Over in Jinjang, police detain 18 vigil participants


Another well-attended vigil outside the Jinjang Police Station despite a heavy police and light strike force presence.

Police have detained more than 10 people, according to a tweet by DAP Malaysia.

Meanwhile, over in Ipoh, another vigil for Adam Adli.

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Though various police spokesmen have opined that the 10 days’ notice is a prerequisite, and any rally without such notice is illegal, it appears that the police were wrong. Bar Council president Christopher Leong told Astro Awani that the Peaceful Assembly Act only requires the notice “so that the police may make appropriate arrangements to facilitate it and ensure safety for the participants”. As that is “the reason and purpose for the notification provision in the Act”, “therefore, lack of a notice or a delay in giving notice to the police of an assembly does not make the assembly illegal”.… Read more »

Gerakan K

Oh yakah ??? If so they have to argue in court and let’s see who is CORRECT !!!


How many people can the police arrest? How many can they accomodate at their cells? If only 20 to 30 thousand can offer themselves to be arrested, they will release adam adli with no charghe against him.
These attendees are not criminals they are people who want fairness.
Btw, the home minister is long overdue for his annual mental checkup .Same for pm and his bunch of goons.
Who says theres no MUHIBAH in malaysia. Look at the crowd ,chinese,indians and malays standing up fpr adam a malay.
PR has broken the racial clamp.

Phua Kai Lit

This reveals the nervousness of the regime in the face of widespread, popular discontent over the stolen election.

Thuan Poe

Like most peace-loving people living in Malaysia ( I sadly hesitate to to call myself Malaysian ) watching quietly from the sidelines we are most disappointed to hear that Adam Adil was detained. Why ? or WHY not those loud-mouths…..Ibrahim, Mahathir, , Utusan and others ? YOU can never hide your unfairness and wrong judgments.
I will do whatever little I possibly could to protest and give support. I am old at 76, but is very proud of a young man like Adam ADIL. He is truly A MALAYSIAN.


The UN Charter clearly states that detainees must be treated with dignity and no harm should come to anyone detained by the state. Not to allow pillow and other basic human needs is a violation of international law.
Hope Adam is treated better andthat he and the others are released a s a p.

Gerakan K

Under Peaceful Assembly act, it needed 10 days notice before a gathering equated to assembly. Got 10 days notice or not ??? You can’t blame the police if they just ACT ACCORDING TO LAWS.

Lawlessness must be stopped now. Do you agree ???

Uncle Tim

Be Humane to All Under Arrest As a doctor, I am saddened to read about the way student activist Adam Adli is being treated. Firstly, no one should be treated like a criminal until proven guilty. Should all arrests require the suspect to be handcuffed? Obviously not, because no one should be considered guilty till proven, and the handcuffs should be reserved for potentially dangerous and violent criminals. Next, we must consider that he is one among thousands who are speaking up for democracy, and during this tense and emotionally post GE-13 period, many people of various positions have said… Read more »

Gerakan K

To be charge tomorrow. Cannot wait for the judgement to be read. Must be very interesting !!!

p/s: Why no comment from Anwar ???


GK, You think the people are coward like Zahid who u turn 10 years ago and you who hide behind the skirts of BN UMNO as a self interest wannabe. No amount of hooliganism or police brutal action can scare the people as they are fight for the wrong and injustice perpetuated.

Andrew I

Why no comment from Naj ???


Why so many policemen? Why waste so much resources? Just some plain clothes police personnel will do. And send a few more traffic police to keep order! Wrongful detention. Wrongful and wasteful deployment of resources!! Send some people to patrol the streets man.