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Police and Home Ministry officials have confiscated Zunar’s new book ‘1Funny Malaysia’ from bookshops in Penang and Malacca.

Thirteen copies of the popular political cartoonist’s book were confiscated this evening from the Popular Book Store in Air Keroh, Malacca. A further 27 copies of ‘Where is Justice?’, edited by Nathaniel Tan, were carted away as well.

The latest seizure comes on the back of similar action in Penang three weeks ago. On 7 January, officials bundled away 30 copies of ‘1Funny Malaysia’ and four copies of ‘Where is Justice?’ from the Popular Book Store in Gurney Plaza.

‘Where is Justice?’ is a book about custodial deaths and police brutality. Both books are published by Kini Books.

This is the second Zunar publication to be confiscated in recent months. Copies of his inaugural periodical, Gedung Kartun, were seized six months ago.

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raja saya

Gerakan “K” means kunco UMNO lah !


On what basis (ie: what law or constitution) is this seizure based on? Does this mean that any books that poke fun at society is banned? If this is so, Lat’s cartoons should also all be banned.


By hook or by crook I must now get a copy to see what’s so pedas about the book.


UMNO just cannot face reality even cartoon they are
not accepting however, ringgit they wont be shy any
amount …..silly country.




A country that bans the arts will never progress!


HahahHA! ..’yang makan cabai dia merasa pedas’!

Guilty conscience what else, must be feeling … all over afterall it’s only mild cartoon, could have been worse and they won’t know where to put their faces!

Good, now they are inviting international media attention!

Ahmad Syafiq

I guess Gerakan K is blind to BN’s obvious weaknesses within the party. If you want BN to stay the way it is, how can we ever expect good governance which allows dissenting voices so that there will be checks and balances?

I mean, we all want a better government (regardless of which political parties is governing). But what BN is showing here is that they fear change. Why should they fear of change? Isn’t it time for BN to reform themselves in order to stay relevant? But unfortunately, they’re not reforming.


vote the racist BN_UMNO govt out! preserve our constitutional rights to freedom of expressions!


Zaman dulu orang takut dengan hantu.

Zaman jepun kerajaan Jepun takut dengan radio.Itu sebab mereka akan tangkap orang yang mempunyai radio dan kemungkinan akan dipancung kepala.

Zaman sekarang,ketakutan orang sudah makin melampau.Kerajaan UMNO takut dengan kartun!Tidakkah ini bermakna kerajaan UMNO telah masuk dalam dunia kartun.Kalau benar, maka bolehlah kita gelar kerajaan UMNO sebagai KERAJAAN KARTUN.

Gerakan K

I think we must punish the repeat offender here. Their license must be revoked as soon as possible to prevent any recurring offence again.


I am considering writing/publishing a book about the many “… carriers” in our daily lives. I see them everywhere and anywhere. Why? They are in our families, our work place, our places of worships, even in public. And now, I even see them in our blogs. I am so flabbergasted, they appear at every “nook and cranny”. Maybe, if I write about these people I can appease the “raging madness” or I will surely go “bonkers”! Anyway, GERAKAN K, will you be upset if I write about this, in a nice and subtle way that will not offend? Please don’t… Read more »

Gerakan K

Your message got censored. I don’t know what you mean. Anyway, please grow up and stop using uncivilized words in this blog.


Too bad Anil censored the spherical word. Even though it is the first thing that any child learns after A=Apple,…. lol! 🙂


Gerakan K,

Please grow up don’t acted like one naive repetitive parrot. If you are civilised enough then you must have lack of wisdom.


Gerakan K,

Gomen can punished and revoked license of one cartoonist but they cannot punished and revoked license of millions of whistle blower,patriotic coffee shop chit-chatter, religiously good samaritans, people with higher mentality and wisdom and so on…

How? you want to put them all in ISA..ridiculous!