Live – Walk for Freedom


Live coverage of the walk for freedom by the Bar Council and concerned Malaysians against the ‘Peaceful Assembly Bill’ just before noon. But the Bill was passed at around 4.30pm after Pakatan MPs walked out.

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29 Nov 2011 11.11pm

Seeing them march gives me encouragement and tells me there is still hope for our country. Those lawyers that took to the streets represent thousands of other people from the 3rd estate that could not be there. Its not that the lawyers are too free, but they know what matters more.They know that if we keep still and stay mum it only gives our corrupted government the license to continue passing laws to keep themselves in power. By standing up and be counted for tells them that we the 3rd estate are watching.

29 Nov 2011 4.48pm


These days lawyers seems to be very, very free till they have nothing to do but to march on streets just to kill time???

Economy merosot ke???

Andrew I
Andrew I
29 Nov 2011 5.19pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Another chickadee who needs to hide behind several pseudonyms.

Ooh La La
Ooh La La
29 Nov 2011 4.42pm

umno bans such walk so next time if Ahmad Raslan wants rural malays to march (claiming their survival being threatened ?) what can he do ???

najib manaukau
29 Nov 2011 3.41pm

Are the people asking the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons to give up on what they thrive on over the last few decades ?
Without these restrictions they will perished and vanished into thin air.

Andrew I
Andrew I
29 Nov 2011 12.35pm

Gherkin, another PR disguise. A walk would do you good. Can burn off some of those calories from all those free buffets. And what were you saying about tipu?