ISA to go; can we shut down Kamunting now?


Another indicator that elections are around the corner. The PM apparently has “seen the light” and has morphed into a “democrat” – just two months after his administration used heavy-handed tactics to crack down on the Bersih 2.0 rally.

According to The Star, Najib has just announced the following:

Total repeal of the Internal Security Act

The legislation, introduced in 1960 in the wake of an armed insurgency by Communist rebels, gives the police wide-ranging powers to detain suspects indefinitely. It will be replaced by a new law that incorporates far more judicial oversight and limits the powers of the police to detain suspect for preventive reasons.

Total repeal of the Emergency Ordinance

Introduced following race riots in 1969, the Emergency Ordinance, which allows suspects to be detained without charge for up to two years if permission is granted by a Minister. This too will be replaced by a law that will not compromise on national security and terrorism while increasing democratic accountability and judicial oversight.

Removal of annual renewal of press and publication permits

All licences will now remain valid indefinitely unless they are revoked, in common with broadcasting regulations in many Western nations.

A review of laws relating to freedom of assembly

The Malaysian constitution guarantees the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. The law requires police permission before gatherings can go ahead, including on private land such as stadiums. This law will now be reviewed to bring Malaysia in line with international standards while ensuring that the police retain the power to prevent violent scenes on the nation’s streets.

A host of other laws, including those governing banishment and residence, will also be abolished or reviewed. Any that are found to be no longer relevant or justifiable will be repealed.

In reaction to these announcements, a Malaysian in Singapore sent me a tongue-in-cheek message: “Woo hoo, Malaysia more democratic than Singapore. Hahaha!”

He added, “Well, however one looks at it, Najib has done something nobody expected: he beat Anwar and was the first PM to repeal the ISA…”

But was this Najib’s genius or an acknowledgement that the ISA had become a serious political liability? This colonial era laws (yes, it was the colonial era!) has been so overwhelmingly opposed by the public that it was only a matter of time before it was consigned to the dustbin of history. It is a remarkable victory for the people.

On the surface, most people would be inclined to welcome these announcements. But any celebration is premature. What replaces these oppressive laws is just as important. The devil is in the details of the new laws to replace the ISA and EO.

What about all the other oppressive laws such as the Sedition Act, the Official Secrets Act and the Universities and University Colleges Act? What about other preventive detention laws?

We need to ratify all UN human rights treaties such as the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the UN Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Refugee Rights Convention, etc

When can we have a truly independent judiciary?

Do democratic countries need a “permit” for publishing a newspaper or other periodical? Can the Minister’s revocation of the “permit” be challenged in court?

Will all charges against the PSM 30, who are due to face charges for distributing leaflets and possession of T-shirts, etc, now be dropped unconditionally?

Finally, can we all wear those yellow ‘Bersih’ T-shirts and celebrate the PM’s announcement without being unceremoniously hauled away?

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Without the pressure from PR and Bersih, Najib will never plan to abolish ISA. The key word is ‘plan’, as he has not yet implement the change.

Hishamudin should return all the Bersih t-shirt with an apology.

Doraemon Os

Najib forgot about that as he was too eager to show up at Suarakami concert.


Don’t you guys realise by now that Gerakan K is PR plant? he continues to post stupid & ridiculous comments to make sure all readers of Anil’s post just continue to HATE Gerakan & BN even more
I know Gerakan folks are dumb & illogical, but Gerakan K takes it to New Heights of Ridicule & dumbness.
So, Gerakan K, admit it – you are a Hardcore PR supporter & you are just doing this to create even more anger against the (political) Ostrich & Gang??

Gerakan K

Boring lah SamG. Sudah berapa kali kamu nak kata saya orang PR ??? Mau tutup kelemahan PR sendiri atau nak alih perhatian pembaca ke benda yang lain ??? Usaha 1Malaysia PM Najib adalah ikhlas dan sedia memberi pembaharuan kepada rakyat Malaysia. Apalagi yang kamu hendak lagi ??? Sekarang ISA dan EO sudah dimansuhkan. Tidak lama kemudian kesemua tahanan ISA dan EO mungkin juga akan dibebaskan/dihadap kepada mahkamah. Kesemua tindakan tersebut membuktikan bahawa kerajaan Malaysia dibawah pimpinan 1Malaysia PM Najib adalah positif dan progresif. Kamu mungkin kurang sabar tetapi pembaharuan perlu mengambil masa dan jangan terpengaruh dengan kata-kata pembangkang bahawa pembaharuan… Read more »

Gerakan K

To SamG,

for your info, anil blog has only very few visitors when compare to the eligible voters in Malaysia. Few thousand visitors vs millions of qualified voters.

