Pro-ISA group disrupts anti-ISA forum


A small group of about 50 pro-ISA protesters tried to disrupt an anti-ISA forum at Komtar Walk in Penang today.

That’s bad. No, pathetic. Who is really behind them? And what’s the point of the protest? They are not going to convince anyone – unless their aim is to stifle freedom of expression.

The protesters should be free to hold their own event anywhere else – Speakers’ Square, perhaps? Why stop others from speaking out against the ISA?

Writer and filmmaker Hishamuddin Rais was right when he stressed today at the anti-ISA forum that everyone should respect one another’s right to freedom of speech.

It is also strange that the police seem to come down hard on anti-ISA vigils but allow more leeway for pro-ISA protests even when they disrupt other events like today’s.

This is the second time that pro-ISA protesters have disrupted an abolish ISA event. A similar group disrupted an anti-ISA vigil organised by GMI to mark the 60th anniversary of the ISA. Police arrested several anti-ISA campaigners then.

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We really need the likes of K and Gerakan K to keep us entertained.

All their spinning won’t unwind the fact that their rent-seeking days in Penang are history.


That’s what makes Anil’s blog so interesting and blood-boiling.
If you are not so strong hearted, avoid writing here. Lest you get riled up by the likes of K, Gerakan K, Pearl, BN machais and other internet trolls.


Wow I see similarities of (those) in the video and commentor k. They all still believe that being louder means winning the argument….


The pro-ISA group’s right to protest ends when they encroach on the right of others to protest peacefully.

Hooligans have no place in civil society and their supporters should not be granted any role to run our government.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi K, Your spinning of “Why didn’t you speak out when Gerakan’s speech at Speaker’s Forum was continually harassed and booed using coarse and vulgar language by hired thugs ?” rather amuses me as what I saw posted in blogs were pictures of retirees (your so-called hired thugs) at the Speaker’s Corner in Esplanade! Do patonise me – which particular Speaker’s Forum you’re referring to! I’ve read the comments by blog readers in this post and did not find any that targeted the Indian Muslims! How come you, K, can spin and claim that “By targetting the Indian Muslims, you… Read more »


tan… Read again and you will see references to “mamak”. Yes, those were the people hired by DAP to disturb speeches of the Opposition. BTW these old fellas themselves (allegedly) admiitted being paid off by DAP. So that sort of abuse is acceptable to you ? Or your sense of fairness is dictated by your political views ? As for Sin Chew reporter, no fair minded person would support her arrest. It was an abuse of ISA. I am for ISA but certainly against abuse of law, immaterial if it is ISA, OSA, sedition, civil, criminal,etc. As for GMI, they… Read more »

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi K, I went through the blog readers’ comments in this posting again, but did not see any use of ‘mamak’ in any of these comments! The use of ‘mamak’ in various context need not be deragotory, e.g. let’s go to a mamak stall for some food. Even if anyone were to use the term, it doesn’t mean that that person represents DAP’s views! You’ve to back up your claim that these old timers are paid, or else it remains heresay. I believe that the same people, or the core group, who attend the Speaker’s Corner in Esplanade are there… Read more »


Anil, I didn’t like the representation of the word ‘mamak’ since the obvious reference to a particular ‘MM’ personality of shameful deeds.

So, where did I mention that sensitive ‘mm word’ in this topic?

Let this particular ‘mm word’ be a pain in the ears of those whose self-belief in self-derogatory is their own doing and/or problems. Karma has a way of turning deeds back onto these culprits!

Well, it’s time for my teh-tarik at my favourite kopitiam (not @ mm stalls, esp the dirty ones @ Lorong Susu)!


Sewel, you asked why the (certain people) still vote for BN…

The answer is becos they are 1st class morons….

Actually, you can easily find some here, i dont have to mention names ya.

By the way, O, i thought you have left this stupid land…

Honestly, to those who can leave you all need to make plans now becos i dont think we can win because they are just too many BODOH people around… they prefer to be sucked by BN…, apa boleh buat?


Kee, had been away for a while preparing for some business for the festive occasions. Now that most are sorted out, am back in Anil’s blog again. Do not worry, win or lose Lawan Tetap Lawan, Lawan Sampai Menang! Even the senile old man had admitted that BN will not be able to win with a 2/3 majority so, there is every chance for PR! If Malaysians agree to their leaders committing sex against the course of nature (Malaysian Style) and seen by millions on videos, if Malaysians agree that an Alphard can “kow tim” issues, and if Malaysians agree… Read more »


you are so right Kee. We must not allow these so called BN leaders to destroy our Malaysia.


