Make a date with RPK, Thuan Chye and Jo Kukathas


Raja Petra Kamarudin and playwrights Kee Thuan Chye and Jo Kukhatas will be appearing on the Riz Khan show at 10.00pm on Wednesday, 3 December over Al Jazeera English (Channel 513 Astro). They will be discussing Malaysian politics and culture and touching on the ISA among other things.

People can also join the chatroom by watching on and entering the chatroom.

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I know there is a ‘build first, sell later’ concept but haven’t hear of build first submit plan later. I don’t think the PR govn. has this or approve this. Big boss attending dinners should be look at positively. Not all rich bosses are bad, many are philantropists and donate generously back to society. If I can be successful in biz I won’t mind to pay back to society at all. What we give out will come back to us in many folds.

Dalbinder Singh Gill


Dalbinder Singh Gill

wwo.. not bad the comments.. Hey Anil, did you go for the DAP dinner, i did not go but i kinda don’t know why but even though it was ok ok price (RM30 a ticket for the dinner), i still feel it should not have been done, and the presence of big businessmen at the dinner like xxx Group Boss and stuff, does this mean even the PR government on Penang is following suit like BN government whereby businessmen pump in lots of money into the state treasury in return for like maybe fast approval for projects (as now we… Read more »


Hazlina is a brave fella who dares to speak out.
In addition to what she says, isn’t it also funny to require someone to convert to Islam if the person marries a Malay. 2 people can have different faith yet respect each other in marriage.



I’m not an avid blogger, so mine is not a blog worth following, but I’ve just posted a one-off discussion on my blog which I would like Malaysians who frequent blogs to read.

I hope you don’t mind me using your blog to draw attention to it? Please remove this comment if you feel it is inappropriate.

Thank you.

Soo Huey


Adding to what Kris above has said, I was chatting with a tour agent from Japan and he said the Japanese are AFRAID to come to Malaysia! (The recent events in Mumbai make it even worse.)

So we are hit with a triple whammy:

1) We are running out of natural resources.
2) We have no technology to sell.
3) The tourists refuse to come here.

Way to go!



…..We were indeed colour blind.


…continued weakened state of the so called “Privileged” people.


KNS I fully empathise with you. I made up my mind 37 years ago when I decided not to return after the completion of my tertiary studies. All my immediate family members are now living in my adopted country. Do I have regrets? Not one bit although I do reminisce the times when I was growing up and mixing freely with my neighbours, friends and classmates during my youth. Colour or race did not mattered then. We were indeed clour blind. I predicted that Malaysia, despites its many riches (in culture, history and resources) cannot continue to prosper and progress… Read more »


Dear hazlina, I am very proud to have a anak bangsa malaysia like you. you are really absolutely right about the happenings in our beloved country. I think there are a lot of people like you in the same wave length but not being able to express so beautifully like what you said.( or maybe they are holding up expressing themselves ) you see, if you being a malay felt like this, what more we chinese,indian or others ( i hate to mention these racial connotation,as I feel we are all Malaysian) will be like? I will have a renewed… Read more »


Hi, Can you please help me to send this to UMNO flers ? Thanks. Being Malay Muslim fast becoming a disadvantage Hazlina | Nov 28, 08 4:10pm The Malaysian government went on a drive a few years ago to entice Malaysian professionals working abroad to come back to this beautiful country to work and live. The government feels that they are losing our educated, progressive and well-exposed citizens to other countries; not benefitting our country in the long-term. They however, found out that their marketing has not been quite so successful. Isn’t it obvious why? Apart from the intention to… Read more »