Your theory of PR plant is seriously flawed. I also suspect that you are the … trooper that tried to confuse readers here. I believe the readers here are smart enough to digest points raised by each commentator. So keep your *plant theory* to yourself and stop spreading the baseless accusation.

Andrew I

Two comments in reply. Must be some truth in what SamG is suggesting.

Gerakan K

SamG mungkin tak tahu Bahasa Melayu, jadi saya buat komen dalam Bahasa Inggeris.


No Malay kampong folks will visit Anil’s blog.

English is more accepted here…


Anil, please invite my favorite Kopi-O Kau Kau Orang Kampung – Simple, truthful & unpretentious.
And no slippery-plastic GaGas with rainy green horns.


It is only words. Words are all he has to take your heart away. But will it really happen? ISA cannot go away just because Najib say so. The law to repeal the act must be passed by Parliament. Just wait for his flop.

Gerakan K

Be positive. My 1Malaysia PM Najib will honour his promises as usual. Unlike some DAP rep who cannot keep his promise to defend Kg Buah Pala and proper local election.

Siapa tipu siapa sekarang ???

Andrew I

Yes, well you might like to wait. Then all roads will be closed off.


My research for last two years dig out this evil ratio BN 10 vs PR 1.

BN can still win with support from the rural Malay, and PR will not get more supports in the city for their poor performance and unable to keep promises.

PR Penang sPICE contract is probably more (questionable) than BN highway and IPP contracts.

Gerakan K

IPPs and highways are not my 1Malaysia PM Najib’s businesses. You know who is responsible. Fair enough ???

That is why my 1Malaysia PM Najib comes to rescue BN, UMNO and Malaysia. … ISA and EO detainees must thank to my 1Malaysia PM Najib. Also, only under my 1Malaysia PM Najib administration, you can see high profile case like PKFZ in court. How about the transformation efforts ??? And KPI efforts ???

Finally as for the spice project …Only hardcore rocket supporters like Yang and Tunglang will close one eye and pretend everything is OK.


Do u mean Najib should be like LGE to blame previous PM for Highway and IPP agreement?

He should do something to re-correct them within the laws like imposing heavy tax on IPPs and buy back PLUS.

LGE is more horrible than UMNO goons, he (may) sell off every inch of Penang Island before retire…

… the way he fire sale the Penang island.


Cakap Bahasa Melayu, boleh kah?
GE13 berhampiran. Beri peluang orang kampung memahami apa yang anda bercakap banyak!


Moral of the story:
If we continue to keep PM’s approval rating low, he will promise to deliver more goodies.

semuanya OK kot

Approach to urgent change:
– Make soothing announcement.
– Form standing committee or commission. The latter needs pay scales, buildings, budget allocation, etc.
– Design logo, spend on signboards, stickers, t-shirts, etc.
– Form task force or work groups.
– Study, call witnesses, initiate hearings or get internal feedback (from those defending their turf).
– Produce secret working paper.
– Consider political implications.
– If implications for the status quo are bad, go back to step 4 and start again.
– Produce white-washed white paper.
– Wait for protests to die down.
– Make minimal changes.


In reality , nothing changes.
Example: The NEP already expired.
But it is still here under a rebranded name.
The ISA is no more? Nobody understand how umno play the game?


Don`t be deceived. Do you really believed that the ISA will be abolished. So what and whats the difference between ISA and EO. No difference at all. Same and one only with a different name


“Action speaks louder than words” Malaysians of all walks of life have their stomach full with UMNO PM lies and spinning…

Andrew I

Party time.

Andrew I

The headline I like is: make no mistake, these transformations are real. Unfortunately, we’ve been ‘mistaken’ about a lot of things thus far.

