PKR to make “big shock” announcement tomorrow night


So we have a new Prime Minister. That should be the main news story.

But I just spotted this interesting snippet from Suara Keadilan Online. PKR strategist Saifuddin Nasution is quoted as saying that a surprise revelation, which will have a “big impact” on all three by-elections, will be made in Bukit Selambau tomorrow at 9.00pm. Anwar is due to make an appearance then.

I contacted a couple of PKR sources and they were in the dark as to the nature of the announcement. One of them said Anwar is playing his cards close to his chest. A more sceptical media source, however, told me they are used to all these “big announcements”, which then turn out to be something of an anti-climax.

Anyway, keep an eye out for tomorrow night. This report from Suara Keadilan Online:

Akan ada kejutan besar esok- Saifuddin

Friday, 3 April 2009 • Kategori: Berita Semasa, Berita Utama, Parlimen

Oleh: Rusnizam Mahat.

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 APRIL (SK) – PENGARAH Strategi keADIlan, Saifuddin Nasution berkata satu kejutan besar akan berlaku esok yang bakal menyaksikan impak besar kepada tiga pilihanraya kecil di Dun Bukit Selambau, parlimen Bukit Gantang dan Dun Batang Ai.

Bercakap dalam satu sidang media di Bilik Gerakan AMK,Sungai Lalang, Bukit Selambau tengahari tadi, beliau berkata perkara itu akan hanya diumumkan pada program ceramah esok yang akan dihadiri ketua umum KeADIlan, Anwar Ibrahim di Dewan Hock Seng, Sungai Lalang pada jam 9 malam.

“Anda (pemberita) boleh tidak hadir dari hari penamaan calon sehingga habis pilihanraya, tetapi jika anda ketinggalan pada program esok, anda pasti akan dimarahi oleh bos-bos anda,” katanya kepada pemberita.

Kenyataan Saifuddin itu menimbulkan tandatanya samada terdapat di kalangan pimpinan Umno atau BN yang bakal menyertai keadilan menjelang tiga pilihanraya kecil tersebut.

Ditanya lebih lanjut, Saifuddin enggan mendedahkan perkara itu dan hanya berkata ‘tunggu sehingga esok’.

Namun beliau tidak menolak kejutan yang dikatakannya merupakan satu reaksi awal, secara langsung atau tidak yang diterima pakatan rakyat sejurus selepas perlantikan Najib Razak sebagai Perdana Menteri yang baru.

“Yang pasti kejutan ini akan memberi ‘nilai tambah’ kepada Pakatan Rakyat dan memberi impak yang besar kepada pilihanraya kecil ini,” katanya.

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hey PKR is merging with DAP.
Is that good news or what????????


Sorry, we in Lubok Antu, Sarawak still love BN. We need development.


this DSAI is famous for the title mr … only. 16 september lah…if u let dsai talk anything he can sell to u.just name it, virtually anything!


i guess P.I Bala will make comeback, so watch outt

Political Observer

I think it is Arumugam revealing something that may affect the BN

agadam magadam

That ‘betting Guy” should find some thing more serious to blah..blah about.. …the guesses are…a) PPP mass crossover… b) Something to do with TRazaleigh, Dato Sharir Ahmad and all those who are not Najib’s men. c)More pictures to be released of Najib and whoever..?? d) Then There is PI Bala, Saiful, Arumugam, some good Doctors, Razak Baginda, the 2 scapegoat Cops in the Mongolian case, the Indian cop who arrested Kugan and it could be another 101 wild guesses.. But whatever it is, Bkt Gantang will be won by PR, even (if there is) big time cheating by BN.. Bkt… Read more »


Umno and intelligence, such an oxymoron!


no point to fight najib now. because he has everything ( i mean everything) on his side. no matter what you do, how concrete the proof is. there will be no action against him.

unless he still able to change sky.

so better take care…



You have over estimated this old man. He has used all his brain cells and in the senile phase. You mean he once used to be a cunning old …?
Only a stagnant brain like yours will still adore him like the High priest of UMNO…not me and many others!


