Live – PSM activists’ remand hearing


The 31 detained PSM activists are expected to be produced at the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court for a remand hearing at 2.30pm.

The detainees are represented in court today by a team of eight lawyers: Sukhindarpal Singh, Agatha Foo, Lim Kah Cheng, Karen Lai, Benjamin Sathyanandam, Chandra Segaran, Joshua and Rowena Nair. Twitter updates on the right.

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Ahmad Abdullah

It is very clear that when law abiding Malaysians follow the letter of the law to congregate and assemble, there is nothing the government can do other than coming up with instant law that are created by themselves.

This is tyranny and we must not allow this to continue. This is the time for all Malaysians to take the stand – we want to be treated fairly and to the letter of the law and we are going to walk for a free and fair election on July 9. You can lock all Malaysians up…

Gopal Raj Kumar

You must be bold enough to publish views that do not necessarily concur with those of your own. That’s democracy and that’s courage. Political courage.

If you censor or deny others the right to express a view thats not necessarily in agreement with yours then you fall into the category of what you accuse your adversaries of being.

You do run a fair blog most of the time. I am sure you will find the courage to open the subject to more balanced views.



A sign of DESPERATION of the ruling Umno/Bn Govt.
Government should be afraid of people and Not the other way round.
Rakyat say NO to Corruption & Cheating at the polls !


The Police calling these PSM activists communists?…hahaha, what a … joke!…


It is very clear that the police are running out of idea and are despertely resurrecting the communist bogeyman (with Umno’s aid?) to add another spanner at Bersih 2.0. Although communism is long dead, Umnoputeras are still scaring the malays with komunis threat by repeating the Bkt Kepong incident in their head….


What a mockery of democracy. All Malaysians should be ashamed. Time to push for change.

Phua Kai Lit

As Antares said:

“… death throes of a dying regime”

Gerakan K

Charge them in court !!! By election in Sungai Siput ???

Andrew I

I thought your ilk said buy elections are a waste of public funds.


You are as always ignorant. No more by election by EC


Refer to GK not Andrew