Its time for all Penangites to boycott…
Got to teach them a lesson to respect the Rakyats wishes to throw out the seedless Gerakan led UMNO Regime and vote PR in.
Gerakan K and K … what happened to your Leaders when Zahid said Non-Malays are not patriotic enough????
Isnt that enough for those still supporting Umno/Bn to come to their senses unless they have ‘ostrich heads’ and ‘pea brains’

Nur Melodi

Penang has no place for those morons.


Nothing for the sham “300 out of 1.5 million” Local Council Elections but create chaos for ISA? I know who I’d still prefer to vote for then, they keep choosing LOSER issues to support in a violent manner but won’t even try to use peaceful methods like sending in such groups to vote in their own Councillors to have a voice . . .

Nur Melodi

OK to keep ISA so that after the next GE we could use it for those corrupted bnputeras.


So its is OK to use ISA on your political opponents ? Is this the policy of Pakatan ? So typical of PAS’ deluded supporters.


K, you so love ISA but fate will have it that one fine blue-sky-day it may most likely be used against your kind. So don’t be too happy nor too confident it will not turn against its progenitors like a double-edged sword metaphorically speaking!



Thanks for the advice but no thanks. I would rather take the chance and stick with ISA.


People who are not aware that Malaysia is already an Islamic State, and officially a member of the OIC should do more research before they make stupid comments. Had Mahathir not declared Malaysia an Islamic and reconfirmed so many times by UMNO leaders over the years? Mahathir declared Malaysia an Islamic State somewhere in 1990, on September 30th ( I hope I got the dates correct)! There is only one way out for us Malaysians, Ganyang UMNO/BN come PRU 13! Gerakan, MIC, MCA? They will die a natural death, politically. Only fools of the first degree will want to join… Read more »


And MIC, MCA and Gerakan just kept mum unable to retort. Yes that blah blah Gerakan President Lim keng Yaik did retort. He say Malaysia is an Islamic country but a different one. Now matter how different it is still an Islamic country and Gerakan K will still be in a denial mood.


Thanks Anil for the correction. Had not been following the political developments of the country of late as had been away. But, now, as the GE approaches, you can see a completely new UMNO/BN all trying to portray themselves as moderates and so caring. The GE is definitely very near and all Malaysians must never be conned again. We must be steadfast against UMNO/BN for their 53 years of misrule, corruption, and mismanagement! As to my darling K, thanks for your reply, we are so different, poles apart in our political thinkings. Thanks for your comments, as we are living… Read more »


So O PAS agrees that Malaysia is an Islamic state ? I thought they didn’t, especially that senile old called Nik Aziz. Or just talking a different story to a non Islamic crowd while doing the opposite when facing your own supporters ? There is a world of different between the Islam of BN and the … Wahahabi-style of Islam propagated by PAS. Didn’t PAS protest concerts by local and foreign artists ? Didn’t PAS protest Adam Lambert concern saying he can corrupt morals ? Didn’t PAS want to implement hudud ? If PAS comes to power, they will turn… Read more »


Anil, let me also figure out the logic here: It is OK to c4 Altantuya; It is OK (for) Beng Hock (to lose his life)…; It is OK to beat Kugan and so many others to death during police’s custody; It is OK Mat Deros built his mansion; It is OK Toyo built his mansion; It is OK with Lingam’s tape; It is OK Ng Yen Yen spent hundreds of thousands for her tours; It is OK to build towers when the country is almost bankrupt; It is OK to prove rape without penetration……. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am tired !!!!!!!!!!!!! I… Read more »


Kee…I m sure Zimbabhwe, Nigeria and Myanmar would welcome you with open arms since you are so frustrated with Malaysia.


Species with sub-species thinking will OK all the above, Kee!
No point enlightening their coroded cranial hollows with white lights, after all these … species like nothing but manivolent intentions and dark episodes of evil existence.
Better leave it to Karma to execute its natural course of cause and effects.
Have a coffee, mate!


You guys call yourselves champion of human rights yet behave so irresponsibly by making all kinds of baseless accusations.


You Righteous K?
You Responsible K?…
I leave these to the general commentors here.


