NCR land: Federal Court judgment a blow to natives


The Federal Court judgement this afternoon is a blow for natives turning to the courts to safeguard their NCR land.

The two related cases were heard in the Federal Court on 1 March 2011 (see video clip above).

It is a Chief Justice Zaki’s last judgment before retirement.

Yesterday, controversy erupted when it was reported that Najib visited the Palace of Justice for a meeting with top judges that included both the new chief justice, Ariffin Zakaria, and his outgoing counterpart, Zaki. Both Najib and Zaki later said there was nothing out of the ordinary about the meeting.

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9 Sep 2011 3.04pm

Sarawakian natives is paying a huge price for blindly supporting BN in the last state election. Hopefully they can be wise up to do the opposite in the coming GE.

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
8 Sep 2011 4.57pm

Besides Bakum scandal :
North-South Expressway will continue to collect toll fee until 2039.
Highway concessionaires spent just RM26 billion in construction costs but so far collected RM40 billion in toll and government compensation.
PLUS Expressways Bhd has made RM24 billion from North-South Expressway alone despite spending just RM6 billion to build the road in 1989.

8 Sep 2011 4.29pm

The sarawak natives must accept the court decision. The natives have themselves to be blamed when they have their own people such as James masing, Jabu, Mawan who are nowhere near when issues affecting NCR are brought up but instead we have Orang Ulu and Chinese lawyers on the NCR defence.
Dayak lawyers where are you?

Hornbill will soar
Hornbill will soar
10 Sep 2011 11.20am
Reply to  John

Dayak is a collective name for all natives of Sarawak. Baru Bian is an Orang Ulu as well as a Dayak and for the Bakun case, the communities affected are Orang Ulu too. But I guess you are actually asking why Iban lawyers are not fighting for their own kind. In any case, blaming the poor, uneducated, disempowered and politically unaware natives for their plight is self-defeating. Not all the natives support James Masing, Alfred Jabu or William Mawan. Such is democracy – one person,one vote. One’s fate is tied to another person.