Marina Lee meets RPK in Kamunting


A touching account of Marina Lee’s visit with Raja Petra in Kamunting. Once you read this, you will know why we need to get rid of the ISA:

First time To Kamunting Detention Centre

By Marina Lee Abdullah

This morning my family and I went to Kamunting to visit Pet. This being our first time there we left home 6am just to make sure we don’t miss the schedule time allowed: 8.30am to 2pm and the family is allowed weekly visits from Monday to Wednesday, Friday to Sunday. We brought some food, fruits, drinks, one pair of jeans, T-shirt and his glasses.

When we reached the gates of the Kamunting Detention Centre, we had to register at the gates and proceeded into the prison area, a huge area. There we had to go through another gate and had to deposit all our belongings into two lockers. Went through a door and told to go to counter 10. When we approached counter 10 there was this partition with no grills or glass, Pet was already sitting there waiting for us.

My first reaction was to run and give him a real big hug and kiss, at the same time my heart feeling so heavy seeing this hero of mine on the other side. Pet was sitting down and wearing white prison clothes. He has lost weight, looked very pale probably not seeing sunlight for almost 2 weeks now, his beard and hair growing longer.

At that point I had tears in my eyes but was trying really hard holding back my tears. I really did not want him to see me cry that would only make it really hard for him. I reached out to hold and rub his hands and did not let go for a minute. He was glad to see us because the last time we saw him was 8 days ago at Bukit Aman.

I asked him how he was coping and he said hard being under solitary confinement and it is for 3 months and after that only will he be able to interact with the other detainees. He will be moved into a dormitory where he will get to watch TV and read newspapers, New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia.

He said he had 3 ustaz ( religious teacher) visit him this morning questioning about his religious knowledge and beliefs. The questioning was cut short cause of the family visit and would continue in the afternoon.

I told him to please be strong and don’t let them get to him. I said “Honey they have got your body but not your mind and soul, hang in there love we’ve coming to get you. The Pakatan Rakyat is on track to takeover the government. Just give us a bit more time, ok?”

I told him that this time around there is a difference on the use of ISA and that he had made that difference. There is tremendous outcry on the use of ISA and that Political Parties within the Barisan Nasional, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim the Law Minister had even resigned for the use of the ISA, the thousands of well wishes and support I have received. People all over are praying and standing behind us on this struggle for change that he has started.

I promised Pet that I will do everything I possibly can with the help of the people to get him released and I will stay strong and tough to keep that promise. I will not fail him.

He told me that word was out at the detention centre that RPK was there, and some of them manage to shout out to him across the brick wall telling him that they just saw him and his wife on TV. They were also trying to comfort him.

At one point I told him that I really needed to hug and that missed him so much and was reaching out to do that but he said he was not allowed to because there we two prison officier watching us and they were noting down everything and there were merits points given or taken away. I said “what’s that?” He said that there were certain rules for our visitation and if he break the rules visitation rites could be reduced and so on. I asked him, “you mean to say that giving you a hug is breaking the rules?” He said hugging is considered “kelakuan tak senonoh” improper or unbecoming behavior. I just could not believe it.

He then said that the first visit is the only time we are able to meet face to face and the subsequent visit will be through a screen and will have to talk on the phone. This will be for 9 months and of cause with good behavior from him. They go on merits he said like kindergarden school if you have behaved you get a candy.

He told me that he is being detained on 4 grounds,

1. 2 articles on Islam
2. The article on ‘Let’s Send the Altantuya Murderers to Hell”
3. Articles on the Leaders
4. Comments posted on the Blog, one of the commentor he mentioned was by Anti Anti-Hadith and Pet mentioned that he has his own Blog.

By then we were given the last 5mins call, I then told him, “Luv please trust me, we will get you out!”

Dear readers thank you so much for the well wishes that my family and I have received from all of you and I will stay strong with your help and support to take on this fight for change where my husband has left off until he is FREED.

Lots of love from my family and me. Source: Malaysia Today

There’s another account of the visit here.

Meanwhile, Anwar has vowed to abolish the ISA should the Pakatan come to power.

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Joe Rakyat

How come so-called social activist NGOs like Amnesty International Malaysia have been quiet and non-active in the efforts to abolish the ISA/call for RPK’s release? Where is their famous activism? Is this because they know something the public doesn’t …? JR


Malaysia & Anwar Bodoh

Whoever your political master is, it is very obvious that your brand of politics and the values you espoused is not what most Malaysians today can identify with. While you have the right to voice your opinion freely (as Anil has proven without removing your postings), we hope you can see why there is injustice in locking up RPK for also speaking his opinion?


proud of him!!!
BN at the dead end… where they cannot make a U turn!!!!

Anwar Bodoh




Charge RPK by all means if you have evidence that he is a national threat!

Anwar Bodoh

Does Marina really believe there will be a take over by Pakatan Rakyat soon??? She must be a naive woman then. Only a donkey believe in the 916 propoganda.