The general commentators here ? I am sure these people are as fair as the gooddess of justice….hahahahahaha


Hello K.
You are laughing at your sheer self proclaimed you know what! Just reading the volume of rebuke at your receiving end is telling sign for you to make more intelligent and sensible comments, not be the laughing stock of Anil’s blog.
See who is laughing like a little boy at his own self now!!!


notice one of the pro-isa goons was wearing an UMNO t-shirt.Apa lagi now we have pro-isa also.

for me what surprises me is that non-malays still vote for BN. That absolutely astounds me. How much abuse can non-malays take. UMNO goons are treating non-malays as if the non-malays are scum of the earth!

Anil please provide some assistance here buddy. why do non-malays still vote for BN after such abuse?


Sewel…So what if one of the rowdy protestors wore UMNO t-shirt ? There were many DAP,PAS and PKR leaders were there too for the opposing side. In fact GMI is PR thinly disguised as NGO.

BTW since when distrupting GMI forum equates to mistreating non Malays ?

Your logic is really astounding….I am in awe….



Ah ??I thought GMI was launched on Oct 2008 by Mohd Sabu (PAS) and consists of 32 NGOs.

If GMI wants to be taken seriously, it has rid itself of Pakatan leaders who have hijacked it for political agenda.


Darling K,

Long time no see. Get your facts right la. Not nice for any commenter to point out your spin la.

Take good care and see you.


Oh no…O it is you again. It is common among PAS menfolks to address another man as darling ? Didn’t I tell you folks not to mix too much with that guy Anwar ??

BTW I think you better stick to your own state of Kedah which in a very big mess and in the news for all wrong reasons. The people of Kedah are mad with PAS for not helping them at all and failing them miserably.

If I were you I would rather not “jaga tepi kain orang”….


Darling K, How would you know I am not a woman, if you are a man? Come on lah, do not accused Anwar yet as his trial of alleged sodomy is going on! K, just tell me how can there be sodomy, if there is no penetration? As you can see, I only reply to your comments. If you only read the MSM, I really do not blame you for your stand on politics in Malaysia. They are distorting everything to make the PR State Governments look so lousy, while the real culprits behind all the troubles in PR States… Read more »



So who are you ? Man or woman ? Do you know what kind of woman who calls an unknown stranger darling ?? LOL….I will leave it to your imagination…

Sure, PR is doing very well and infact Kelantan is as developed as the US….

Gerakan K

They fear PAS Islamic Nation agenda. Period.


Notice that the banner said “Kami Nak Keamanan”. The very bunch of “peace loving” people disrupting the peace. What a joke.



So whose agenda you are fighting for ? Al Qaeda ? 99.99999% of Malaysians need not fear ISA as it is targetted at terrorists and subversives. If you are neither there is nothing to worry, unless of course you support terrorism.

Pretty Obvious

They are just a couple of the Umno (supporters) who still cannot accept the fact that the Penang gravy train has come to a halt now that the conniving Ostrich Koh is no longer in power.


Pretty Obvious…Can you please refrain from making such racist remarks ? Just because some people do not agree with your political beliefs it does not give you the right to make such derogatory remarks.

Pretty Obvious

racist? political beliefs?

Get real. The root cause of all these discontentment by these goons is economic.

The fine art of rent-seeking and the looting of state coffers as examplified by ” negotiated contracts ” ( as opposed to the current ” open tenders ” ) of the past 30-40 years have been consigned to the dustbin of history, in Penang for now at least.


Are you sure ? Do you even know any one of those who were present ? How do you know their backgrounds and motivations ? While their actions were rude and crude, but you have no rights to make this into a racist issue. By targetting the Indian Muslims, you are only showing your ignorance and racist mindset that prevades DAP. FYI, the open tender system in Penang is just a sandiwara. Just go and have a look at the state govt website. All they do is to hand out peanuts via open tender or publish the ones done via… Read more »

Pretty Obvious

Little ostriches like K being led by the big Ostrich Koh with heads stuck in the ground for so long that they are totally oblivious to being ( well, you know the word ) right and proper by the rent-seekers then and now. Or are you one of those poor things who have fallen off the gravy train and have yet to adjust your life under the new regime? Take the advice of your old man Lim Keng Yaik. Pull up your head if it’s still there and you will find that the rampant degradation especially that of the Tanjung… Read more »


Pretty Obvious

I am neither a member of Gerakan nor BN. This is same Fascist docrine that Pakatan cyber troopers employ…”If you are not with us then you are against us”.

Do not make accusations without basis like people who criticise must be the ones who had been deprived of their income and so on.