So is Wong going for broke now? I can hardly wait for the Opposition manifesto to appear on the front page and favorable Opposition commentaries . How about that, Wong?

Old wine in new bottles. The worse part is the wine has turned to vinegar since colonial times.

Wishing all a true Merdeka.


i think with ISA revoked we can expect more revealing truth without fear or favour ?

todays’s malaysia day one book launch with “Bruce Lee” theme at Penang’s Prangin Mall. Peolple like tunglang should not miss it. The event to start at 2.30pm today. i was told it’s about using Bruce’s technique to bring down barang naik phenomena.

then tomorrow at City Stadium a ceramah by 9pm; with following Saturday at Batu Kawan Stadium. Surely ISA will be discussed.

Penangites prefer to know their football hero named Isa Bakar than than notorious & cruel ISA.


Yes, the Bakar brothers, Ali and Isa Bakar are Penang football legends. Also not forgeting the hard tackler M Baskaran, midfield dynamo Shukor Salleh.

Today Penang football is in shambles.
Maybe Batu Kawan stadium lacks feng shui effect.


Yes, without ISA, Perkasa can demo everyday in Komtar…

najib manaukau

These deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras can always build another detention centre somewhere else in Malaysia. Najib is once again up in his hidden agenda for everything he has been ‘promising’ just look at the many ‘promises’ he made over the recent times. At the end of these ‘promises’ he is very very good at turning around with his empty promises and playing with words. Mark my words he surely will come up with something new to replace these oppressive laws that have been around too long. The other reason he is doing it is he knows his hold in government… Read more »

Jimmy Wong

Well, already Nazri has stated: that the new legislations replacing the Internal Security Act (ISA) would still allow for detention of “terrorists” without trial. This does not seem to bring about any fundamental change because as long as the BN government has the final say on what constitutes “terrorist”, the spirit of the ISA will remain in the new legislation. When the PSM 6 expressed support for Bersih could be arbitrarily and moronically considered communists, hence terrorists, and summarily ISAed to begin with, what’s to stop the BN government from accusing anyone seen by them as a threat to their… Read more »

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

Let’s not be too jubilant yet! Nazri just announced that ISA and EO would be replaced by new ACT(s) which in essence is still detention without trial!

Don’t forget there are still the perceived, or more likely real, non-independence from the executive arm of the Judiciary, and also federal agencies like Police, MACC, EC, etc, which are under the thumbs and directives of the executives! Most important is the 8-point electoral reforms of BERSIH 2.0, which if not pursued before the next GE would nullify the voice of bona-fide voters and citizens!


Nothing to celebrate… until (people) like Gani Patail have been sacked and charged with gross abuse of power… the MACC dismantled, along with all repressive laws… the PDRM completely overhauled…. and Najib and Rosmah hauled up for questioning over their (alleged link to) the Altantuya case.

Gerakan K

Ha ha komen kamu memang bodoh !!!

Hapuskan MACC dan galakkan rasuah ??? Oh, bijaknya idea kamu !!!

Ahmad Sobri

I have been following Anil Netto’s blog for the past few months and one thing I noticed is your stupid and senseless comments make you look like a stupid fool, which I guess you are! Don’t you have something better to do instead of getting your comments thumbed down everytime? Go study, understand and then comment on this blog as the readers here understand very much about the current situation, and you as usual are harping on the past. You can be blind, but certainly not Malaysians! Shameless! Your Gerakan WILL be political history after PRU 13! Your Chairman and… Read more »


This kind of idiot with BN-only myopia view on issues is not alone, there are similar idiot from PR.

They all ignore data and facts and glorified their beloved leaders no matter how evils they are.

Thumb down is not a God judgment. You will get thumb down in Anil blog if you dare to criticize DAP and its golden son.

Anyway, Gerakan K is a tasteless idiot judging from his comments.

Gerakan K

Eh, god judgement ??? Few months ago you said you are atheist ???

Seriously, do you agree that Malaysia without MACC is a good thing ???


I do not believe God is true, the God here is for readers who believe God.

Yes, anti-corruption agency is a good idea.

But… how do you expect MACC is able to arrest corruption with its bad reputation.

