Protest in KL against refugee swap deal


A small demonstration was held outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in KL this afternoon to protest against the signing of an Australia-Malaysia refugees-for-asylum seekers swap deal.

Photograph: Fadiah Nadwa
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Phua Kai Lit

Toxic and radioactive wastes? Welcome!

Unwanted immigrants? Also Welcome!…


Now UMNO/Gerakan Government kayah and can gorek more. according to The Australian Newspaper, The Gila Government will give $A292M. This is more than Ringgit 0.5Billion. Will the money ease the high cost of living or being gorek. Gerakan K is a happy man now….


Later some components of the Barang Naik regime will call these traded folks “Pendatang” even when they have granted citizenship ???


Likely that these people granted citizenship will be given IC in time to vote for BN?


I do not get it. Other countries are trying to attract the best. All my children were head-hunted when they were doing their post- graduate courses. I would like my government to do likewise and look for the best and give them citizen status.

James Cameron

While this incident is widely reported by the Australian media, there is nary a peep from our own media. Is this something so secretive that needs to be kept away from our citizens?