PSM 6 to be charged tomorrow


The authorities want to press charges tomorrow against the recently released PSM 6.

“They want to charge us,” said Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj. “But we are not sure what the charge is going to be.”

The six are likely to appear in the Butterworth court tomorrow. And PSM says they could face the same charges as the other PSM 24 – under the Societies Act and the ISA.

A whole bus-load of PSM activists were detained on 25 June near the Sungai Dua toll plaza during a pre-election campaign.

It is disappointing that the authorities are adamant about pressing charges.

See an immediate response from Aliran.

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What subversive materials that the police are refering to?


If Samy Malu dares to stand again for the Parliamentary seat for Sungei Siput and if he won, I will drop my … infront of Gerakan K!!!


Looks like BN wants back Sg Siput at all costs! (Perhaps) Dr Jeyakumar will be fined RM2001 and that will bar him from standing in GE13

Ahmad Sobri

NGO’s should organize a 1,000 people going bald if Dr. Jeyakumar and the other 6 are charged for trump up charges. My hair is just 1cm long, but, I will go bald again if a peaceful “go bald for Dr. Jeyakumar and going bald againstt repressions and oppressions of the minority is organized. Let them charge whatever they want to charge, and let them shoot their own foot again and let the country gain infamy internationally for the weak governance presently seen in Malaysia. Dr. Jeyakumar and the PSM members did no wrong, why not charge those that disrupted traffic… Read more »


Samy Velu could come and stand in Sg. Siput thats all he
can do perhaps distribute a few goodies and make the
people happy temporarily there….

Robert Teh

Sungei Siput voters will give Samy (the exit) if he dares to show up in Sungei Siput comes GE13!

They will make sure he will lose….!

Gerakan K

You orang cina apa tau. Penduduk Sg Siput sudah menyesal dan akan sokong Encik Samy ~

Andrew I

Hopefully some weight as well. Same goes for PKFZ taiko. They can hardly walk.

Gerakan K

Uphold the rule of law !!! Mr Samy, take back the Sg Siput seat !!! We support you !!!


Cool story bro.

Operation Save Face has started.


Gerak K support Mr Samy from MIC ? Ho Ho Ho !

Hey, you sure S V will be around ?

Call him in India, lah and double check with him, OK ?

Talking … as usual, Gerak K…?

Gerakan K

Hey, Octopus

Encik Samy ialah hero kaum India. Jangan main-main ~


Go suck a rotten egg.