Poll: Do you agree with detention without trial under PCA?


Let’s see what you think about the controversial amendments to the Prevention of Crime Act.

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The police should improve their evidence gathering capability to bring criminals to court and not just detain them without any substantive evidence. I hope PDRM does not take the easy way out.


Criminals are everywhere in the Land of Endless Possibilities. Did no one ask how such criminals have gone on for so long and even grown? Now with the HM openly endorsing a gang, more would probably be recruited! If only the PDRM had done their job instead of being UMNO’s bouncers to harass the opposition members and rakyat, they would probably be able to keep a check on these criminals. On this note, so what’s the difference between the crooks on the streets and those wearing … suit running the country? It’s a matter of time before innocent bystanders are… Read more »

Ms Y

In Penang roadside white line means no long vehicle parking BUT people just don’t care and there is no consistency in traffic summons. So tell me what is rules, regulations and laws in Bolehland ?

Anwar Gostan Mari

PCA can be challenged in court. No worry if you are not part of criminal gang !!!


Anwar Gostan Mari, Yes for sure anyone can appeal after put in jail,going through the trauma and appeal later to … court.Just because of suspicious? Lets say i very suspicious you are one of the 3 “LINE”member do you like it? Don’t worry if you are one of the “LINE” gang your Home Minister (might) welcome you with open arm and the PDRM (might not) catch you although you are the “LINE” gang, … but if you are (not) and suspected gang member the same arm (might) open fire without asking question. rajraman. I dislike Anwar bin Ibrahim from those… Read more »

Donat Anthony Theseira

Any first year law student will tell you that no matter the crime committed a person is entitled to legal representation and is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Where did they bury this section of the law ? They now have blood on their hands.

najib manaukau

The people can ask, demand or protest anything you want but once these morons from Umno made up their mind on something they will just implement what they want. Pretending to show the world that it is democratic country, at least that is what they are hoping to achieve. Records will show and prove that is what they did and have been doing so very well. The only way to stop this and all their deceits is to have them kicked out of Putrajaya yesterday. Therefore will all the so called coalition partners in BN leave the partnership and see… Read more »

Ed G

We used to have preventive detention ordinances such as the ISA and EO for more than half a century which by right should have wiped out most or even all the organised crime in this country if the reasoning of the goernment were to be taken. The very fact that the crime in this country is getting from bad to worse over the last decade or so is by itself a testimony to the ineffectiveness of these preventive detention laws. In my opinion, the deteriorating crime situation in this country is more closely related to the moral decay of the… Read more »


Only Umno and their sidekick mic,mca,gerakan , Sabah and Sarawak will BULL – dozed Human tch Rights.Catch first,whack first and goes to court for trial? ( maybe after dead also)

rajraman. Maybe some in Pakatan also support detention without trials since they never attend during tabling the bill.I think because most gangster are INDIAN?

(Adakah) Malay gangster tak ada kena tangkap kerana “LINE” mereka kuat sama Zahid and Shahidan Kasim?