Protesters call for release of ISA detainees


Activists and family members of ISA detainees turned up outside Parliament this morning to call for the release of all the detainees.

Photograph: Suaram

Some of the ISA detainees are believed to have been on a hunger-strike for the last eight days.

Only a Pakatan MP, Mahfuz Omar of Pas, turned up to accept the protesters’ memo.

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This should not have happened if Najib is serious about ISA abolition.

Janji Ditepati? Lu pikirlah sendiri!

The Jelajah roadshow is purely for syiok sendiri like Jom heboh.
Why should I vote for BN when the carnival is another form of wastage of public fund.

Jalan Kembali

The “Hang-Man” from Sri Gading should focus on more important issues like this; and not keep on polishing his masters hoping to be considered as winnable candidate.

May be his buddy Kinabatangan “bocor-Bung can get another companion…


‘Jalan Kembali’? This Haslam father & son movie of the same title is making a killing at the local box-office and is responsible for the sudden rise of mat rempit activities since its showing. I think SKOP production has no social responsibility at all. I doubt the audience ever accept the moral of the story, but are happy to emulate the mat rempit stunts on the road as the movie has glamorised the menace with depiction of pretty aweks like to hang out with mats who re dare to challenge the authority on the road. Finas should not grant tax… Read more »


ISA has been abolished so they should have been released
Why are they still been detained under ISA.
This clearly shows that AMMO Barang Naik & Nacheat are deceiving us and never intend to abolish the act. We must make that change at next GE