MPPP over-reacts to Jessie Ooi’s tirade


Update: The MPPP has decided not to take legal action against Jessie Ooi. Wise decision.

Jessie Ooi did not observe proper etiquette during the Guan Eng-Soi Lek debate, but MPPP councillors are over-reacting by threatening a legal suit against her.

By sounding obnoxious, Jessie Ooi has damaged her own reputation far more than the MPPP’s, as mentioned in an earlier blog post. Now she is stewing in her own discomfort as many have reacted with disgust. That is punishment enough.

So there is no need for the MPPP to talk of legal action – which is an over-reaction. Public perception of the MPPP’s reputation is not based on what Jessie Ooi or anyone else says. It is based on the council’s performance, service to the public, impartial enforcement of by-laws, clean governance, and level of public participation in decision-making over the years.

Jessie has not accused any of the councillors of corruption, etc. so whose reputation has been really damaged?

We do not want to go down the slippery slope of slapping libel suits on complainants – unless there are compelling reasons and real damage to reputation and public standing. That would only deter genuine critics and complainants.

Further down that slippery slope is the use of libel suits to bankrupt critics and cow them to silence. That, my friends, is the road to authoritarianism and dictatorship. We certainly don’t want to move in that direction.

For her part, Jessie should do the decent thing, what Aliran has suggested: apologise for the outburst based on inaccurate facts. That should close the matter.

Read Aliran’s statement.

And human rights lawyer Charles Hector’s blog post.

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Jessie Ooi is CSL’s ‘winnable candidate’ in the next election?
I feel very sorry for the party.


Woah…..stewing in her own discomfort. What can be a better choice of words than this. It really goes deeppp inside. Ha, serve her right. Shameful act indeed for modern day Malaysians who are well educated and articulated.


To be honest, am disappointed that MPPP decided not to take legal action against Ms Tow Truck.

How can she, a chief Beliawanis MCA didnt check her facts when she opened her mouth?

I really cant stand her … face, so samseng la… real shame to her family and her party !!!

The sad part is she didnt even realise till today that she was making a fool of herself… What a disgrace?

Ahmad Sobri

Saudara Kee, How do you know she has not realized that she made a fool of herself? She is hiding in her room every day and dare not venture out at all. She has to go out in disguise if at all. Such a shameful act! You know the shame and humiliation one feels after a debacle? Only Chua Soi Lek can console her and make her regain her confidence, and I am sure Chua Soi Lek will do a very good job of it, and CSL will surely love every second of it, and this old man is good.… Read more »


No issue. Speed is good


The reaction towards Jessie Ooi can only described as verbal and emotional public lynching. A mass frenzy of blood-thirst in words and posturing. A shrill cry from long repressed deep mass discontent.


Because of a court order, PR LGe cannot prevent the developer from taking over KBP. Jalan Sultan even without a court order, Najib & UMNO together with their sycophants will grab the land of Sultan even without a court order.


The coming MRT in Jalan Sultan is just to boast the kitty and create extra money for the NEP “captains” rather than to solve KL transportation problem. It does not link to Puduraya Terminal. One has to drag himself with his worldly procession cutting across the Chinatown.

Gerakan K

MPPP jangan buli perempuan.


Please please MPPP or Selangor authorities, please don`t bully GK or his friends when they parked discriminately, when his mini market goods block the road and 5 ft way, when he extended his mini market without proper plan, when he dirty and throw rubbish, bottles into drains from his mini market, when his license expire and when his friend Ghani rid against the traffic, block the bridge etc etc Just let him and his friends do what they like otherwise you and us will be bullying him. He, UMNO, Barang Naik and MCA are the untouchable. Please please. And please… Read more »


You forgot to add Gerkin’s after-10pm jaga kereta boys?

Andrew I

You can take your nappies off now, Gherkin. They’re not suing your relative. What a shame.

Don’t you just love the shifting of the responsibility of statements you made to the organizers of an event?

Did you say that? I didn’t say that.



When you become a Tarzan saving Sheila or white shinning knight Sir Laughalot helping a demsie in distress? So kangtau as a secret admirer.


I had been ‘disturbed’ by an unseen ‘Langsuir’ (a Malaysian Banshee) shrills at dusk in the Kelantan rainforest. Mind you the blood-curdling shrills seemed near but actually she was far off flying among the canopy of the 100 ft trees.
This Jessie’s shrill was no different from this ‘Langsuir’s’ except that I did finally see one in flesh and blood with red eyes and fiery expression at the mike!
Such fury of a shrieking lady in black more fearsome than a Langsuir!

Gerakan K

the use of libel suits to bankrupt critics and cow them to silence. That, my friends, is the road to authoritarianism and dictatorship. We certainly don’t want to move in that direction.

Unfortunately we are heading to that direction. Singapore consultants for housing project. LGE street fighter mode of actions, reactions, and debate.

Penang is copying Singapore. Hmm, we are going to LAWYERS state.

Andrew I

Sad, isn’t it? We have the Malaysian “Kobe” beef suit (cows being massaged in high end condos), the golden handshake airline suit and not forgetting the zone which isn’t really free suit. Gherkin, control yourself.


I think you forgot the Rm10 billion Bayan Mutiara scandal……

Andrew I

Oh, look what the cat dragged in. Another of Gherkin’s relatives, the Italian President. Scandal? If you say so. The problem is all the details have been released by LGE. You might not be satisfied with that but I think overall, others are…which is too bad for you.

Andrew I

P.s. is there a court case pertaining to Bayan Mutiara?

Ahmad Sobri

What 10billion scandal? You are so hopeless that you will say aye to whatever your UMNO master bays!

Gone case. Beyond control. Speak the truth, do not lie!


Yes GK, I know sure you would not want to go in that direction. You would want to use violence to disrupt ceramah, throw stone at opposition properties and cars, display uncouth behavior and lies at debates. subvert the judiciary (with billions $$$ projects) to grab power, throw gas canister at peaceful rally and also into hospital, make sure they commit suicide from windows, MAS bail out with our money, What more can I say, Arh forget, also use cow to buy condo, use submarine to get cash. How much more do you want. Sure you get some, crumb, pittance… Read more »

Andrew I

Haha, stewing in her own discomfort. A clever Dickess, perhaps?

Ally Grou

IMHO, Jessie Ooi was not making a legitimate complaint – she was telling malicious lies and maligning the council. She has no right to any protection for making fabricated tales.


When she lies and slander MPPP, they has the right to protect their image. This is the culture of UMNO and Barang Naik. Now its the turn of MCA to follow their master, violence and uncouth behavior etc etc etc.

Character of a person really speak for it self. What can you make up of a leader who is an adulterer, cari ayam and do immoral action …

And can we have such a leader and party with such members to represent us in the government. It will really be a shame..


So based on your logic BN govt too has the right to sue for every wrong accusations DAP/PR people make as well ?

LGE claimed the submarine couldn’t dive, so should BN sue him too ?

Pathetic is all I can say about your views.


Nothing wrong to sue. But if you lost, you pay through your nose. Lawyers are very happy because you give them more business. Penang DCM has sued The star paper. That is why in demo cracy countries, one has to watch his mouth before utter the words.


Agree with Ally, MPPP should sue. To me it is fine if you are making a complaint. I don’t mind even if u curse, shout, swear or even throw shoes at the CM and MPPP as long as you are making a complaint about something that actually did happen. She wasn’t. She was lying. First no car was towed ever from Beach Street. It did not happen so how could she see something that didn’t happen? Second, assessment rates have not increased a single sen. She lied. She is trying to mislead the public by lying on local tv. MPPP… Read more »