Malaysia’s sedition crackdown captures international attention


This is a debate on Aljazeera that was recently televised.

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Also on Youtube (Asia Calling) for worldwide attention:
Malaysia arrests top opposition figures and a student for sedition

Malaysian police have arrested three prominent opposition figures, under the Sedition Act.
A student has also been charged with sedition over his call for protests against alleged election fraud in Malaysia’s recent general election.


Al Jazeera should not have invited Saifuddin for such discussion as his view does not represent Umno/BN. You can bet Asro Awani, TV3 or TV1 would not have such frank and open discussion on TV.


VZahid Hamidi should be on


Zahid Hamidi should have been invited by AlJazeera for this panel discussion.


Will the actions and outbursts of the world change the attitude of the present regime in Putrajaya ? Nothing will and even if Najib does, just like the dropping of ISA another oppressive legislation will be used to silent the oppositions. The only way out all these shambles is to have all the Umno dorkys and also the running …, partners …, kicked out of Putrajaya once and for all times, best of all is to have the taxi driver, the ever seditious Abraham Ali who is really the mouth piece of Umno, the repugnant Mahathir plus numerous others indicted.


Action of some who want to scrap the sedition act. What about those that do not want.
Can we condone opposition trouble maker running the street.


Yu are super biased. Only opposition supporters are seditious? What about speeches from Ibrahim Ali, Riduan Tee Abdulah, Zulklify Nordin, Zaik ISMA, Mahathir, HM and the Ketua Perkasa of Penang. Are they angels from BN or devils from the opposition. Can you condone their speeches and their actions? You are the type that believes the opposition can ever do anything right and BN can never do anything wrong. Check thoughts before you speak if you do not want to appear foolish.


Malaysia has arrested 19 militants linked to ISIS and is searching for at least five more.
Are they going to be charged under the Sedition Act and locked up for good?
What about those PAS leaders/members openly supporting Malaysian IS terrorist who was killed recently?

Many of the 40-odd Malaysians currently fighting alongside ISIS militants in the Middle East had been influenced to take up the struggle via social media. Some youth in Malaysia were being targeted for recruitment via skewed religious interpretations.
Why MCMC never take swift action to identify these people and get PDRM to arrest them?


The opposition ask to abolish the sedition act, Next another opposition jerk is asking to abolish the dangerous drug act. Something must be very wrong with these opposition


The issue is the abuse of the act for selective prosecution.


If the issue is abuse, then scrapping is not the answer otherwise without the sedition act, the opposition or any other party may also abuse their freedom of rights. Fight it in the court of law if you think that you have been abused or wrongly indicted. Is that not the right way.


Fight in court? Ha Ha ha…..

Ed G

The main problem with the present Sedition Act is that the very meaning of sedition is so vague that it can be easily abused. As per recent trend, all it takes is for some parties to make some police reports with claims of being provoked and the authority would start splitting hairs with every possible figment of their imagination to frame a sedition charge. Of course, there are other instances, the authorities chose to do nothing even with police reports filed together with incontrovertible evidence such as video recordings. In short, the Sedition Act is a flawed act that can… Read more »


If one truly understands the implications of the Sedition Act one will not make a na├»ve statement like fighting it out in the court. Anything one says can easily be twisted and turned to make it sound seditious whereas truly seditious speeches from …. Chosen ones like Ibrahim Ali, Riduan Tee, Zaik, Mahathir and many others, may be straightened and desensitized to make them platable and consumable. There chances of winning the case in court is extremely slim. Imagine the mental agony you go through and the expenditure incurred not to mention the precious time wasted if the authority decides… Read more »


Bar Council: The unrelenting abuse of the colonial-era Sedition Act over the past four weeks to stifle freedom of speech and expression is leading the nation towards an authoritarian state. A culture of intimidation, fear and subjugation is being perpetrated by the misuse of the Sedition Act and other laws such as Section 499 and Section 504 of the Penal Code.