Meanwhile, at the RPK trial…


Two of the most well-known critics in the land, Anwar and RPK, are involved in legal proceedings today, both facing different charges.

Blog reader Stephen gives us a taste of what it was like in court on Day Two of the RPK sedition trial:

I went to the PJ Sessions Court this morning at 8.15am. It was full house. I went back to work and came back at 1.30pm. The court had a short break for 15 minutes at about 1.30pm, but no one came out to give up their seats.

We had to be seated in “transit” outside the court’s front office . As one visitor left, another went in. I went in from 2.15 to 2.26pm when one guy left to answer his phone and he let me ‘borrow’  his ‘seat’. Better than the Mama Mia! blockbuster showing in cinemas in PJ now.

There was an intense fellowship amongst RPK supporters. About 20 reporters took the front bench.  Multiracial support. Our boys in blue and their white Protons were omnipresent. Even Ronnie Liu dropped by after lunch. I did not think he could get a seat unless someone gave up his or her seat.

The proceedings were about verifying basic facts, dates and events. It has not risen to a crescendo to produce any startling evidence yet that could shake the columns at Level 5, Putrajaya.  But from the first day’s hearing, it was deduced that any one with a password could submit an article in a blog using another’s name.  We should salute RPK & family for enduring all this.

Blogger Nat Tan got to meet RPK today:

Today I even got to see the man, which really heartened me.

He seemed calm, collected and in control. His family appears ever strong, as do his supporters who have been turning up faithfully.

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Day 3, Arrived at 10.30am A crowd surge out of the court, cameras clickling away and I saw a journalist trip over, somethings happening! My word, the man himself! Its DSAI! He was rushing, my immeidate thought flash, his supposed to be at Duta, right? I say, thats why he’s rushing off. Its was sure a moral boster. I hope DSAI presence satisfy some quiries about his support for RPK. Despite DSAI’s own tight schedule and a court case at Duta, he still make it a point to visit RPK, what more can one asked of DSAI. Have faith ppl.… Read more »


Pls support RPK especially those stay around PJ come to PJ Court. Everyday I leave up RPK name to GOD give him strenght. GOD bless him


I bought a card for RPK and hope to give it to him in kamunting, it says “Hang IN There,My Friend God brought you this far, He won’t abandon you now…The strength of the Lord is with you.Trust HIm. I believe God will help a good person like RPK.


By the way, yes Im honoured to sake hands with RPK. Real gentle ‘giant’ of a man. Spoke to Marina and our other great heroes too. Haris, Zorro, and others. Come and listen what Marina has to say, what others have to say, and soon you’ll realised there’s so much you have discounted in life without RPK.


Day 2, arrived about 12pm, court hearing began at 12.30pm till 1.30pm already drizzling then. Met 2 interesting true supporters. A man told me he left home very early to ensure he gets a seat for he is comitted to follow thru the entire case. Very early means reaching the court house before 8am? I simply asked him about the jam, he replied, not really a problem coz he came by bus. Bus? Where from? From Serembean!!! And this is his secound day here. That blew me away. Wow, Then another chap join us and told us there were another… Read more »


my advise to the barisan govt is please don’t disturb a tiger sitting under some shade in the jungle after a hearty’going to tear you apart