Quick poll: Do you think the Sedition Act should be retained?


This polls ends at 5.00pm today.

Here’s is the reformist Najib speaking:

And the ultimate ‘gostan’.

What a letdown.

Blog reader Ed G writes:

The ISA was enacted in 1960 after Malayan independence. The then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, defined the purpose of the act as to “be used solely against the communists… My Cabinet colleagues and I gave a solemn promise to Parliament and the nation that the immense powers given to the government under the ISA would never be used to stifle legitimate opposition and silence lawful dissent”.

As history would prove, this promise was broken countless of times. In short, the ISA in its original spirit was similar to the Patriot Act until the powers that be could not resist the temptation of using it against legitimate political dissenters. Thus, notwithstanding the preventive detention without trial, the ISA and the Patriot Act are actually worlds apart.

Similar to the ISA, the power that be recently turned the Sedition Act against their political opponents and critics. In many of these cases, the things mentioned or published were in fact mundane or ordinary in a healthy functional democratic environment where criticism or peaceful dissent are accepted as a means of check and balance against the excesses of those holding the rein of power, and together with it, the nation’s wealth.

The very fact that these people have been criminalised by the authorities is a blatant betrayal of the principles of democracy. The reason (or excuse) of raising tension is rather weak especially in the light of the ‘apologist’ stance by the AG in the ‘burning of Bibles’ case whereupon a lame excuse was given so as not to use the Sedition Act against a pro-Umno activist’s direct incitement to take the law into one’s own hands.

It is therefore not surprising that Umno leaders fought strongly against the repeal of this unjust act in favour of the Harmony Act as most of the current cases would certainly fall outside the purview of the latter act, thus depriving those in power of a potent political weapon.

Even in their current weakened state, they (Umno) have no intention whatsoever to answer to the people but instead choose the autocratic route to silence their critics and dissenters. And Najib had had to bow to their wishes with his ‘gostan’ or U-turn manoeuvre.

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jen nam

Mahathir said that Malaysia Airlines incurred losses because Malaysians do not know how to manage aviation. Should he be charged for inciting ordinary Rakyat to hate the Prime Minister, Khazanah National Bhd and MAS’s board of directors? He should name those who are responsible for the failure of MAS. He (seems to be) insulting and causing anger to ordinary Malaysians who have no control of MAS’s operations.

gk ong

United States vice-president Joe Biden highlighted Putrajaya’s use of the Sedition Act 1948 to stifle opposition, saying it was concerned with the rule of law.

“Amid growing US-Malaysia ties, Malaysian government’s use of legal system & Sedition Act to stifle opposition raises rule of law concerns,” he said in a tweet earlier today.


Penang Umno Youth chief Rafizal Abdul Rahim should be investigated by the police for allegedly spreading the rumour that the state was proposing to change Gurney Drive to Chin Peng Drive effective January 1. Sedition Act can be applied here as such baseless allegation can create unrest among the malay community that has been conditioned to fear the communists even today.

gk ong

Kee Thuan Chye’s commentary on the Gostan Move by Najib is enlightening: Najib assures us that the act will be implemented fairly and not harm the innocent. First of all, can we still trust whatever he says? But more significantly, going by how the act has been abused this past year – against opposition politicians and civil society activists, even for just calling Umno “celaka” (Malay for “damn”), it doesn’t look like the government will be fair or impartial, or that the innocent will not be charged. Furthermore, Najib avowedly arrived at the decision of retaining the act without consulting… Read more »


Its besides the point. Najib now has a job, no one really wants. They may have gotten him to cave BUT no one wants to do it themselves. In other words, they will continue to abuse power, corrupt – lose votes and confidence and get even more stupid and desperate. Its completely self-destructive and they won’\t know why, some not even after its all over..


And as they got even more stupid and desperate, the opposition could not get a hold on them or the govt or be the govt. Delving in self consolation

gk onh

When the Chinese and Indians are claimed to live by immoral means and BN non Muslim & non Malay parties standby condoning their comments, they have lost their rights to represent the communities they championed for. What a shame MCA, MIC, GERAKAN & PIP, where are your leaders? Does that imply that you guys are also kadang kadang living on immoral means?


What rights has DAP to represent the communities when their own leader even called the Chinese stupid. What rights has DAP to represent the Chinese when it could not rein it its partner from implementing hudud. What rights has DAP to represent the Chinese when it even support hudud partly


Umno Youth Penang tried to instigate and stir the malays by claiming without proof that Gurney Drive to be renamed Chin Peng Drive? How desperate! But the malays are beginning to know that Umno Penang is really out of ideas as the Penang government is really taking care of the malays with more allocation towards Islamic matters.


and less to the other races


bigjoe99, You are wrong. Anwar has been desperate for the job for more than 20 years and will do anything to get it


and we may see more of hudud and an islamic state

gk ong

Oil price plunged, KLCI slumped 2.34%! our ringgit fell 2.4% to 3.43 per dollar! But Ron95 only drpped 4 sen!

Those Malaysians (mostly non Malays) earning SingDollar got Durian Runtuh as 1 SingDollar now gets RM2.62, 10 month high! Umno folks don’t envy those working in Singapore for such windfall!


KLCI slipped again this morning. Is the Malaysian economy to depended on Petronas?


Yesterday US indices was down so was most of Asian and the world. Today Malaysia is down and there is technical rebound in some Asian bourses but moving downward.

gk ong

Last nite US indices were up as Dow Jones was ar record high. But why this morning KLCI was in the red again losing all the gain the day before?

Lower oil price is engineered to punish the Russian over the Ukraine issue but Malaysia got the immediate repercussions? And Ringgit is trading lower each day!


Luckily UMNO’s jom heboh event is over. Otherwise richer Msians working in Singapore may be associated with illicit money laundering activities for swapping hard earned S$ to RM to spend on gadgets, cars, house and families.


Every US$10 drop in global oil prices translates into 0.2% decline in Malaysia’s trade balance. Since oil prices are down over US$35 from their US$105 peak earlier this year, that’s 0.8% of the gross domestic product (GDP) decline in trade balance just on crude oil. Brent crude could be hovering between US$60 and US$65 a barrel within next few weeks. Falling oil prices mean Malaysia’s current account surplus narrows further, and therefore there is a smaller buffer to counter capital outflows particularly if the US Fed normalise interest rates earlier than anticipated. With oil prices in a free fall, the… Read more »

Geeta Ramankutty


Gerakan K

Dear all, time to apply / update your br1m: https://ebr1m.hasil.gov.my/

I think Sedition Act should stay because there are lots of loose … in Malaysia. Just minus the selective prosecution…


Less Hasil with stumbling Petronas oil money so less BR1M handouts later when janji cannot ditepati due to economic decline ? By then the rakyat being over dependent on BR1M may spell trouble for BN for not giving out RM ?

Oil price drop could be Malaysia’s (UMNO’s) Achilles heel ?????

Gerakan K


apa lu bising-bising ini?


Yes it should be retained. Whether it has been selectively abused is another thing. There are so many rules and laws that have been abused and are we going to repeal all of them. Opposition have been taking their rights, democracy and freedom for granted such as running the street, breaking gates and barging illegally into premises, commenting racist and foul comments which are just a few examples.

gk ong

Sedition Act has selectively abused based on political agenda.