New revelations in Australia-Malaysia refugee deal


Malaysia wants to remove any reference to “human rights” from the refugees-for-asylum seekers swap deal with Australia, according to an ABC report.

Why has the Australia government agreed to this stinking deal in the first place, knowing Malaysia’s poor human rights record and its failure to ratify the 1951 UN refugee rights’ convention? Is Australia ‘outsourcing’ its handling of asylum seekers/boat people to a third country?

And what happens to women and children among the boat people landing in Australia? Do they end up in overcrowded Malaysian detention camps as well?

It is bad enough that we are being saddled with an Australian rare earth refinery that will leave behind waste containing radioactive material in this country.

Now we have an appalling deal which treats human beings as commodities to be bartered – “I give you five refugees, you give me one asylum seeker”.


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We got imaging the future of Malaysia here. For all concerns parties, what if the deal involved more country? Imaging the situation going on to next 5 years, 10 years, & 25 year. The most possible are direct diluted on me & my successors grandchildrens voting rights! The face of Malaysia will be replace by some face similar to asylum Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc but definitely not China, India etc.

I wish I & my next generations will not encounter another Dr M juniors.


5 to 1 swap huh? Since the chances are good for refugees to be relocated to Australia through Msia, snakeheads are going to use this deal to fool would-be migrants. More refugees are going to turn up on our shores. This deal is going to back-fire on Msia.

semuanya OK kot

Perhps the plan is to put them to work at Lynas and our great future nuclear plant.

Y C Yap

Umno got good treaty with the Aussie since one can bring loads of cash without having to declare?


This first female PM of Australia has failed!!…hardly a year, she has lost her popularity to the previous PM Kevin Rudd and also, reversed her decision on the carbon tax…that clearly showed his Australian PM has no principle and always, take the easy way out. Like UMNO, she was there as a Chief Executive of the nation because of the Labor factions. Labor has lost my vote, I shall give my vote to the Green Party next time round. I thought the marble polisher to Bush, John Howard was bad, this woman is no better!


Human rights?? What rights?? Third, fourth generations of Chinese & Indians … BORN IN MALAYSIA also don’t have rights nowadays, and cannot speak & print unless with permission from PM’s dept, Home Minister, Utusan Meloya, Perkasa!!

And have u seen the photos of the ‘branded-ticked-crossed’ GROs? Imagine all those women and children being branded on touching our shores… As much as they want to rid themselves of the refugees, ordinary Australians must be horrified by what their PM is doing.


Perhaps you should try demanding the ‘human rights’ you speak of. I hear a lot of people crying “racism!” when it doesn’t work out favourably for them, but calls for racial discrimination to be criminalised – as the UDHR would oblige – are explicably absent.


I’m struck speechless at the moral depths to which Australia has sunk since the era of John Howard…. perhaps Umnoitis is infectious? But, then, Mahathir was fond of pointing at how cruelly the White settlers dealt with the indigenous Australians. Perhaps the lowest common denominator applies to the entire human family. We appeal to all decent Australians to vigorously object to this obnoxious species of human trafficking between governments.


What refugees if they can come to Malaya and Indonesia and pay thousands of Uncle Sam dollars to those snake heads to make boat trips. Those in detention camp lives better than local Aussie blokes – according to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, refugees can make unlimited calls back to their kampungs, access to internet can fight back against the Australian Government by burning down the camps they are staying but will not fight back when they are chased by their governmrnt at home.


Labor govt is taking the easy way out of an uncontrollable illegal refugee situation landin on her shore continuously….she as found a nation easy enough to grease with a little “incentive!”..using the technique of the popular UMNO PM say, “Gua tolong ku, aku tolong gua”
Although, the decision was not a completely popular one because, majority of Australians did’nt think the UMNO/BN govt was decent enough to respect human rights and treat these refugees humanely.


“Voluntarily forced return” feels like what we’re doing next week. This is a great wake-up call for people who believe that ‘human rights’ is a concrete fundamental feature of human society. They are not. While some of us may hold the UDHR in very high regard, many of us do not and will not accept some of its regulations. Australia is playing the ‘developed nation’ game: if you can’t get away with abuses on your own territory (dumping pollutants, abusing migrants, torturing suspects, exploiting a poor workforce), then ship the problem somewhere where you can do those things with impunity.… Read more »


Maybe it is ,”You give me 5 refugees, I will convert them for BN voting head counts, rights disposed after general election”.

Gerakan K

This is the most bodoh statement.

Hello, you know what it takes to be a qualified voter in Malaysia ??? If you don’t know then stop shooting like a fool.


No….usually the most bodoh ones comes from you.


Easy Project I/C(?) – semua okay from Gerakan/UMNO Government.

Gerakan K

I must be thumbed down by red ic holders.