PSM 6 freed: “Good to be out!” says Kumar


I wanted to jump and yell with delight when the news broke that the PSM 6 had been freed.

A freed Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj is reunited with his father, Dato' Seri Dr T Devaraj, and his mother, Datin Elizabeth Devaraj (centre) - Photograph: Nashita M N

Celebration time!

The released PSM activists addressing a crowd tonight - Photograph: Bersih 2

But it’s kinda hard to do that when you are in a packed bus during a five-hour journey to KL.

SMSes started flooding in.

I contacted Kumar’s wife Rani and she sounded overjoyed. She said the six had been released unconditionally.

Then I called Kumar. And you know what? He sounded the same and as calm as ever, though of course the joy was palpable. “It’s good to be out,” he said, in what must be the understatement of the year.

Syabas to all of you who played a part in securing the release: those who attended vigils, those who signed petitions, those who attended forums, those who wore yellow, those who left comments …

Of course, Kumar’s decision to go on hunger strike must have played a big part too. And so too the decision by party members in Sungai Siput to join in the hunger strike in solidarity. And then there was the large vigil planned for tonight in KL.

People power won! - Photograph: Fadiah Nadwa

Who knows when the tipping point was reached that prompted the decision to release them. The point is every action we took – no matter how big or small – had an impact. And in the end, the momentum to secure their release snowballed irresistibly and could no longer be ignored.

Now, all charges levelled on the other PSM 24, whose case is scheduled for October in Butterworth, must also be dropped. The authorities should also issue a public apology to the PSM 31 for wrongful arrest.

And finally, all detention without trial laws must be repealed – NOW! – so that we may never ever have to go through this ordeal again.

Syabas, rakyat Malaysia. Hidup, hidup! Hidup rakyat!

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YB Jeyakumar has now made his postion in Sg Siput even stronger. Don’t they realise by harassing opposition MPs they are just increasing the sympathy votes from the Fence sitters towards opposition? Now Mr Rosmah is trying to please the Indian Univ students by giving them the Mid Semester holidays during Diwali. Then the 2 full ministers. There will be a stampede among Indians to vote for BN again. Cukup lah! Indians OPEN your eyes and Mind! 2 Full Ministers & getting the week off for Diwali will not improve our living standards. Mr Rosmah, NOT all Indians are Hindus!… Read more »

Gerakan K

Mr. Samy Vellu will take back the SEAT !!! You wait and see ~


I’m glad that they have been released. Their detention was a … mockery of logic and human intelligence. Really? Communism? What next? take out every shirt with Che Guevera and Chairman Mao?


Dr Kumar, the electorate have just awarded you the life membership of the MP club. Kerismuddin you are one detestable …! Shame on you, …

Ahmad Sobri

I shaved bald this morning in support of the PSM 6 and against EO and ISA at Bayan Baru Market. I was encouraged to see young men and ladies who had their long hairs shaved for a cause they believe in. Really, these youngsters, some came in Bersih 2.0 tees, give us hope. Proud of you all, ladies and gentlemen who shaved for a good cause, for Dr. Jeyakumar, the most low profile and most productive lawmaker and the PSM 5! It was all 1Bersih Malaysia at the shaving event, there was Chinese, Malays, Indians, truly Malaysia of the Pakatan… Read more »


Ahmad Sobri, i am so proud of you and the rest who shaved for a good cause, so courageous and congratulations !!! Am touched, BERSIH has united all of us finally, after half a century. BN politicians sought to divide us as UMNO for Malays, MCA for Chinese, and MIC for Indians. These BN leaders used and fooled the Rakyat for 53 years so as to achieve their own gains/interests. They are all self-seekers!!! But today, under Pakatan (PAS, Keadilan and DAP) we are ONE !!! I hope we will remain that way from now on, that is, Ali, Ah… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Flip flopping yet again! Detained without valid reasons but some very vague ones like promoting communism! This is the leadership that we are having. This is the kind of disgraceful leadership we have. First, Sodomy 2, Sex Video tapes, Christianity, Communism, Jews infiltrations, Indonesian agents, what else will we see in the coming weeks? No matter what they do, all the water in the Sea of Arabia will not wash the shame and sins that these shameful and disgraceful acts by those in authorities had brought to themselves. We have deteriorated in every aspect of good governance except getting into… Read more »

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

It’s a sin for those responsible (individuals and institutions alike) to detain the PSM 6 under false accusations and allegations!

Isn’t it cruel that these 6 were detained and lost their freedom for such a long period, causing anguish to their families and friends?


This is international effort le! Don’t play play…!

Jia Yiu, rakyat Malaysia in every corner of the world!

dahi ketiak

Never been happier in my life. Sybas, this is people power. Now do not forget the Penangite Lilian who is paying the price for thinking aloud, whcih is not allowed in Malaysia.
Hidup Bersih!!!!

Andrew I

Off the beat: the standard of English has declined so much: Check out this headline:

Could you please rephrase that and stop being a drama queen, Wong?

James Cameron

At last, justice prevails!


Yeah !!! Dr Kumar and the rest are out but they shd not be in there in the first place, 28 days too late though.

Hidup Rakyat !!!

Gerakan K

Jadilah budak baik selepas ini. Berterima kasih lah kepada pihak yang berkenaan.

Andrew I

Be a statistic like you?

James Cameron

Bullies now acknowledge serious dirty (Kotor) mistake.
But where are the apologies?
The Bullies should be thankful to the PSM6 for not suing them outright!
Hey, Bullies. Better behave the next time or no time comes GE13!


Hi Gerakan K, go and fly kite


Yes Gelakan K, terima kasih kepada pihak-pihak yang berkenaan – yang berjuang untuk PSM6 di bebaskan. Including the 5,000 private doctors, and all those who voiced their objection in one way or another.

For once you are right