It is ironic that people who claim to stand for ideals like democracy, freedom of expression and human rights tend for demonising those who dare to differ from them by making all kinds of increadible accusations.

Pretty Obvious

Hit a raw nerve, huh!? No more rent seeking opportunities in Penang post 308, huh!?

Now we know the reason for all the spins and venom spewing out from you – a lighter wallet. Ha! Ha!


Pretty Obvious

Don’t be too shiok and think it hit a raw nerve. I merely pointed out the idiocy of Pakatan cyber troopers like you who take the moral high ground but tend to wrestle … in the mud. Your comments are a reflection of yourself and no one else.

Pretty Obvious

It sure is a raw nerve that we have hit!

Just look at the comments the commentators here write about you in this blog both on this article and articles past. That’s reflection for you.

I rest my case. Ha! Ha!


penang must be bigger than the bullock cart. No wonder I cannot see the bullock cart – very big continent – larger than australia with so many land that the Government can sell. No wonder must be very rich and gerakan/umno government gives peanuts to Penangite and they are acting like kingkongs.

penang now is so developed like new york and macau with turf clubsto degarde the state as per K


First of all, why are journalist calling the group ‘Pro-ISA protestors’??? Its a bloody oxymoron. ISA is the current status quo, if you are pro-ISA, you are ISA supporter.

Secondly, what these pro-ISA supporters did is self-appointment of law enforcement – its sedition – no different than acting as a police officer – its ursurping the power of the enforcement agencies.

The infantile simple-mindedness of these group is what is the core of the problem. They are like children handed with a gun!


Anil..let me figure out the logic here.. It is OK to storm a press conference and physically attack people. It is OK to manhandle those who came to hand over memorandum. It is OK to get a mob of people to storm the Perak state assembly, breaking police cordons. It is ok to get police to arrest those who protest in front of State Assembly or the Cheap Minister’s office. BUT it is NOT OK to protest at an anti-ISA forum. I think this is kind of perverse logic, isn’t it Anil? I don’t think anyone should be encouraged to… Read more »


Yes and its ok to hijack democarcy in Perak


The police would come around even if you blow cakes in a restaurant to protest. But these (pro-)UMNO are shouting and causing disorder on the street acting like thugs. Where are the police.??. Its all very clear that the police are very biased in their action. In fact the police are BN and BN are the police. Our law and order have been hijacked by UMNO and BN. Where are the weakling and impotent MIC, MCA and Gerakam. Are they hiding .. underneath … UMNO and their master Najib. Well they are now so impotent…



Please register to vote and remind your families, friends and colleagues to do so.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

Whether anti- or pro-ISA, you’ve a right to be heard! But, why brutish behaviour to silence and disrupt the anti-ISA forum?

Organise your own forum, or conduct a referendum to see whether the masses support or are against the ISA! This … instigated or staged brutish behaviour would just open more eyes to the thuggish ways of UMNO, who can’t tolerate dissent! Can’t be agree to disagree, and let the people be the ultimate determinant?


This was the act of a bunch of barbarians and uncivilsed people and should be condemned by civil society at large.

Serious Shepherd

ISA = Israeli Security Agency

Pro-ISA = Pro-Israeli Security Agency


These (paid?) pro-ISA samsengs … only deranged low beings and bankrupt politicians from UMNO/BN engaged themselves in such cowardice act…This only showed PR govt is strengthening their hold in Penang.


In 1960, the ISA was passed by the government of the day to deter communist activity. Today, it is an irrelevant archaic draconian law which is kept to stifle lawful political opposition and democratic citizen activity.

Of course, one would not expect Komtar Merchants Association (KMA) vice-chief Abdul Ghani Mohammad Jiman Ghani and his (paid?) goons to have the intellect to understand this. They only blindly accept what they are told by their political masters in Umno that the ISA is good for protecting the “country, race and religion”.


Just look at how despicable … now.

Even the Komtar Merchant Association (an association consisting of traders in Komtar) is being dragged into the politic scene.

How pathetic UMNO wth their weaklings like Gerakam MIC & MCA are becoming more more impotent each day.

We should wait no more next GE. Kick out that Najbs and UMNO in next GE

Phua Kai Lit

Only thing missing are the coloured shirts i.e.
brown or black or blue or whatever.


What a bunch of RETARDS!

Nur Melodi

Each of the is (alleged to have been) paid …. to do the protest.

Strangely they are not arrested by the police for illegal assembly and disruption of public order.