Repeal of Sedition Act: Janji ditepati?


Remember when Najib promised on 11 July 2012 to repeal the repressive Sedition Act, a relic from the colonial era? The repeal was part of a slew of reforms he had pledged ahead of GE13.

“(The) Sedition Act represents a bygone era in our country and with today’s announcement we mark another step forward in Malaysia’s development,” Najib had said (See Sin Chew report).

Two years since Najib’s landmark announcement, opposition MPs and Aduns continue to be probed or charged under the Sedition Act.

Let’s take a roll call of recent cases:

Khalid Samad (Shah Alam MP – Pas) – charged with sedition today for his statements against the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) and the Selangor Sultan.

N Surendran (Padang Serai MP – PKR) – probed for sedition for a second time this month, for his claim that Prime Minister Najib Razak was influencing the courts in fixing the dates for Anwar’s sodomy appeal.

N Surendrancharged with sedition for criticisms he made against the judgment of the appellate court in Anwar’s sodomy appeal.

Rafizi Ramli (Padang Serai MP – PKR) – Probed for sedition for his comments in an article: “Will Rafizi quit if Selangor not toppled?”, published by The Edge in February.

R S N Rayer (Seri Delima Adun) – charged with sedition this morning for alleged using the word celaka when referring to Umno politicians.

Teresa Kok (Seputeh MP – DAP) – charged with sedition over a Chinese New Year spoof video.

Karpal Singh (then Bukit Gelugor MP – DAP, now deceased) – fined RM4000 for sedition for questioning the Sultan of Perak’s action in removing Nizar Jamaluddin as Perak MB in 2009.

Nizar Jamaluddin, the Changkat Jering Adun (Pas) has been charged too, but under criminal defamation laws, for allegedly defaming Najib. Tian Chua (Batu MP – PKR) has been charged under the Penal Code for his remarks at the police while being arrested in April.

Have I missed out any other recent cases? Is there a pattern here?

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k suresh

Najib, please stop saying one thing and you do the opposite thing.
Just do it – repeal the seditious law.
People are more vocal when they get more frustrated with the government.
No need for Shahidan Kassim to twist and turn!


Najib says RM6 billion for MAS restructurin an investment, not bailout. Are you sure? I think RM6 billion coul be utilised in other business venture with better return, right? Last night on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story segment on MAS, it was reported that MAS lost $9 billion in 9 years while SIA gained profits of $$1 billion in the same period. Both airlines have the same number of planes in their fleet, but MAS has 6000 more employees (thus to be retrenched in the new restructuring exercise?). If Umno is so sure of turning around MAS in 3 years as… Read more »

Don Anamalai

EXPOSED Who REALLY Shot Down Malaysian Flight 17 :

Ed G

The manner upon which the meaning of sedition has been recently stretched by the police and AG office is confounding or even absurd in some of the cases. The best example is the ‘celaka UMNO’ case in which the admonishment of a political party is taken as sedition. And there is still the pending investigation onto the ‘I love Isreal’ FB posting. Based on the present trend, anything mentioned verbally or otherwise can be interpreted as sedition as long as some groups of people make some noisy public protests purportedly to be offended by some words of others with some… Read more »


Najib has confused UMNO by asking them to emulate and then not emulate ISIL.
What if he flip flops and changes his mind again?
What if there is no fatwa against Jihad Al Nikah?

Speedy Gonzalez (Penang Edition)

Sedition I tak takut janji rakyat biasa dapat BR1M setiap tahun.


jangan lupa Ayam 1Malaysia 1 ringgit!


Unfortunately most Malaysians have short memory and Najib capitalises on recency effect to offer goodies (many have proven to be janji kosong) just before GE.

Strangely that M guy criticises Najib a great deal recently but was not deemed to be seditious?

Right now Ah Jib Kor is giving away free panda lantern (mooncake festival) for those who register thumbs up in his Ah Jib Kor facebook.

Najib untuk U

Satu contoh. Kucing janji tak naik air. Sekarang apa macam. Lagi cukai harta pun naik(?), cakap apa lagi. Semua pun pembohong tetapi Najib janji you BRIM RM650 dan banyak banyak. Lupakah PRIMA pun ada membina berpuluh puluh ribu.


You must not ever take promises made by Najib or any of the Umno schmucks seriously, especially made before any election time. Take for example the promise he made before the last GE to build a million affordable houses, without any reservations. Now it is more than 16 months after the GE (how many) of the one million affordable houses he promised to build has been built or planned to(?) This is the kind of empty promises he made yet he blames the Chinese Tsunami for the ruling party’s lost of the majority votes. Also he has yet to date… Read more »


The sedition act is a deterrent to ensure a harmonious society and country. Repealing it will not solve the issue but aggravate the problem The Western countries and the US also have the Sedition and Patriot Act which are almost similar in nature to our Sedition and ISA.

The most important thing is these people must brush their teeth regularly otherwise they don`t realise that they have foul and stinking mouth that can offend and bring disharmony to society and the country. Use some better brand like Colgate, Darlie or Sensodyne and not the cheap one …


Ridhuan Tee must be leading a charmed life.
He can use terms like ‘Selangor Darul Babi’ and yet get away with it.

Is that not disrespectful to the Sultan and all Muslims?


The problem is you keep complaining here. Please go an make a police report. Ask your idol DAP, PKR and PAS henchman to go make ten of police report. You people don`t make police report, how are the police going to act. There are ten of police report against Rayer and many others. Please do your part and don`t just blah blah blah