the other ISA detainees, and Syed Hamid said ‘Silent Majority Agrees with ISA’. If you have not sign the petition, please sign it don’t just talk. Walk the talk!!!!

Justin Choo


Your suggestion is very practical. Everyone can send cards to RPK. I have also mentioned your suggestion in my blog. I will also forward emails on this to all my contacts.

Perhaps Anil should highlight your suggestion.

Kenny Gan

mankok, The level of public sympathy to ISA detainees is NOT due to skin colour or ability to speak Mandarin, they are due to underlying factors: 1) Tan and Teresa were both totally innocent and undeserving to be detained. Naturally public sympathy for them was high. They are also female which helps. 2) RPK twisted the Lion’s tail, knowing what repercussion he could get so sympathy for him is lower. 3) Hindraf 5 fought only for Indians and unfortunately they also used extremist language like ethnic cleansing and ‘cannot rule our armed struggle’ so sympathy for them is lower still.… Read more »


When Pakatan takes over the govt, Botak should be put under ISA for protection … Then he should be ordered to sleep on cement and be given food fit for ….. After that, he can give us a press conference and as usual,… tell us how good life is in detention…Of course, this is only a figment of my imagination bcoz after Pakatan takes over, ISA and Botak will be finished – sent to the dustbin of history…


Allah is watching very closely during Ramadhan.

bn haramjadah

I posted this on rpk’s blog, the language may be a tard bit colourfull but if thats what it will take to wake up the complacent, than so be it, I am putting this comment on all blogs, so please let this go for once. RPK TO ME IS THE REASON I VOTED PAKATAN, HE OPENED MY EYES TO THE UMNO-BN CORRUPTION, HE IS THE PERSON WHO BROUGHT OUT ALL THE SKELETONS INTO THE DAYLIGHT, UMNO IS SCARED S***LESS OF RPK, THUS THE ISA. To say I am dissappointed at all you …. here for just talking kolk and being… Read more »


They put him in ISA, so that Pete could not expose them. If not, I think our DPM would retire as a PM wanabe.


Sad Day for Malaysia… Why not someone create a blog… We will condemn, curse, say what ever that we dislike about BN/UMNO then post it/ print it/ and then we offer ourself to be detain by ISA!!
Let see how big this KAMUNTING is to cater all of us… same like a petition but this will atleast let us voice out.. let the world media knows bout this too


SameSame, who do you mean by AI?


Whatever amount of suggestion,proposal, argument, debate, media expose going on on the ISA now, is definitely NOT at same level as during when Tan and Kok was inside.(..Kok even got to talk about the food) The fact is showing up that; level of commitment to help brother or sister Malaysian differs according to the color of your Malaysian skin and if you speak Mandarin or not. (Dont mean to be Racial) see earlier comment: Mankok Says: September 22, 2008 at 10:14 pm While on this ISA subject,I mean to provoke some deeper thinking-hopefully). It sort of began when those Hindraf… Read more »

Nisha Gill

This incident is indeed a black spot on the justice system in this country. RPK is an exemplary Malaysian who like all of us has every right to freedom. To all those who support him, pls sign the petition that is going around to release RPK and the rest of the ISA detainees. Play your part as a fellow citizen and let the government know, Malaysians are not deaf nor blind to their actions!!! The actions of the government will haunt them when the time to answer to the Almighty come one day. To Syed Hamid, ever heard of the… Read more »