Anwar is just a bladdy LIAR. According to Guan Eng’s statement made recently, even DAP is not convinced about the crossover list(let alone taking over the Govt).

1 thing for sure is … Marina can expect to make frequent trips to Kamunting. I suggest her to have herself locked inside there too. This will save her time, effort & petrol money.


Malaysia (Same IP address as "Anwar Bodoh")




old fart

It brings tears to my eyes reading Marina’s account of her visit to Kamunting. Yes, be strong and believe in God Almighty, He will do the right things by us…ALWAYS! Marina, please tell Pete to stay strong and we will be with him no matter how long he is going to be kept inside. We will not forget about him and justice will prevail in the end I am sure of that!


RPK is in Kamunting for us… but I am a bit uncomfortable with the ‘silence’ from top PKR leaders on his detention in Kamunting. Hey guys, whats going on?


Be strong. The fight has just begun.


Really made me wanna cry.

Woman in Malaysia

Marina, like thousands of RPK’s supporters, I will walk with you, if you need to cry, I will cry with you, every step of the way.


correction – i truely believe not only all women, but men too..tabik hormat!


Puan Marina, Cik Suraya, Cik Sara

your strength is admirable! i salute RPK, i salute you and your family! i had to hold back my tears when i read it. our prayers are with all of you. May GOD bless all of you. Ma’am – you are one of the ‘iron lady’ that all women will salute (the other being Datin Sri Wan Azizah). Take care and GOD bless you.

DSAI – please, please, please take over ASAP! Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia is looking forward to having you lead us to freedom and prosperity, Sir!!

angel right behind rpk

I cry when reading what Marina wrote .. A guy who speak the truth and get jailed without any trial .. that is a bad day for Malaysian .. A warrior will not die , warrior will be remembered for life .. ” William Wallace: Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take… Read more »


Sis Marina, I just can’t imagine the pain that you, family & Your darling hubby going thru. I feel as Sis Marina said, recent arrest under ISA is one of it’s kind & alot of outcry from public including people from BN. RPK’s detention in Kamunting is like putting a bait, this will get the whole Kamunting Detention Centre down & abolish ISA once for all. His detention in Kamunting will make history, cos it’s going to be last & the end of ISA. DSAI & Pakatan Rakyat, you are the chosen ones to lead/Govern Malaysia. Your 1st Task, free… Read more »

calvin tan

kak MARINA,stay strong for RPK, GOD BLESS, and let`s pray for RPK`S release to see a new dawn for malaysia.SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO EVERYBODY at home & my warmest regards to RPK.


I’m not in the position to speak on the Islam articles but I didn’t know ISA could be used (it should never be used!) against our critics. I thought we have laws against defamation, if there was any-lah?


In addition of Candlelight Vigil. I would like to suggest all NGOs to lodge police report on Gov, Pak Lah and Syed Hamid for misusing ISA as a political tool to stay in power.

Tresa Kok too must not delay on suing gov for misusing ISA.

I believe this will add more pressure on Gov to abolish ISA. Lets do it when the isue is still hot.

Act now act fast.


Your comment is much appreciated, Shylock. God bless you and your family, Marina.

Dr. SK

RPK, Marina and family stay strong and have faith. The truth will always prevail. The truth always triumphs over lies, the good over evil. History will vindicate your profound committment to fight for justice, stand up resolutely for what is right and defend the oppressed. RPK, you are our only true Malaysian HERO and will always be no mattter how long UMNO deprived us of you physically. UMNO’s vain attempt to gag you with draconian means speak loud volumes of the skeletons in their closet. In fact, they have immortalized you as our patriot. I’ll pray that you be freed… Read more »


My family and I will send a card to RPK every month until he is released. Even if the wardens at Kamunting do not let him have these cards they will know that RPK is in our hearts. Let us send these cards in the thousands. Marina must know that RPK will not be forgotten. I am not even a Malaysian but RPK has inspired in me a love for this country and a hope for its future. RPK’s articles have helped me understand what it means to be impassioned and selfless. On top of that, he has the charisma… Read more »


I have made a call in my blog to flood all BN’s Raya open house with “free RPK and the rest of ISA detainees”, I know you can muster something up, if you think it proper, then please get something going for this Raya. Don’t let the …. have such a happy Raya while some are in detention.


Let nobody who thinks Malaysia is a civilised nation read this article without despair and anger. But let nobody who genuinely cares to make our society a better one not find hope and light in it as well. The time is near


ISA what have you become? A scorn of society at the hands of the crazy elites Doing it in your name and see what get you into Every one on the streets seem to hate you In the beginning it was for security motives In those years long gone in history Yet you are still around to mock the people In the wrong hands you become evil…… ISA you can’t be living You have passed your life expectancy Causing so many miseries to wives and families Friends and colleagues missing their anchor buddies The pages of history You are listed… Read more »