M is inteligent as u says. I agree with u. But dont u think he is Dah Nyanyok sikit now.His ideas and stratiges made kutty Junior lost in Amino Youth run.He can use is briaalt idea to new PM but Malaysian Know siapa dia ni.Kalau dia pegi bagi ceramah ,Bank undi BN akan bankrap. Sleepy head will never join PKR cause he is pengecut and wont go agaist SIL whose now Amino Youth Boss.

Aba Zahra

Could it be that Arumugam (former ADUN of Bukit Selambau) will be making an appearence?

As for Anwar rejoining UMNO, that will be the mother of all betrayal. I’m not a betting man but I seriously do not think that will ever happen especially with Najib as PM. If it was Muhyiddin, at least there’s some logic to it.

sink umno

UMNO INTELLIGENCE = garbage talk
let chedet return to umno, will see what he has to say


The return of the Stubborn , hypocrite old man just to show that
the whole goons of BEEND intelligence is questionable.

No calibre guy around so you still need an obsolete old man to
support the party. What a pity. No Eye See.

We for one will vote for pakatan the more we see the old car.
We will work harder to get friends to vote for Pakatan the more
he open his mouth.

Good luck to u the Old junk.



Mahathir already announced he’s re-joining UMNO. He’s going up to Bukit Gantang to ceramah… Brace for worst days ahead!

Ramazi- Caucasaus

The soul of Mongolian beauty was seen wandering in the three bi election areas, therefore, the fear to mention the name.


After the many,many many shock announcements by DSAI I am afraid I have become quite immune to all of his shock announcements. Perhaps the UMNO Intelligence guy is right after all? LOL

albert lee

Probably: l. the pictures of the 2 mickey mouses with the
mongolian lady?
2. PI Subramanian on stage to give the sequence of events
leading to his disapperance?

UMNO Intelligence Squad

Hi all,

To those who had read my message shown above & have opposing views on it….would you like to place a WAGER with me???

I’m glad to pledge a WAGER by saying ANWAR IBRAHIM will announce he’ll be resigning from PKR tomorrow. Moreover, he’ll be rejoining UMNO as early as tomorrow as well.

Those who are interested to take-up my CHALLENGE, pls. state your interest by replying here…


this DSAI, suka buat cerita sensasi.but u see none of the story merely true.remember 16september?hehehe what a laugh!

Ah Leong

Well well well…..

I assume it’s just ANOTHER Fairy Tale story again. Perhaps this time it will be more FLOWERY than his ‘916 Takeover’ Bedtime Stories he told us last year.


political fatigue … tired of all these s***


Big news..tengku li and paklah joins togehether with anwar to form unity goverment?…a vote of no confidence will be brought against the new premier? as the gesture to inform the people paklah and ku li will be appearing with anwar tommorow to also announce the defection of sarawak, sabah and johor mp into pakatan fold, with the establishment of new party alligned to PR? wanna bet with about you not so intelligent umno squad???heheheh


Hi Anil, I was told Tun Mahathir is braced for a COMEBACK by rejoining UMNO. Could this be TRUE??? If yes, then it see it as a MEGA BAD NEWS for Anwar Ibrahim & Pakatan Rakyat. Let us NOT forget how POWERFUL & INTELLIGENT Tun Mahathir was. He single handedly surpressed & defeated leaders such as Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh & more importantly sending Anwar Ibrahim to jail. If Tun returns, I foresee Pakatan Rakyat days will be numbered. Tun is like an OLD FOX who know how to play his cards efficiently. He implemented CRAZY but WORKABLE solutions… Read more »


I think it might be evidence they got proving BN members negotiating with PKR assemblyman to crossover to BN! It can’t be about Altantuya since the police has banned the public to comment on it.


Haya…just wait lah, it might be big but I dont think that it will be evidentiary, that is the problem with all the revelations, maybe true but without solid evidence it is just water under the bridge.

Sorry but I have to be a realist here