So how did Kugan die?


The only cop charged with causing ‘grievous hurt’ in the case of Kugan’s death in police custody has been freed.

Which raises the question, how did Kugan die? A post-mortem report showed that Kugan had suffered severe beatings and was starved during his detention.

So who was responsible for his death? (Self inflicted?) Just like we ask, who is responsible for Beng Hock’s death, and what was the motive in the Altantuya murder?

Yes, a commission of inquiry should be set up to look into this and other cases of custodial deaths.

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telur dua

They are trying to have us believe Kugan tortured himself to death.

Could they also get that MACC lawyer to give us a demo how he (Kugan) did it?


Kugan was a car reposesser. The last car he went to reposses belonged to a POLICEMAN. Who was that policeman and follow up from there.


Not many things are impossible….

At the rate we’re going some monkey must be slouching towards Gunung Kinabalu as the falcon cannot hear the falconer and things begin to fall apart!

Too Bak Kia

Karma may have caught up with him for the sin of (allegedly) stealing car.


Now anybody can die in the office of polis or SPRM.
Forget about Royal Commision.

If you want change, BN has to go.
Vote for change.
Don’t just talk and write a lot on blogs!


the whole court case was a charade. Kugan died in the hands of a few but only one was charged. Is the AG office that incompetent or there was other reasons?


why do we keep asking for commissions of inquiry when we know that as with Teoh’s case, the members will be carefully selected so that the findings will not be a surprise, or as with the lingam case, the findings will be ignored. do we not have any other alternatives e.g. conduct private investigations and find evidence that actually gives more than a reasonable conclusion as to who could have been among the guilty ones. Eg in Teoh’s case it must be public knowledge as to who were in the building at that time and it should be easy to… Read more »

Kok Ah Kow

A sad and tragedic event for Kugan’s family but an even sadder and more tragic event for Malaysia as a nation. An innocent life was lost in police custody and yet nobody is found to be responsible for his death. Kugan’s death is symptomatic to the fact that Malaysia is a very sick nation – failing police, judiciary, ….. I am sickened by events like this – how much lower should Malaysia go before something is done? I doubt if it will ever be improved without a change of the Government. By the way, I think this is a legacy… Read more »


I saw a video of how the (officers) beat, hit, punched and kicked a detainee… my heart bled… how can??? Folk, i think the best way is to vote BN out, let us try a new government as we really have nothing to lose… Wake up la, dont sleep anymore !!! Yes, Mr PM has called for a royal commission to find out the truth of Beng Hock’s death but who are those in the panel??? Why is Mr PM so afraid of those 7 suggested by the NGOs, why none of them is in??? So long as BN is… Read more »


kugan slash himself with parang until death…(?) like alantunya C4 herself to pieces…(?); anwar banged his eye until black (?).. wat the … kind of justize!…


Sorry megahyper.

I don’t read main stream newspapers.
I regard them as garbage.

However, the news I gather from the internet tell a very different story from your guess work. 🙂


All the talk of 1Malaysia is just all ….!!!!
Yet we have still have indians blindly supporting Najib….just look at the batu caves comittee chairman,Nadarajah!!! and the way Najib’s cutout was displayed!
These are the type of people still around caring less for the poor…
So did Kugan tortured himself??? Why was there “Foam” at his mouth?
.. life are very cheap to these PDRM people…

telur dua

Najib has been elevated…? Sick, isn’t it?


Self-imposed!…according to M kutty’s theory. How could anyone die in the police custody, these Royal Police are so kind and gentle sons of women of the night…..


If Anwar can give himself a black eye, Kugan can beat himself to death – would anyone believe that?

Lady justice – 1 eye open!


Guess what?

We do have a sincere and caring government.

Guess what, again?

Our PM did a lot for you since he enter office. He reform and reform with the abc and the nem and the etp. Tell me what have he done, not?

Guess what, again and again?

Our PM was the DPM since 2004 landslide. He churned out reform after reform ever since!

Cant you all see it? come on guys, read the newspaper!