Penang Suaram office broken into


Intruders broke into the Penang office of human rights group Suaram over the weekend.

The office, located on the first floor of a shophouse along Jalan Sungai Dua, facing USM, was broken into sometime between 10.00pm on Saturday and 10.45am on Monday, when the intrusion was discovered.

According to Suaram Penang coordinator Ong Jing Cheng, the lock of the door was broken and the wooden door forced open. Inside, another door had been opened. The intruders also opened filing cabinets and a desk drawer. But nothing appears to have been taken, not even the PC and laptop. A police report was lodged.

Jing Cheng asked the police not to waste so much energy on disrupting peaceful assemblies, which are the right of all citizens, but to concentrate more on catching criminals, said Suaram in a statement.

At around the same time, the Suaram website was hacked and defaced with a message: “IndonesianCoder Team. Hacked by Dr. CruZz.” The website is still down.

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😮 This is surreal… I was there at 11.15am on Monday! I thought everyone looked a bit off, but didn’t realise they had just found out that they had been broken into! …

lots of weird things happen in this country of ours.


If it could happen to Raja Petra’s home, it can happen to anybody’s.
Time to rear Alsatian dogs with the loudest barks and arm home with motion-sensor…


The politically bankrupt government of the day is using … government agents to subvert rightful protest.