Outsource MACC to HK or Singapore retired police may only way to restore its reputation.

Next problem for Najib is (ministers may) be charged for corruption by true professional MACC.

See the root cause of corruption?

Why PR is also no shy to follow BN corrupt practices, because they also know they can get off the hook like BN politicians.

Gerakan K

… If thumb up will make you happier, then I already contributed one thumb up for you.

Without ISA and EO, the bising-bising opposition have no points to attack BN. Parti Gerakan will get stronger in next GE. Marks my word and remember to come back to Anil blog after next GE.

Gerakan for life !!!


mark my words, Gerakan will go into oblivion. You know what, because they have no (guts) to fight the corrupbility of UMNO … ISA and EO are one thing. Corruptibility is another.

Andrew I

Wow, Gherkin. Going against the tide as usual. But I suppose with your level of education, you can’t help it. When do you think a single comment from you will ever get highlighted…in red for most thumbs down?

Gerakan K

Aiya, thumbs up or down and down and down is nothing. Anil always makes it slightly > 10 so my comments always hidden. People anyway will click to view my comments.

By the way, initial reactions from the ground regarding to my 1Malaysia PM Najib latest surprise are very good. PR will have a hard time in next GE.

Andrew I

That’s assuming you have a stadium.


Najib is notorious for u-turn since he joined politics.

Let wait and see what Muhyddin will say about this before we jump up and down … Muhyddin seems is more powerful than PM Najib.

Bad news is PR has less one contentious issue to attack BN.

Kamunting and Pudu Jail should be nominated a world heritage site to remember those arrested under ISA.

My neighbor’s friend was jailed for 15 year in Kamunting without trial for so-called subversive charges.


Did you notice that Muhyiddin Yassin was not there sitting by Najib’s side in Angkasapuri last night?

Najib knows that if BN wins 51% in the next GE, he will have to step down and Muhyiddin will take over (just like when Najib toppled Pak Lah after the bad election result) and Muhyiddin cannot use ISA on Najib.

Witout ISA, future seditious talks and asembly by PERKASA, PEKIDA, PEWARIS and many other Malay NGOS on a nationwide scale could possibly disturb Pakatan’s new government?


BN will still win on GE13 with the simply majority. ISA will be replaced with another law to handle terrorists is for sure. Actually I do not agree ISA total abolishment, Malaysia still need a tough law to nab those people who create racial tension, terrorism, sabotage against nation, betrayal, spy episode, etc. What we need is a fair and effective mechanism to check abuse of power by the police and minister like having an independent commission with power to review minister’s decision and the king is final man to decide on the commission recommendation. Two layers of extra protection… Read more »


Correction…Lee Kim Sai, not Lim Kim Sai


If it not for PR and NGO, UMNo will continue to use ISA. So there in the next election, people must be remind about getting the two party system otherwise, we have people still wishing UMNo to be in power.

What is the use of laws to arrest extremists when UMNo turn blind eye to one side. The ISA are more for the opposition rather than right wings of the ruling party. Also, the judges (hardly appear independent). Why a double barrier.


Now, I am more confident of speaking at Penang Speakers’ Square.
Anil should one fine day gather all the commenters to give a marathon Sunday Speak Your Heart Out to prove is a serious, not-for-the-Kay Boh or Boh Hoot, more than just talk-talk blog.
Time to invite LGE for a serious lecture @ Penang Speakers’ Square.

Gerakan K

Masa untuk menyalahgunakan kebebasan tanpa ISA ??? Belum lagi, sehingga akta tersebut telah digubal/dimansuhkan.

Lagi satu, tak payah jemput LGE bagi ceramah, logik dia tak betul. Dia kata Pinang bebas dari rasuah[1]. Hanya budak sekolah rendah sahaja percaya ada tempat yang bebas rasuah. Tahniah kamu ada hero yang bijak !!!

[1] Guan Eng: Penang free from corruption (


This is like admitting yourself wrong all these while.

Andrew I

No, he is not eating. He is just chewing and swallowing food.


Better repeal ISA, just in case BN lose in the next election and the same act can be used against them for a stint at Kamunting?


No worries, we won’t be so easily hoodwinked!