Operation Lalang and the lust for power


Today is the 25th anniversary of Operation Lalang in 1987.

Never forget that fateful period when over a hundred Malaysians were unjustly detained without trial.

And never forget who was responsible for their incarceration.

And don’t forget there are still a couple of dozen ISA detainees still in Kamunting – even though the ISA has been abolished only to be replaced by the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act.

Aliran’s immediate past president P Ramakrishnan reminds us of that dark episode a quarter of a century ago and looks ahead at the coming general election. See his statement on the Aliran website.

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Don Anamalai

This song was written in late 80’s after “Operation Lalang” in a sit in demonstration in Sydney:

Mac Davis

A very well written article by YB Liew Chin Tong on this incident: Twenty-five years later, camaraderie in adversity —————————————————————- The collective adversity suffered by the DAP, PAS and civil society leaders in 1987 ironically built the steely resolve for change and the deep camaraderie to see it through. This day 25 years ago, October 27, 1987, was one of the darkest days in Malaysian history when 106 politicians and social activists were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Operation Lalang. Printing permits for three newspapers, namely The Star, Sinchew and Watan, were withdrawn. The security crackdown that… Read more »

Gerakan K

Blah blah blah. One is so bad, that another is so evil. But somehow majority of Malaysians still PICK BN as their legitimate GOVERNMENT. Enough spin and face the reality. Under 1Malaysia PM Najib excellent leadership, all mosquito opposition parties have no chances whatsoever, DAP included.

Andrew I

Ya? Call elections now.


Shut up lah Gilakan K….


Honestly for a socialist, you don’t seem to see the larger picture. You have to hand it to Mahathir – after pulling off Ops Lalang, he then went out to deviously beat Razaleigh and pulled off the wrecking of the Judiciary and another punch at the Constitution. He was on a roll, and all the opposing elites in this country fell to him one after another.. As a socialist, I would think you would criticise the inherent failure of elitism here. How even the smartest ones can fail no matter how strong and the most malicious and weak ones can… Read more »


Let’s hope the future leaders we elect with trust & 100% Bersih election will not be a power monster like the legendary ApaNama Buat Tak Tahu who drove this nation to the “woof, woof”. The Big Ego for blind admiration, kow tow, greed for self enrichment, deaf (won’t listen) & stubbornness, racism by bogeymen, threat of 513 reign of terror, relentless illicit sex accusation (sodom-me back), ransacking of politician homes, use of polis force without proper rule of law, corruption/arm twisting of judiciary & draining of national coffers (Ah Kong’s monies) should be rein in by whoever takes over Putrajaya.… Read more »

Gerakan K

Yeah that was Dr. M things and era. After that we have DPM Anwar Ibrahim, then PM Abdullah Badawi and now 1Malaysia PM Najib.

Nowadays ISA is gone and many thanks to our 1Malaysia PM Najib. 1Malaysia PM Najib is the best Malaysian PM so far.

Andrew I

Wow, Anwar was DPM after Dr.M era. Very good. Yay, full marks.


Thanks to the 1Malaysia PM he is allowing racism and religionism to continue.

With CSL senseless (comments) on Islam, Najib sat on the stage of the MCA general assembly keeping quiet when Chua was blazing away with the insults. Najib had allowed Chua to do so as he is desperate to obtain the Chinese votes.

Chua may be dumb … but Najib is dumber still for allowing it!



M kutty, Pak Lah or Nacheap, any which way you see its all the same. Just like ISA and the Assembly bill

Andrew I

And we were deprived of the people’s paper then for two whole weeks.Things were never quite the same after that. Same commentators but very different opinions…like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.