More on the Makkal Sakthi prayers


Pictures by Charles Santiago in Batu Caves here.

Update from blog reader RastamanJB in JB:

The SMSes were flying till late evening asking all Hindus to gather at the nearest temple to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Great March.

I headed to the temple nearest to my abode… and a real surprise awaited me! A huge banner with the faces of the 5 ISAed heroes was strung across the entrance of the temple. Below their pictures was some message that stated special prayers for the 5 would be held at 8.00pm.

I was there at about 7.00pm and could see the events unfolding as the clock ticked away. Slowly the crowd swelled and there was equal representation by women folk as well.

The theme for the day was to light 18 ghee lights (to denote the 18 requests as contained in the memo) and chanting of prayers for the well being of the 5.

As the crowd grew to almost 100… dem men in the blue arrived in a van that appeared similar to the pasar malam van. They crept into the temple grounds and started taking video and camera shots of the crowd from various angles. Some were in uniform while others were plain clothes.

The crowd just had no time to be bothered by their presence. Just a cursory glance, and it was back to prayers and chants.

The men in blue  took photos of the large banner and were seen loitering aimleesly. Another bloke took photos of all the cars that were parked alongside the temple grounds.

As the prayers were winding down, all those present lit up small oil lamps and circled the temple. They were totally unfazed by the police presence. A short speech was made (by one of the 26 detainees of last year’s Batu Caves arrest) requesting all to continue praying for the five heroes’ well being and welfare.

The speech was recorded by dem men in blue. The unity shown by the attendees was of utmost calmness and the cops were, I think, very frustrated. Finally, food was served and some of the attendees were kind enough to ask the cops to join in the makan. Of course they smiled away wryly.

The gathering was over by 9.00pm and there were no shouts or cries.

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This is the typical attitude of our so-called police force. Instead of spending time on the numerous day to day crimes, murders, rapes, etc… happening all over the country, they are behaving like a stupid bunch of idiots trying to intimidate a peaceful and religious gathering. Have they not better things to do?? They must be directed by their masters high above as u and i know.
Hindraf spirit must live on and fight for justice for their fellowman. Keep it up.


The Sun never set on the British Empire. One man in loins cloth and a stick to aid in walking brought down this great Empire by Stayagarga and Non Violence and Passive Resistance. Is it not time for HINDRAF to call for Passive Resistance and non co-operation once a week every month in all aspects of life except going to the Temple, Church or Mosque so that the mighty Empire of Barisan Nasional and its … in Blue will know what Non Violence is all about and what great truths lie behind. The ancient sages of the Sub Continent would… Read more »


These men in blue are so free that they can afford wasting taxpayers monies watching and observing people going about their lives in harmony. Now grouping to pray also is under scrutiny. The happiest people are the murderers, snatch thieves and robbers as the men in blue are more interested in peaceful vigils and groups praying.

anak kulim

This is how passive resistance of the Gandhi type can defeat tyranny of govt. So long as the protestors go about doing what they do silently, the men in blue have no opportunity to arrest them. Hence they were frustrated. And to add insult to injury, the protesters even offered the men in blue refreshments, making them feel even more embarrassed. This should be the way of future protest gatherings.



how to trust … when they ask the protests to happen behind closed doors? They just barge in… forums (cf Malaysian Bar’s) at their whims and fancies.

Double-standard from the 13th component of BN.