RPK has his statement recorded


RPK is hauled up again for questioning today Photo by [email protected]

A cigar-puffing RPK at the Sentul police station this afternoon Photo by [email protected]

About 50 people, including the press, gathered outside the Sentul police station after 3.00pm today, as they waited for Raja Petra to have his statement recorded.

The process took close to an hour, according to my contact at the scene.

For background, click here.

A participant at the PJ vigil on Sunday wearing an “I’m with RPK” T-shirt. Photo by Sunny Lim

Senior citizens made their presence felt at the Sunday vigil Photo by Sunny Lim

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This (sounds like) the doings of botak. He has got no life so he is (probably) after RPK. He (seems to be) feeling threatened by RPK. Just by writing a few articles…and he is feeling agitated?

Andrew I

Remember the time that pathetic allegation was made by yours truly that irresponsible people were using their children as shields during demonstrations?

Let’s hear his reasoning this time. Who’s using senior citizens as shields now?

Andrew I

Yeah. Senior citizens are doing it for themselves!


What RPK said that Jakim told him that all other religion are false except Islam.Jakim is creating racial tension and this is the purpose of ISA.Send them to Kamunting


Why cant the police leave RPK alone???? Botak dont you have anything to do??? Damn ****


RPK and the men in blue He never gets tired of them Every now and then he is called For what I can’t understand Statements many in the file Poor RPK gets it into his mind The men in blue trying to put pressures For RPK isn’t the big politician Important work the men in blue They don’t try to do Catching the innocents The crime lords they can’t see at all Even reports on PM and DPM By UMNO veteran members On corruption silence in the hall Nothing seems to wake the men in blue Even Ronnie Liu can’t… Read more »